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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Answering Q's About Online Business

Hello Fellow Online Entrepreneurs,

I frequently receive questions about the technical aspects of online business such as:

* I'm setting up a blog but it requires manual coding (HTML).  Can I use Blogger instead?


Absolutely.  The beauty of blogger is that it has a built-in editor, and this editor will allow you to enter plain text (as you see here) in place of intricate HTML (hyper-text markup language).  Because human eyes don't read HTML very well, it's best to use Blogger as a tool which will create the coding for you.

Step 1)  Add as a free account.

Step 2)  Set up a basic blog using basic recommendations during set-up.  It's okay if you don't understand all of the directions.

When you see during initial template setup something you don't understand, either leave a field (area) blank or enter "xoxo". 

Save all settings.

See where "xoxo" appears on your blog.  You can always edit "xoxo" out of your set-up.

Step 2)  When you're ready to publish an article, click on edit "new post".  Click on the tab that allows you to edit in simple text mode.  Save.  Then go back to edit.  Click on "HTML tab", cut/paste the HTML from your most recent article, cut/paste into another blog or website location for your automatic HTML coding.  This is the quickest way to learn HTML.  I've used this method many times in order to see where HTML coding may be missing a symbol.

I hope this helps.

As with online Internet business, you will (if you keep working) find unique workarounds eventually solving these smaller challenges.

NOTE:  Please feel free to post your comments/questions.  If there's anything challenging you online, it's going to be marketing your business/product/service to a select crowd already willing to buy what you offer.  Remember, in all marketing messages, the messages must be about your audience (not you).  You lead with the value of your service or lead with the value and benefits of your products.

Toasting Your Success Online,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA