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Friday, August 21, 2009

21st Century Marketing - Incorporate & Win!

Hello Fellow MLM'ers,

Get Into Process Maps, Not Just Mindmaps

Let's start with what mindmaps are. These are maps of explanations involving a ton of concepts generally producing very little results for you. What these maps do is leave you wondering 'how to get the important stuff done'.

If you're like me but don't enjoy marketing hub-bub or intense confusion, this idea called confusion means that you have to find the experts. So, I'd like to share 2 prime resources with you.


Meet Mike Anderson, Certified Marketing Master (Yes, These People Really Do Exist).

1) Introducing Mike Anderson -- this is a personal marketing mentor and friend who absolutely cuts to the chase everytime.

He will tell you what you need to know. Mike has been a very inspiring Internet marketer who's helped me overcome numerous stumbling blocks. That's a never-ending challenge for business-owners, but this guy gets into the 'nitty-gritty' of Internet marketing.

Check out Mike's links to see what he's doing. He's very astute, and he's ethical to boot. I'd say that's a refreshing concept.


Meet 'The Process Guru', Forget Mindmaps, Use Processes & Implement --

This resource is a 'hassle-free, no-bones-about-your-success' Internet Marketer. I'm talking about Mark Joyner, someone who continues to inspire many people. Click on the link located under "Recommended Resources For MLM'ers". You'll see it on the right-hand side of my blog titled, "The Simple Science of Getting What You Want".

I have been tracking Mark the past 3 years (plus more resources), but it's great to bring you these 2 talented marketers -- Mike & Mark.

That's saying:

1) ...more great content is coming your way.

There are systems out there that really work! Tougher still, we have a lot of people online claiming to know 'How Things Work' but they don't know. So you have to be careful who you track or follow.

And.., you can work from home without chasing prospects, and you can launch your business by using affordable means.

2) To help other MLM'ers see more about what's involved online, conduct research BEFORE you invest ANY of your hard-earned money into your MLM. Please, don't rush headlong into pay-per-click advertising, for starters. This is a serious mistake. There are people who certify in this area because paid advertising can get expensive very fast. Use the free to low-cost starters first!
Let's face it, if you're not incorporating 21st-Century technology, then a lot of other people are.

What Mark Offers --

His coursework gives you a solid starting point, regardless of your MLM know-how. He calls his information management system, Simpleology 101. Mark's business philosophy will help you zero in on the marketing efforts you need to tackle before you create decent profits. He'll also save you time, frustration, strained relationships, overwork, and more.

Mark Offers a Few Starter-Courses At No Charge
  • Later courses are affordable.
  • If you're early in business launch or you have a real need to cut expenses, you'll enjoy his learning modules.
  • Mark has been continually expanding universally-accepted Internet marketing elements into other basic modules. These are processes which can be adapted to serve your own business needs.
  • His videos are very short and direct. It's about time -- involving 3 - 5 minutes, tops.
  • At the end of his videos, he offers you a 5-question self-test.
  • Each self-test gives you feedback by testing your marketing comprehension.
  • Easily correct test responses. Don't worry. There is 'no fail' in Mark's book.
  • When you've hit correct response for all 5 questions on each self-test, you get a positive and immediate response.

Supporting Your Success Using Rock Solid Means (And Far Less Guesswork),

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketing Consultant/Business Development Specialist