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Friday, July 25, 2008

What To Look for In A Decent Prospecting Script

Greetings Fellow MLM'ers and Affiliates,

Today, I'd like to cover 1 of 3 important things you must first master, IF you're going to put your business in high gear (and I'm not talking about prospecting 3 - 5 people/day). No kidding. I'm talking about taking massively targeted, daily action!

1) You need a decent prospecting script

2) You need a decent transition

....As a way of qualifying people
FAST, determining whether or
not people want what you have
to offer.

...If it's 'no', move on. The top dogs
don't waste any time.

3) You need a proper closing script

Did you know that they big guys don't wing
anything when they're on stage, when they're
sitting in front of a camera or when they're
prospecting on the phone?

Nothing is left to chance.

You can close a small portion of business by
'winging it' but good luck. That's going to
bring you success for a very tiny portion of
your total business. Truth is -- you must be
organized before you ever 'go live'. (Heck --
the success or failure of your business
depends on this one thing alone.)

Believe it or not, top recruiters and affiliates
rehearse what they'll say.., long before they
say it... whether they deliver their words in print
or by audio. (Your message and your voice is
an advertisement!)

Conclusion: The top dogs can have scripts
different from yours when they're
standing on stage! This fact has more
to do with exciting the crowds...because
you'll purchase corporate stuff when
you're excited..and they'll obtain a portion
of proceeds. If you're asking yourself,
"But why didn't my upline tell me that"?

Some do and some don't. (This fact has more
to do with mastering marketing at extensive

Think about it.

The top pros always know what to say... and how to say it.
They know precisely how to overcome any and all

When you have the right script in your hands,
it's no longer a mystery. Unfair advantage?


If you're like me and you want to know precisely HOW
all of the MLM and even affiliate machinery works -- watch. Pay
close attention. Listen. Sift through what doesn't work
and then find what works!

So WHAT should a decent script do?

WHO does your script position? Is it anyone other
than yourself. Big mistake. Once you do this, you've
just relegated yourself to the social status of someone
residing below the status of a car salesman...(not meaning
to jab car salesmen, unfairly. I apologize in advance.
These folks can be helpful when you need
a car).

See point 4) below about individual positioning (instead of corporate).

You'll be far more successful if you lead with
your expertise...than a corporate message.
Trust me on this point. There are many purposes
behind a well-written prospecting script.

To find out more, feel free to fill in your information
in the right-hand side of my blog but be patient.
In a series of e-mails, I reveal the mysteries behind
several aspects of proper marketing, telling you what
you need to know to have people calling you -- not
the other way around.

Pay close attention to the corporate scripting you've been
handed by your companies, affiliates and MLM's. Notice
how 'a few players are mentioned'. It's almost as if
they're the only people residing on the planet. Then... here
you are..., this invisible talent...wondering why the limelight
isn't being shared). But..., this reality has more to do with
corporations taking their proven entities, putting the heavy
hitters in the public eye. That's all it is. These folks know
how to work the crowd.

Can you learn those skills?


So here's what you need to put yourself at the head of the pack.

Part A) If you have a script -- it must mention you and only you.

Part B) If you have a script you can alter a bit, you want to mention the

values and benefits of your offer. You're taking about the product or

service directly. (Hint: Remember to think along the lines of what the

client wants. You don't want to get lost in the compensation plans per se

because people only care about what's in it for them.)... and that's it.


The best way to blow your organizational growth

is to mention, "Meet me at this meeting...and help me grow my

business"! I actually got an e-mail like this just last night.

Guess what happened? I hit the spam button.

Part C) You can't mention your corporate name or you're stepping

on corporate toes. That's okay. You don't need a product name.

4) Let's talk about positioning you the expert, and

not the corporation.

You can leave the corporate name out of your prospecting

script because people only want to know how the product or

service their needs -- NOT YOURS. Sorry.

Human beings motivate out of 2 primary emotions: pleasure or

pain and that's about it. In an enlightened minority, they'll

motivate by a higher purpose.

If you don't agree with what I'm suggesting here, just keep doing

what you're doing. Eventually when you've spoken to enough

people out there (warm market or otherwise), you'll begin to hear,

"What's in this deal for me"? When you get wise, you'll eventually adopt

your script answering those basic questions, up front.

Example of a Positioned Script.

Hi. I'm so-and-so. The reason for my call is that I understand you're a fellow

_____________ (pink elephant lover or fellow marketer).

One of the reasons I'm contacting you today is that I understand (you want

more time to spend with your family..., or you want to earn a bit of extra income

from home working part-time..., or you want to alleviate joint pain..., or you

like to collect pink and fuzzy toy elephants).

Q1: Are you still collecting pink elephants?....Or, are you still working your job
but would like to have a chance to build a part-time income?

Q2: Which pink, fuzzy elephants have you collected in the past? ...Or, Where are you working right now? Is this something you'd like to do long-term?

Q3: How long have you been collecting pink, fuzzy elephants...or how long have you been with
your current firm? How's it going?

Q4: _________, One of the things I do _____________, is I help people expand their collections or find alternate ways of creating additional part-time income. Is that something
you think you'd like to find out more about today, spending only ______ minutes of your

End Result:

You'll get 'yes' and you'll get 'no'. (This reality has nothing to do
with rejection. Either the potential client has a need or they don't.)

The people who say 'no' aren't your market.

The people who say 'yes' are.

Ask the top dogs.

They sift and sort.

They don't convince.

So...your script can end along these lines --

Before I answer more of your questions, I'd like to get a general idea as to where you're at in your collecting plans...or where you're at in addressing your personal goals?

Then..., here's where you're earning your keep --

Pin the person down (committ to taking some specific action now

as opposed to next week...or most often, never).

Invite them to something which exposes them to your offer.

But keep your name and contact information in the loop at this

point. It's very important they have your information.

Then you follow up with a close.

To find out more, feel free to fill in your information in the

right-hand side of this blog. You'll find resources answering

these questions and more in my MLM resource center.

Your contact information always remains confidential.


Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

(Spammers will be melted down as scrap metal.)