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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gerson Therapy - Excellence In Health/Cancer Therapy

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

I've found another fabulous example of a well-known institute found in Tijuana, Mexico.  There have been many cases of individuals suffering from a variety of advanced illnesses.  When conventional medicine fails to deliver, here's where droves of Americans go:

Gerson Therapy Website

This website shows you how a website must work.

A)  Look for the first tabs on the website to see how content is broken into sections.

B)  Look for supplemental information that is life saving.

C)  Notice books available for sale.

D)  Notice the primary authorities who back what they do.

E)  Notice how everything is connected.

It's a blessing to serve you!  Please stay tuned for additional, incoming, & fabulous Internet marketing content.  I will continue to expand my other two wondrous examples of fine marketing campaigns:  Moody Blues Cruise & Downton Abbey in coming months.

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How Campaigns Form

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs,

Without intending to create confusion for you as someone who's wanting to know more about how businesses successfully work online, it's important to offer you solid examples:

**  It's not enough to tell you

**  It's better to show you

**  Your best examples are examples of state, federal (or if you're in the U.K./Europe..., government agencies).

Because I live in Colorado, I'll share a direct example verbatim where you see a letter appearing in the parent's email in-box, followed with 2 key links leading parents to the immunizations website and information pertaining to vaccination safety.  If you are MLM, I share medical websites because they must be reliable in order to attract a ready audience.  If you are an affiliate Internet marketer, the same idea applies. 

Example of vaccinations in Colorado for parents of students K - 12...;

January 10, 2013

Dear Parents of Students in Colorado Schools, K through 12thGrades (School Year 2013-14),

Immunizations are an important part of our children’s health care, and Colorado law requires that children going to school be vaccinated in order to prevent vaccine-preventable disease. The purpose of this letter is to let you know which vaccines are required for school attendance and which vaccines are recommended for best protection against vaccine-preventable disease (see chart on second page).

As a parent, it is important to know that in addition to the vaccines required by the state of Colorado Board of Health for school entry, there are vaccines that are recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). This is the immunization schedule that will best protect your child from even more vaccine- preventable diseases.
 Parents often have concerns or want more information on children’s immunizations and vaccine safety. A resource developed for parents with frequently asked questions about the safety and importance of vaccines can be located at: .

The Colorado Immunization Program’s website is located at:

Schools work hard to ensure compliance with the immunization laws. Your help in providing updated immunization records at school registration and when your child receives additional vaccine(s) is greatly appreciated. Please discuss your child’s vaccination needs with your child’s doctor or local public health agency. (To find your local public health department’s contact information call the Family Health Line at 1-303-692-2229 or 1-800-688-7777). Please bring your child’s updated immunization records to the school each time your child receives an immunization.


Colorado Immunization Program

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment


With each campaign, you see there is a newsletter that accompanies the website.  There will be a blog to expand content, if needed...or the accompanying blog may be a place where content first attracts audience attention, thereby holding that attention long enough to direct traffic to the website itself.

Toasting Your Internet Success,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Monday, January 28, 2013

Response to New Marketers Online

Hello Wonderful Entrepreneurs!

A labor of love goes into bringing you the most inspiring content available..., however, it is a work in progress.  To date, I have yet to find content worthy of your free "first subscription", but I am working on flow chart development of how Internet marketing clearly works.  Please offer me patience.  I have much already completed, but it has to be just right for you.  It is dedicated to you...the wondeful force that you already are in this world.

Before I answer a very common question today, there are two thoughts which must be stated carefully.  In saying this much, this blog will always strive to uplift you and mirror back to you your true grandeur:

1)  Never under-estimate the power of your own ability. 

2)  You have been made especially for this unique time on Earth...said with great care.

3)  Whatever you bring to the table, do it with zest and quality.

4)  Give yourself time to research matters and develop some of your latent abilities.  What you have been taught in school does not necessarily represent your highest offerings to individuals.

5)  Give your permission to falter sometimes, even if it means that you will use intuition leading you into your greatest talents.

6)  Internet marketing is one such opportunity for you.  It gives you the chance to play with topics (of interest to you and others).

7)  By playing with topics, this is how you find something you absolutely enjoy promoting.

A)  It doesn't matter what the topic is.  Most content carries with it products you can place on the back of your marketing campaigns.

B)  Be persistent.  You will make mistakes.  You'll take turns that put you near walls...but if you hang in there, eventually you'll see how marketing works online.  THE KEY IS TO PICK MAJOR SUCCESSORS ONLINE.  FOLLOW THEM.  SEE WHAT THEY DO.  THEY LEAVE TRACES OF SUCCESS FOR YOU TO FOLLOW.

C)  Opt-into newsletters.  These are messages that carry related products tucked inside of newsletters.

D)  Find out what your rights are....,  and follow Google's online guidelines for blogging & website development.

With Respect to the Q Which Appeared Today:

Hello exceptional blog! Does running a blog similar to this take a massive amount work?

I have virtually no understanding of programming however I had been hoping to start my own blog in the near future. Anyway, if you have any suggestions or techniques for new blog owners please share. I understand this is off subject however I just needed to ask. Cheers!



***  It gets you started on writing your own content.  This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for you online. 

***  It starts traffic flowing (developing an early audience) but does not necessarily generate $$.  The website is built to generate $$ and continuous business.

*** A blog is a place to start until you figure out which niche you'll target, validate WHAT you'll promote under your name (in my will be medicine in due time)..., and the blog helps you see yourself just HOW you'll market and brand your name.

*** Internet marketing is NOT a quick rich scheme.  It should not be so.  It has to be a long-term committment to others..., to deliver what they want using very high ethics and monetary responsibility.

*** YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR TRAFFIC (eyeballs)...IF you're not in a hurry to establish an audience.  Blogging gets you free traffic (eyeballs) so that you can test your content, modify your blog, and then carry over to your website the content that gets the numbers (results).

*** Blogging is FREE.  Online, early tools you can use to get you started helps.  Free is great for starters....but free is not where you want to live long term (website hosting).  Blogging leverages the power of the Internet by showing others what you are about.  Then, as you write quality content, people from other websites and blogs will pick up your content.

VIRAL MARKETING Starts With Blogging

This is your word spread as people share what you publish online.

This is free advertising for you and your business.

It costs you nothing to start blogging.


When I use the word "matching", what I'm referring to is a website that carries and advances content the blog will initially develop.  The website is your REAL ESTATE online.  It is extremely important, but it carries daily work because it has to be continually updated and maintained.

**** A blog is an easy first place to start.

**** It requires no programming efforts, no coding, and no online experience.

**** It can be monetized using Adsense, but this is a different marketing direction most entrepreneurs will only supplement, once they have their business in full swing.

**** AVOID BUYING FROM INTERNET GURUS.  They tout teaching you what's required, but sell you things that do not necessarily represent a full marketing campaign from start to finish.


This part takes time.  You first set up a free blogger account.  Find a username and password you can easily remember.  Set up a name on your blog representing your business.  If it happens to be that you don't know what your business will be, you can name your blog Jack's Blog For Entrepreneurs...or Jack's Blog.

Any blog you form and don't like, you can easily delete.

Step 1)  Keep the original settings in the design template.

Step 2)  Post your photo.

Step 3)  Start a first post under "edit post"....or "new post".  Hit "save".

Step 4)  Spend longer amounts of time on your blog at first,  and then over time, add posts as needed.

A)  Keep heavy hitting offers away from the blog, lest you face Google's ban for spamming people online.
B)  Pull in Facebook.  You can use Facebook as a social marketing tool for your business.  
C)  Pull in Twitter and/or Pinterest.
D)  These accounts are all free but they also require time/maintenance.
E)  If you are new online, follow this blog.  I am connected to many online resources that are helping.
F)  If you are MLM, go to Terry Duff...but be prepared to pay for his expertise.  He is the finest Internet marketer for MLM'ers online.  He keeps Internet marketing safe and respectable, and he is known for teaching very high quality ad copy (copywriting) you read here...on this blog.  It is important to learn copywriting, blogging, website development, and proper prospecting & closing all business.  Furthermore, you want to learn about effective business followup so that you can take care of your customers well.

Step 5)  Be patient.

Step 6)  Over time, Google picks up your posts and your own google search page will appear under your name.

Step 7)  You will have few viewers at first.  Over the coming months & years, more will appear.

Step 8)  Study as much free Internet marketing as you possibly can.

Step 9)  Keep your wallet on ice until you've had a chance to develop your blog, advertise it over at Facebook & Google, and test your content.


Ask Q's here.

I will be establishing membership and a formal newsletter soon enough.

Toasting Your Success Online,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA