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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Humorous Marketing 101

Hello Fellow MLM'ers & Affiliates,

Whether you're working in network marketing or online affiliate marketing, there's one thing you'll quickly learn in order to win the game. You have to find an exclusive way to grab the attention of others, holding it, then finding ways to give people what they need, want and demand.

Humorous Marketing 101 - Helpful Tip

Consider using humor that will attract people to you (even if the topic is periodically or even absolutely unrelated to whatever you're promoting).

Case in point -- pick a site which has had a huge number of hits...and have fun. This usually happens when you're not looking for the site itself because humor has a way of making its way back to you. Make sure it's a tasteful site (no adult content...please). That's a surefire way to wreck your marketing image. Over time, your goal will be to use that humor somehow marrying to the mindspeak of your audience, talking their talk). That way, your marketing messages will follow a natural order. Hint: Google likes messages that blend (but this isn't one of those times). My goal here is to grab your attention or in the very least give you a break from your marketing.

Click below:

It's titled, "United Breaks Guitars".

Supporting Your Success Using Proven Means,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA
"Fix-My-Broken Business Home Repair Consultant"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Loss of Fundamental Essentials: MLM & Affiliate Marketing

Ahhh...It's So Easily Forgotten...

Several years ago, one could literally put together a few hotel meetings, make a list of their warm market, etc. and likely generate some great results with their business - and quickly too.
Well…then the advent of the Internet came along and it didn’t take long for the “players” to emerge and begin their testing on direct mail campaigns…but now, using the Internet as their medium to communicate the message. Arguably, the late Corey Rudl was the first (or certainly one of) to begin using squeeze pages (data capture pages) to generate data.

Enter “Planet Technology” And The “Quick Buck” Mentality:

It didn’t take long for this medium to really take off…Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, direct sales associates, MLM’ers, etc quickly fell in love. Who wouldn’t, right?

It was a quick way to engage their audience and solve problems…but on the cheap. Even in the early days…it was a few hundred bucks a year to host and maintain a website (a far cry from where we’re at today…for under $5.00 per month someone can establish an Internet presence).

A Critical “Link” Gets Lost In the Shuffle:

A lot of people lost their tail (and their vehicles, homes, prized possessions, etc) when the late 90’s came along - people literally putting their family’s livelihood on the line and their life savings. With the advent of the Internet, lives were changed…and many for the better. Big time. The Internet has created a massive amount of millionares and “new money”. It also cost countless practically everything they had (and much they didn’t have as well).

Throughout this time, most people completely forgot the critical element that makes most businesses (and especially network marketing) tick and continue building and growing…

Enter “Loss Of Fundamental Essentials”:

Many forgot about the power and the significance of “relationships”. You see it now on a daily basis…you see tens of thousands of network marketers out on Facebook, MySpace…twitter, etc - still in this run. As marketers we must remember one component at all times…

Regardless of how we choose to communicate our message, building a relationship is a MUST in order to build a sustainable direct sales or network marketing business. When we build a relationship, there’s a sense of trust…they’re ultimately “buying” into you and your expertise and leadership.

Whether you’re communicating your message via teleseminar, video, email, website, direct mail, whatever - we’re in control of the % of prospects that become customers or distributors - the better the relationship, the higher the closing percentage is going to be.

When we don’t properly establish our authority or use facebook (among others) to scream, “Buy my stuff from me” - it all backfires. We quickly have our hopes set ablaze…NOT because the medium doesn’t work, but because we didn’t use the tool properly.

If you were a carpenter, would you use a hammer to do the job of a stapler?

It’s not just about the tool…it’s really ALL about the marketer, their skillset and their ability to use the tool properly. Whether you’re building an email list, calling targeted buyer files, selling products online or offline - the more credibility we can establish, the more business you’re going to close.

It’s not about the method of marketing or the “channel” you’re using to communicate your message…it’s about how you’re doing it and how you’re engaging your audience.

Never lose sight of what’s really important…building, molding and allowing the relationship to take place. If you’re looking for the maximum number of closes, there are no short cuts.

It doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t use “hands off” approaches, but it does mean how they’re structured and how you’re using these approaches can mean a world of difference.

Don’t lose sight of what’s important - would you buy from someone who visibly only wanted your money? Your prospects are no different. They want to feel important…not like another number. Make others feel “valued” - as in..., they actually mean something to you.
And remember…doing something, even if it’s wrong, is far superior than doing nothing at all.

To Better Understanding,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA