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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MLM Script & Owning Your Presentation

Welcome Back Fellow MLM'ers,

Today, I bring you a second post that's very important.

First, I talk about the use of a proper prospecting script and tell you specifically why it is so important,...

Second, then I bring you a FREEBIE. This freebie is attached to creating your own presentation.

You see..., when you're starting out, you don't need heavy, starter costs.

You do need time to formulate business plan you can live by (like what kind of a business entity will you become: Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or an S-Corporation or a C-Corporation..., where will you principally conduct business (your office or basement), and what do you need to set up your business without going broke? It's basic things like that.

Well -- it's no different when you're planning your earliest messages. You need to find a way to bring people to you...instead of chasing them.

And..., this is the part that stumped me a decade ago. You need to know HOW to talk to people.

What I mean by that is, you need:

A) A Solid Prospecting Script

If you're entirely new to MLM and you really didn't get a chance to build any MLM recruiting skills, that's okay.

A script does a few things for you: 1) it keeps your communication very smooth, 2) it allows you to specifically measure precisely how well you're talking to people from person-to-person...,and 3) it's something you can use to develop your own targeted message.

You want a script that will only talk to a certain group of targeted people. Forget about addressing the entire world. In business, 1% is the target average for any audience, regardless of whatever the product or service will be.

B) You Need Your Own Presentation Call

C) You Need A Way To Record Your Call

Let's Get Down To Brass Tacks..., Chances Are:

* you have scripts already
* the scripted message doesn't position YOU
* these scripts position the company or some big whig 'other than yourself'

If you don't have any scripts in hand, see if you can't get your hands on some corporate material you can roughly adapt...say... from a fellow MLM buddy. You need to be able to basically modify that script, telling people who and what you're basically about.


Hi..., I'm so-and-so calling you from my home office. Is this a good time to visit with you for a few moments? Well...I see you're like me, a fellow joint pain sufferer. I've been an athlete most of my adult life, and I can say that not being able to take care of my children or grandchildren very well isn't very fun. That's why I've come across something so amazing that you'll never guess how easily I was able to replace my regular joint cremes or joint meds for less than a cup of tea per day. Your script could read something like that.

Then your script has to draw them further into your message to do a few additional things.

In your script, you want to avoid things that:

1) Position anyone other than yourself

Just take out the name of the person the corporate office put there.

2) Send prospects away from you

If you see a corporate number listed in your script, just take it out.

You want to include your contact information, number, and place where you can be reached.

3) You want to tell people about one prime benefit your product or service will do.

Is it credit relief?

Or..., it is relief from those joint aches?

Could it be paying less for travel?

Pick a main benefit people will really want to know more about, but stick with one benefit to keep things simple. That way, you're not giving away too much information and you're not losing your audience.

This benefit (not to be confused with product features) must address a current pain or need.

Then Include --

4) A.I.D.A:

Your script must include A.I.D.A. in order to work.

It must...grab their attention...long enough for you to figure out whether they would qualify for your product/service...


It must hold their interest long enough for you to give them a next step --like going to a recorded or live call. That way, you can stimulate their interest to move them into decision.

This decision would involve getting some type of commmittment from them such as joining you in a corporate presentation where they would meet you there for product exposure ONLY so that you can close them on the deal.

Warning -- Only take yourself to a corporate presentation when you have a prospect accompanying you. That's the only real purpose for using this approach. Otherwise, skip these meetings. You really don't need them if you're especially interested in the idea that you can move online.

Warning -- Don't lead with the opportunity because more prospects have been lost that way, and don't turn your prospect over to an upline. Just give that prospect time to experience your products, and let him/her choose from there. If they use the product for 6 months and they find that they're crazy about its usage, then they may approach you on the business opportunity. At that time, you're then armed.

Be sure to tell your prospect what they can reasonably expect to receive benefit-wise when they look at and purchase your offering.

Your script is sort of the same thing. It should inspire a decision to head...say...your recorded presentation call! Yes..., I'm not kidding here. Hang tight until the end of this post and I'll give you a FREEBIE as thanks for giving me your precious time.

This presentation should tell the prospect how they can cleary obtain more information about this amazing chance to heal ...say ...joint pain, and it should mention how they can get back in touch with you to start 'joint pain relief' today.

Make your call memorable by encouraging that prospect to follow up with you now because you're only taking the first 5 callers who call you back. You see?

And..., if that prospect happens to be the 4th or 5th final caller, you'll toss in a free 30-minute consultation. You've just added some FREE incentive for that person to take action with you.

Okay. Now let's get to the FREEBIE. I promised you something that would make you ooh and ahh.

Did you know that you can get your own free conference line? You can. If you're anything like me, I was thrilled to know this resource existed.


Supporting Your Success Using Proven Means,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketing Consultant/MLM Business Development Specialist

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Welcome Back Fellow MLM'ers,

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