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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Power Of Proactive Thinking in Home-Based MLM Business

Welcome Back Fellow MLM Buddies (And Even Affiliate Hybrids)!

Masterminding With Conviction

May you have a good day, today. In today's post, I'll touch upon a few different topics helping you empower yourself.  I've talked about Laws of Attraction in previous post but I'll keep this law going strong, sharing different ways to do this very same thing.

Here's the context. Yesterday, I was working with a fellow who is considerably younger than myself in business and in marketing, but we spent an hour talking about what was needed to create a successful, lasting home-based business. I'm not talking about burning up your warm or cold markets... nickeling and diming people to death by selling them everything under the sky. That only miffs people off.  I'm talking about building sustainable relationships you can potentially pull (not push) into your mastered teams -- the teams responsible for helping you and others progress in your MLM over 10 and 15 year's time. Let's call this team power masterminding. It's a very powerful business method and it's nothing new.

So ... going back to my story to explain more, this young fellow had his reasons why he was struggling.  My response? He didn't fully know about masterminding (or how it worked), but I listened and grounded him. I told this talented person, "It's not what you buy or outsource (workwise) that will ultimately determine the success of your business.  It's how you relate to each and every person on a daily basis that counts. Find out what people need, problem-solve it and then deliver. You have to make yourself available to do just that".

Adopting A Powerful Mindset No One Can Undermine

This story with the marketing friend essentially embocies adoption of an unstoppable mindset no one can undermine (with their lack of know-how or prior, unexamined programming).  Explaining further -- sure, you can add tools you need to build your business, but do it in moderation. Consider -- the greatest business performers out there are doing something different from you so you have to keep your eyes wide open. Watch what they're doing! Your job is to find out succinctly what those business efforts and don't include.

The Top Dogs Think Differently Than You Do

It's possible the top dogs think differently than you do. They may have challenges teaching precisely what they inherently have learned over time, but these people are using proactive thinking. So find out what this is without giving away your first born or your full retirement (assuming it's not entirely under water).

These people continually reinvest in themselves by acquiring a proper marketing education and here's why. They hire experts to help them, but in this profession (MLM and hybrid marketing), you must eventually build a specialized skillset. If you're solely recruiting, you still have to be able to manage your downline. But...securing this education will be the most valuable thing you'll ever do. You have to BE the expert. So I'm not talking about listening to an upline exclusively who's going to work your warm market (to their advantage). Find at least 3 or 4 different sources helping you pull your information together. This effort is about being your own CEO. This is the mindset you must eventually adopt. Adopt it by putting yourself in the driver's seat, making your own decisions. Then, use your common sense to guide you in all of your business dealings. You can't lose when you hinge your business success off of a growing skillset. All MBA's know this. I'll give you another hint. Your business is YOU. It's about pulling your personality and life know-how into your business...thereby creating a unique entity no one else can copy. Competitors try..., and they aren't you!

To Help You Get Where You Want To Go (Now Rather Than Later)

So how do you get to where you want to go, now rather than later? It starts with setting forth a concrete schedule helping you manage your time. Sounds boring, but it's true. You can't juggle every choice without creating some type of roadmap for yourself.

You have to set forth a concrete, daily schedule you can live by. If it's part-time, that's fine. If it's three-quarters-time, that's fine. Whatever you decide, put it on paper and stick to your schedule, if even you're at first scratching your head. Write down every small thing you have to do for your family. Write down your errand time. Write down exercise time, but don't forget to build into the earliest part of your day time to connect to new people. There is no substitute for taking this action. If you hit a wall, don't give up and over time, slowly begin to identify the places you can use (usually starting for free) to put yourself ou there and then identify the skills that really pay. If you're not sure what this is -- feel free to post your comments. I will be happy to visit with you directly. Find the business methods supporting your daily steps.

Couple Your Business Methods With An Unstoppable MLM Mindset

Couple your business methods with an unstoppable MLM mindset. Even if the MLM traditionalists using 20th-Century marketing ask you to use their methods, you have the power to decide what you'll implement. Yeah -- you'll hear, "Until you're a millionaire, then you can create your own business blueprint"! Mule muffins (adding humor here for fun). Truth-be-told, there are affiliate marketers online who create their own products using a combination of sweat equity, outsourcing and direct asking (of consumers).

If you're not sure what you should use in your MLM efforts, you can try some things the 20th-century marketers recommend...., but slow your burn rate of MLM monthly expenditures. Forget paying $400 a month to "stay qualified". That's a recipe for personal disaster. You are the boss of your business. You determine who you hire and fire. Then, blend your business efforts with adoption of this unstoppable MLM mindset..., overcoming all ostacles, minor or large. 

Eker Says It Best

"You can choose to think in ways that will (either) support you in your happiness and success... instead of (thinking in) ways that don't", (Eker, T. H., 2009). It is that simple. Stop yourself when you're talking to someone else in a complaining ways. It wastes precious time. Then immediately redirect your thoughts in proactive directions usually related to problem-solving and taking direct action. When you take baby steps to advance yourself, you'll spend less time worrying about what you should be doing. Remember -- worry is a substitute for action.

A Proactive Attitude Draws People To You, Without Exception

A proactive attitude draws people to you, without exception in knowing (beyond doubt) that others will have a need and definite want for what you have to offer. It's knowing each day that your attitude triggers internal power others see and want (but don't necessarily know how to get). Often, you'll see this power misdirected in negative ways but when it's used powerfully, you'll see that you can't get it from external places. Sure,  you can study books and business methods all day long, but other people will associate with you when you're focused, steady, consistently positive..., hitting your daily and weekly targets.

How Do You Think More Proactively?

Shift your daily thoughts away from negative information...again. That focus only sucks you dry. Catch yourself often and refocus. Do it so many times a day that you won't forget.

Then.., kindly stop making excuses pertaining to why you can't do something and look for sensible information supporting your daily progress. It won't be perfect, and you won't find a turn-key system doing everything for you. Business ownership is nothing more than honest, smart, challenging work. Work like a dog to make things happen for yourself and others. Then remember... nothing or no-one can hold you back even when you're determined.

It is that simple.

Supporting Your Online Success Using Proven Marketing (and Business) Means,
B. Brinkmeyer, MBA