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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

4 Laws of Focused Effort

In this post, I address creating what you want most through the thoughts you consistently think, showing you ways to take specific actions by accomplish a higher purpose while you draw others to you based on similiar desires.

There are several Universal Laws in effect but if you're not clear what these laws are, let's just cover the biggest one. In order to bring about what you want most, you must focus your thoughts over many days, weeks, months ahead to create the yearly reality. How do you do that?

1) Well..., you must ultimately believe in yourself no matter what others would have you believe. To do this, you tap into the power of your greater self. That the inner part of you that's slow to anger. It is the wisest part of you that's always been there. Some say this power is connected to God but whatever you believe or don't believe, know that you have free will and the energy to create whatever you desire most. That's a core requirement. It must be unshakeable. Now, while this advice sounds a bit corney, it is what it is because no one will believe in you as much as you believe in yourself.

2) You must find the spark of love that resides within you first. That's the toughest part because people around you not finding that spark of love within themselves (for whatever reason) will sometimes project what they don't see. Without that spark, nothing is possible.

That brings us to...what you desire most, whether you're an affiliate marketer or a network marketer, it makes no difference. It's important to start with the Laws of Creation...and I'm not talking about fulfilling some kind of biblical prophecy, with all respect intended. You have been granted free will, choice, and daily energy.

Law 1: The Direct Path Is Often The Clear Path.

You can't move from point A to C until you move from point A to B. If you require the guidance of anyone around you to first get your feet wet..., let's say in the arena of fulfilling highest desires in the business arena, you've got to find someone who makes solid sense. If they can't tell you what they're doing, chances are very great, they're still sitting in some trial and error learning. That's okay too. Now..., if you use what they give you but it doesn't move you forward, think again. Find alternatives but don't wait too long. Just start the process of research. There are people out there waiting to be of real help.

Law 2: See the Target, Aim, Hit the Target. Then Repeat.

This step sounds easier than it is. Sometimes, in the course of starting a new business, there's a natural learning phase. The people who are here to help you will NOT RUSH you. They will ask that you take some time to know what you want so you can figure out (in part) where you want to go. The best leaders invest time, effort and patience in their people. Period. Exceptions to this rule mean that the leaders are sitting in the dark, working old methods.

Now if you're one of those people who likes to ready yourself too long, aiming in the dark, then firing...that's a trial and error method. You want to find someone who's a definite expert. This person will attract a lot of people to them but they will be very open-minded. They won't have a "one-size-fits no one approach".

Part of readying yourself at least in marketing terms means that you have to wrap your hands around accurate marketing information. How do you do that when there's a lot of old or even inaccurate information out there? One of the biggest tendencies in MLM's is to run for the target first without having figured out who your hot target will be. I'm talking about finding out who your prime audience is. If we're marketing a health/wellness product that truly produces a beautiful gumline, then you're going to target people with periodontal disease and a multitude of similiar mouth ailments incoporating gum troubles. You're not going to target people with intestinal troubles.

Now, if you're still reading this article, keep reading.

If you're asking people in your MLM to give you a complete roadmap moving you through what looks like A - Z but you're getting high failure rates, ask yourself why this is the case. Ask others around you what they're doing. If they're telling you one thing and they're getting solid results with those actions, you may be on a decent track. If not, there are red flags waving in the air! In order to be successful in business, you have to be able to tap into your intuition telling you "something might be incomplete or inconclusive". "I need more information".

Law 3: Focus Your Attention

As individuals, we're helped by many people who are well-intentioned. The challenge we often face as new business owners is how do we cut through conflicting information. Well..., here's the challenging part. Who do you trust? You have an internal guidance system. This part is important. Oftentimes, have you ever had an experience where you forgot to listen to yourself? When you went looking in another direction (other than what your common sense was telling you)...and you hit a snag in your decisions, well...that's a bigger part of you saying, "Okay. You're having some trouble because you didn't listen to what you originally knew". Now, that source of information will comes to you when you're most clear. When you're 'lost in the fog', your guidance system is often out of whack.

By focusing your attention most on what you want, you must clearly devise some type of plan of action, first moving yourself from point A to B. If that means paying someone to offer you educational tips, then let it be. If it means checking out information online, please know, you still need some type of a roadmap. Otherwise, online or offline, you're likely to lose your way.

If the roadmap is still fuzzy after you've followed that map, chances are you're not yet ready for additional information. You're still in learning modes. It's possible you're referencing an outdated map and you need to get your hands on something that's very clear. Solution? Find a new map! The best ones tell all. The worst ones tell you very little and even create more confusion. Remember that you DO NOT have to pay thousands of $$'s for a clear roadmap.

Law 4: Focus Your Energy

Here -- you're going to align thoughts in the mind with daily actions. These actions may at first involve only baby steps. That's okay. Those actions should be aligned to accomplishing a specific goal, like exposing your business to new forms of afforadable advertising.

In order to get what you want, you must focus your might until those baby steps produce the results you want most. If you stumble and do not succeed. That's okay. There's still rich learning involved in those moments. Today's paving stones build the golden road tomorrow. When you hit frustration, be patient. The information will come when you're ready but you must never quit. The rule here is -- to get more information you require, putting your feet on the path to success, you CANNOT go broke. If any system you're following is costing you huge money each month, stop the spending. Reassess. Manage your costs, keeping overhead low.

As you put yourself out there, you'll looking for a network of similiar minds who can help you get from point A to B. These networks MUST support your thoughts and actions. You want to attract only the highest, most trustworthy people. They're not interested in a fast buck. If they are, drop 'em fast! They're only interested in a quick gain, said with respect. The best businesses always emphasize long-term goals, profitable gains while protecting consumers and the business. Then, choose proven people who do what they say but use your guideance system to sort the bad from good. In the final end, you decide what you'll use or throw. This is a fundamental concept for true entrepreneurs.

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"Work on your own salvation. Do not depend on others".