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Friday, March 28, 2008

Defining Your 'Big Why'

Hey there! If you're struggling with defining your "Big Why", here’s food for thought --

Ever wonder how CEO’S keep the 'push' going strong, even on days when they'd rather quit? We can apply this thought to the "guys/gals" who are already"tops" in your company. The reality is…, we have a few people flapping their gums, trying to survive long enough to stay in the game, naturally working towards that residual payoff. That’s okay but keep in mind, many people are still in modes of trial and error.

  • You may have heard it takes big effort to grow a business.

Did you know that your average folks are adding 1 or 2 new distributors each week? Reality check -- growing a business to achieve targets you've set for yourself takes smart work and daily effort. Would you say you work hard as a mule? That's great too. What I’m talking about is boiling down specific marketing activities, to produce that desired income within a concrete time period.

  • You must leverage your time wisely.

I’m not talking about hoping for a wind-fall “go-getter” group, as you’ve been told to obtain, if only you “put 6 highly-motivated people under you”. In the world of any business, 1% is the market average, regardless of what's being moved and that yield usually includes a very small but select group of few people. If you nurture huge numbers of people over a longer period of time, your inner circle will grow to a mathematical average, based on those higher numbers. Let's call that number 12 - 25. Reality check: you must become the heavy hitter. There are several components which must successfully come together just to grow that huge organization.

  • You must work to achieve your aspirations.

Think about your greatest business heroes -- naming anyone you like. This person, will be like other leaders -- driven. They work intensively, putting in long days and countless hours. That's their routine. I hear you saying, "Are you crazy? I'm not giving up my weekends"! If you're working smart, you should have your weekends to yourself. On days where you have 'zero energy', then rest.

Now think about the people you admire most. Their success boils down to one simple question --Which lives have I altered for the better? Are you positively having an impact on other people? Do you reach out and actively go out of your way to assist others in realizing their aspirations and dreams? Ultimately, success is defined by how you internally respond to these needs.

  • Name your driven inspiration.

For wealthy people, their "why" has less to do with wealth creation. Their motivation is a “strong force”, nurtured and grown by persistence and perseverance.

  • Zero in on 'The Force', the “Big Why”:

    1) Is it your children -- providing them with a better future?
    2) Are you passionate about your products and services?
    3) Maybe you have grandchildren.

Light the fire beneath your feet. Some nights, you won't sleep. You'll have good days and tough days.

  • Boil your “strong force” down to what gets you out of bed each morning.
  • How do you handle setbacks? In any business, setbacks are common. The toughest momentum to create is initial group momentum. So view your setbacks for what they are. Regroup, recover, then move forward.
  • Does your "Big Why" consider the overview? Successful people understand the relevance of helping others. They thoroughly comprehend the "Law Of Success". Growing a business takes a tremendous amount of "doing".
  • How many others will you help today, tomorrow, and next week? People truly need and desire your products and services. Are you going to reach out and help them find what you already have? It makes no difference what you're marketing. Juice, vitamins, Internet security, etc...people need what you have. It's your job to either find those people or have them find you. In closing, here's a small "to do list", critical for your success.

    Ask yourself, "How many people you're going to help?" For the day, week and month. Baby steps.

    These steps must be realistic. The important thing is to start. Today...and tomorrow. Answers will appear. If your "why" is strong enough, you will prevail. Positively influence the lives of those around you. Carry forward and carry you due time..., 'cash and carry'! Use the "Law of Attraction", we'll address this law in the next post. This law “puts into effect” action you take with others.

Traveling This Journey With You,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, 'Fix My Broken Business' Home Repair Consultant.

P.S. If you're still not sure what to do, stay tuned.