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Saturday, February 9, 2013

4 Key Steps Involved In Successful Internet Marketing

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs,

Building A Thriving Business Online Involves 4 Active Steps:

1)  Passionate desire to help others
2)  Courage to ask many questions
3)  Courage to seek reliable answers....find what works...emulate those who are doing it...and then do it...;
4)  Willingness to build the business gradually.

Internet marketing is not an overnight deal.  It is not a means to an end in and of itself.  It requires steady application because of the way the Internet works online. 

I'll give you more pointers:

***  Anything you publish online is indexed for a total of 7 years
***  Anyone can find you under a search, but the key is to target audiences who want you
***  There are 7 billion users online
***  The potential for growth in the coming years is an ongoing trend and unless something majorly disruptive appears, it's most likely that the standard online marketing will continue to work (citing data capture, email marketing, list building, and product offering);
***  Everything you do online builds incrementally.



"No" to the first question -- no previous experience is needed

"Yes"....there is training involved because online marketing is not always intuitive -- special access to working resources is needed.


If you are citing a major university teaching you Internet marketing, "yes" and "no".  I'm going to give you the overview.  With all business matters, you must conscientiously test resources and become informed.  The best way to accomplish this task is to take your time.

Online, people promote other people's products/services.  They do receive a partial commission for doing so.  It's called "affiliate marketing".  So please be aware, that before you spend any money,  know that many people already online are most likely marketing another person's products/services.  You'll find plenty of "Internet Guru's" who promise to teach you successful business, but they will do anything but that much.  They will take your money.

Before I suggest one known resource that is NOT university based (or motivated to teach you only how to work for companies), just take a look.  You don't have to buy anything right now.  In fact, I advise you to "just hang on"..., wait for more information I offer here, and see what's involved in online marketing.  It's not a "quick and easy thing".

However, if you are serious about building something online that can work in unison with an offline business, then Internet marketing may be for you!   Whenever you start something new, you will have a learning curve.  The key is to stay mellow, stay connected to people who do this for a living, and stay focused on making some measurable progress.

Check it out here for starter details. 

If you're in a hurry to reap immediate money (and you're not a well-known celebrity), I'll will ask you to invest in something else.  Internet marketing requires patience, strategy, and plenty of testing to discover what will honestly work with the audiences you target.

In the coming days, I'll have an updated 2013 online marketing report for you so please stay tuned.  You can pick up my newsletter at that time.

Toasting Your Success,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Moodies Cruise, Part 2, FACEBOOK

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

A dear commenter wants Part 2 of Moodies Cruise so I'm happy to oblige.  This is the cruise offered to you through me.

Moody Blues Cruise Facebook

What you'll see on the profile are places where fans can interact.  This is important in terms of keeping energy high and exciting as the 2013 Cruise approaches in March.

***  You will see The Moody Blues appearing at the top of the Facebook page
***  You will see a like button (very important for your own campaign)
***  You will see images of various bands appearing on the cruise
***  You will see Justin Hayward's February 2013 release, "Spirits of the Western Sky"
***  You will see more.

Main point:  follow..., emulate as closely as you can by posting your own images, offering your own branded products.  If you market MLM, then you are branding those products generically, if this makes any sense.  You are actually branding your name!  They buy from you because you look good, you use MLM products, and you create the lifestyle MLM promotes...but you don't actually send others to the corporate MLM website.  That's a key rule.  Generate leads from your blog and your personalized website.  Does that help?

People buy in the presence of true mastery.  They buy from YOU!

Your blog should carry some content others will find helpful.  Your website will carry more extensive content expanding what's appearing on your blog (but that content will not be duplicate blog content).

The blog gathers interest.

The website keeps people coming back for more.

Facebook is the social place where people comment on your products/services.

Hope this helps!

Toasting Your Success,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA


Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs,

Today's post answers a few Q's I'm receiving that are of a basic marketing nature.

1)  Do I have Twitter for easy follow?

I'm not a lover of Twitter, but if more ask to stay updated more frequently, I'll consider adding Twitter.  The main reason for sticking with a blog and a website has much to do with -- it's simple to maintainIf you have too many locations set up online, it can be a very time-consuming strategy to maintain all accounts (marketing locations).

I tend to favor Facebook, Blogger, and a website for simple purposes.

On my Facebook, you would see other content being tested there.  This would be confusing for you at this time so I won't include my Facebook link.  I'll just tell you what I'm roughly doing until I further clarify steps into medical realms.  On Facebook, I cover topics such as:

A)  Internet Marketing
B)  Rock Bands and their music
C)  Human Empowerment (Ascension & the 2012 ...2013 Shift in Human Evolution)
D)  Medical Posts

It's a mix.  As I decode more of what's going to impact others, I will pick a direction and keep you updated.  The main point behind any Internet marketing campaign is that it covers one arena, it targets segmented groups within that arena, and it lists contact information pertaining to those who re-purchase products/services.  The best campaigns keep consumers informed in a continuous way.   You are after something like this.

As a key leader in the martial arts for over 2 decades, I learned that entrepreneurs require a mix of helpful topics that empower them to be strong in whatever it is they do best.  These topics fall into the categories you would see on my Facebook profile, but the best Facebook profile strictly follows every campaign you individually market online.  It is true that Internet marketers can have multiple campaigns...but I think that the finest marketers will market only a few campaigns...not 100's.  You would need an active force of marketers (paid) in order to handle that load.  You can Twitter and Facebook...and/or add Pinterest too.

In strictest terms, one would have 4 Facebook profiles covering the topics my general Facebook covers: Internet Marketing and a major industry promoting trustworthy services. 

*** As an online marketer, it is common to study campaigns that work. 

*** On my blog, I promote the ones that earn genuine livings and deliver what they promise.

2)  Moody Blues Cruise

A) With the original band member's okay, I offer you their links:

B)  They have a Facebook page devoted strictly to the cruise itself.

Enter "Moody Blues Cruise" at Facebook to see what I'm sharing.  If I offer the link through my Facebook profile, it's indirect.

C)  On the Moody Blues Cruise, you are looking at all key elements they show you.  These elements are precisely what you're emulating when you move online.

Stopping here for now....but always toasting your success !

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

(P.S.  If this blog is slow loading, try Firefox...but I'll shorten my posts.)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Strong Content For New Bloggers

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs,

When you're new to blogging, chances are that you're looking at a blank page..., but here's what works relative to any group, mindset, or audience you're targeting:

* content they want
* sparking their interest
* finding ways to hold that interest
* communicating often
* offering a leading hand
* including helpful tips, tricks, and honest business ideas.

So whatever your passion, you're looking for ways to incorporate happy, profitable marketing into campaign.  This blog reads home-based business, but one day, it will morph into a medical website/blog/campaign.

In the campaign, there will be things people can read about maintaining active health:

* tabs
* a place where they can submit to a monthly medical newsletter
* a free medical report
* help they need today to lower their main numbers.

When you're not sure what to write, then you're researching other blogs/websites to see what others do.  That's as simple as I can make matters.

Please continue sending your most pressing Q's, and I'll follow up with a new post.  There are reports coming for online business owners.  It's taking time for me to revamp what I've had in updated terms.

Toasting Your Success!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA