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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To Pull in 21st Century Marketing, Work On Teams

Welcome Back Fellow Home-Based Business Owners!

Today's post is a repeat of yesterday because I'm expanding on the need to alter the way in which we often think.  I'll stary by talking about the Internet.  From there, we'll move into reprogrammed thinking (in positive directions giving you what you want most out of life).

So as you know, the Internet has hugely altered the way we conduct business.  In prior times, we didn't have access to information the way we do now.  I'd like you to think in "instant fingertip publishing directions".  This part is key and it totally relates to your success, no matter what others say.

We see in public sectors..., a lot of tension appearing as the result of companies perhaps not listening to what consumers are saying.  And..., we see gov't officials who still "somehow have their heads in la-la land"...even when we tell them, "We want this".  Well..., let me clarify something very important for you. It may shed more light on what's happening these days.

Did you know that if you FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION ON WHAT'S WORKING, YOU'LL GET JUST THAT?   Let me explain further.  What you focus on attracts more of that very thing.  So..., the old vanguard is not about "me VS. you or them".  It's about recognizing the light and dark thoughts we humans think. 

Now separate yourself from you for a moment and indulge me in this exercise.  I'm going to show you how you can see that your thoughts contribute to a larger reality impacting us all.  If you focus on what does not work and you consistently do that, well then.., you live in a very harsh reality.  You get precisely that result.

What would happen IF --

People worked together in real trust and through clear intention to achieve a common goal!!!  It means that they would have to actively tell each other what they want most, repeatedly if necessary until it clearly sinks in.

If you like what I'm saying, read on.

This blog is about attracting people to each other so that they will work well together.  Beginning to see why this blog exists? It's not just taking up space.  

I've give you proof.  There's a network of 10,000 people online working together in one active forum, but you can't seem them because you don't know they exist until someone tells you otherwise. Well, now you know.

Drop the individual differences we usually emphasize, and know that we're more alike than different.  Then..., REFOCUS ON WHAT WORKS MORE OF THE TIME.  When you do this, you activate the LAW OF ATTRACTION AND CONNECTEDNESS DIFFERENTLY (AND MORE EFFICIENTLY).

"What you think, you realize".  And..., it happening within a period of hours and minutes now.

If you feel  -- life has to include hard work to get what you want most, it will yield that result -- HARD WORK for no pay!!

Instead, change your underlying thoughts to include the idea that a happier reality exists and is free to appear simply because it makes sense. Then pull in the "I'm already worth it" saying but don't doubt what you just put out there. Then ALLOW.

Still want more proof?

Ok.  Think about the Laws of Attraction some more.  If you can accept the idea that the Universe mirrors back to you the thoughts you hold as true, then you get that reality as the direct result.  Kinda tricky, isn't it?  It sure is!  But.., no matter how you look at something, please pay close attention to the thoughts you hold during any given day.

Then...segment your thoughts into "snipet-it's of living".

Take your first segment. It happens when you first wake up. Chances are -- if you step away from what you've been thinking as it result to "the old mental tapes from days gone by replayed", it's old news.  And.., it really doesn't have to apply to today.  Those thoughts may be connected to what someone should have done but didn't.

Now..., stop yourself.

Ask yourself, "Would I really be happier if that other person did what I thought they should do" then be happy? 


You can be happy regardless of what that other person is doing.  Just alter your thoughts.

Here's how.

When you find that you're thinking a negative thought.  Stop.  Refocus on something fun.  Now notice how you feel immediately. Chances are -- as soon as you altered your thinking in reverse (for the better), you probably started feeling better.

Well it's the same way in the Universe.  It gives you precisely what you think.

This laws applies to other people too.  You can create your reality, but no one can create it for you.  In a team setting, you can co-create together by spoken and unspoken agreement.  In many team settings, they usually go through a lot of difficulty because they didn't specify what they wanted...or if they did, some team member who wasn't going to deliver did just that -- didn't deliver.  That's ok.  There's always more waiting in the wings to join you.  Sift and sort and go through the numbers until you get precisely what you're after.

When you are all thinking in the direction of a specific outcome (such as everyone getting paid for work they love doing), you will get that result.  But, you must communicate that intention to people on your team over and over again until they can recite it moving forwards, backwards, and in-between.  Write your individual and group team intentions down on paper and look at them daily.

Then.., to attract people who value doing the same, the intention of this blog is to ATTRACT people who want to earn money readily without killing themselves over that work, and then the goal is to give BACK to people the things they say they want most -- it would include tools, skills and knowledge that will make the happy end result appear (solid pay, time off best spent with family, plus a team that's highly functional, motivated, and willing to do what's necessary to build that solid business). That's the intention spelled out in fine print.  If you find at any time that your team is "forgetting", tell them again in fine print.  E-mail is great for that purpose.

To get specifically what you want, you must communicate specifically what you want.  So..., if you're after profits in 1 and 2 years, you must state in print... "In one and two year's time, I will have a very profitable and sustainable business I can enjoy."  Or..., if you believe you can do it sooner in less than half the time, then restate your intentions to reflect those beliefs. Just keep working in those directions.

Pull in enthusiasm and great spirit.  Always work to help the other guy/gal get what they need, and also work on your behalf. Try not to create for the other person the things they're already creating.  Sometimes, for some people, it means NOT doing their work for them.  You can guide them and offer alternatives, but in the final end, it's up to them to tackle what's needed.

Balance the need to support yourself with what the others need too.

NOTE:  As soon as you set forth your intention, you must be careful not to spend too much (if any) time spent in negative thought (self-doubt, disgust, frustration, judgment, or impatience).  Those are negative realities that attract more of those specific end results....pushing people away to yield exactly what you're thinking.

If you find that your mind is wandering along those lines, distract your mind immediately.  Stop that thinking.  Then..., refocus in positive directions.  Stay positive in your thoughts, your actions, and in your wording.  Keep it going daily, weekly, and monthly.

Then.., see what happens.  You should notice that you'll start attracting positive people who will do the right thing at all times, they'll be in the game not only for themselves but for others, and they'll create the success the entire team desires.

I will stop there because it can take at least 4 months to catch yourself in these thought modes.

If you'd like to post comments or suggestions, feel free to do so and don't forget to fill out your contact information so that I can place you on a powerful marketing newsletter.  In this newsletter, I reveal specific concrete ways to attract a powerhouse team.

Toasting Your Success,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketing Mentor/Teacher

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Living in UK Or Elsewhere? Don't Worry -- Visit This Blog Instead!!

Welcome Back Fellow Home-Based Business Owners,

I'm going to give you a current marketing heads up. 

There is MASSIVE work underway to bring you "jaw-dropping" content that will absolutely put you in the driver's seat. This is "hold-your-hand stuff".., go here..., get the free account there..., here's what you do at low-cost, sweat equity levels, then cut/paste, reword, add your name and go there and we've now got you online.

How does that sound? 

The goal is to create new, 21st-century "mad marketers" (not being mad but working like mad to make it happen without doubt or question)... in an effort to create those who know what they're doing 5,000% of the time.  There is NO trial and error if you get the right stuff in your hands.  And.., it's available for far less than you think.  For now, I'm not going to hit you over the head with offers like a lot of marketers may and do. I will give to you until you know you can come here safely and "get the real skinny".

This content WILL NEVER be connected to "some pyramid scheme or gifting program...or surveys".  Forget "fast overnight deals" designed to do 1 thing -- profit only those marketing themselves. I'll apologize in advance for being passionate here because IF YOU ARE an honest person (and I believe you are), then you're in for some major treats!

Business and marketing whether it's MLM... or affiliate marketing (online) IS absolutely about giving you specific concrete actions you can take NOW without wondering, "where in the heck is this stuff going to take me"?

My promise to you is to put you in the driver's seat where you edit your content, you own your own website, you build your own list, and you own your own list!!! Forget the sponsor in your MLM.  He/she may be the greatest thing since sliced bread cause some of these folks are my very best friends online, but I highly doubt that this person offline is the true "sponsor" this word suggests...UNLESS they specifically teach you what they are precisely doing.  If so -- hats off to those folks because they are blessings!  But.., more commonly than not, most sponsors face heavy pressure to build their downlines so you will essentially have to find other alternatives.  Getting off that rant cause this is about you.

Let's get back to where you actually live. 

Nowadays, add technology to the mix.  Please think along those lines.

It doesn't matter where you live as long as you have 3 things:

1) A computer with fast Internet connectivity

2) A sincere willingness to learn proven marketing

3) Fingers that do the typing.

It Starts With Proper Education

You'll like this.  You don't need an English degree!  Can you cut/paste and reword?  Anyone can do this.

Furthermore, here's the true reality.  MLM's have massively miffed people off so they're now coming online!  Small wonder.

I'm working with people all the time telling them, "Don't hit yourself over the head for having had these troubles because there are so many of us who've been there"..."The key thing is to move onto happier times ahead" and let the other folks alone.

I'm not saying all of this to stir up trouble.  Truly not .... because I believe all human beings are designed to live life fully and completely -- without tremendous worries and hassles.  Right?  Absolutely.  There's a reason why some folks are afraid of 2012 and what it could involve.  They know that the power is shifting!  It's moving back into the hands of those who will do the right thing at all times, even when it temporarily means they're "building business that will pay". And we're not talking nickel and dime paychecks.

How do you know I'm speaking an ultimate truth?

I speak to you from my heart. there hasn't been ANY cutting or pasting...or using software to "find articles I can publish fast". 

In any given moment as we're visiting here with each other, your success boils down to a few things:

1) being so passionate about what you do that you can't sleep at night

...but, I recommend that you take good care of yourself because you'll need everything you have and more.

2) getting solid, accurate, powerful information so that you'll be so greatly valuable to people that they won't be able to sleep at night

...because they too are moving forward, experiencing real, sustainable growth (and success)...just because they're building real businesses from home that they can truly enjoy.

You Know This Content Is Real Because

It's about time.  We don't need more leaders "telling people what they think they want to hear".

It's time to restore balance to many powers.

Feel the emotions in your gut and heart.  No matter how silly these works may appear, anytime you constrict in your gut, your most powerful self is saying to you, "Maybe this content IS NOT meant for me".  That's what you'll feel if ANYONE feeds you baloney.  Feel your gut emotion.  Listen to your heart.  It cannot lie.

If you feel open, relaxed, and maybe even safe and peaceful, I'm am telling you the absolute business truth as I know marketing best --  at any given point in time.  The Internet is changing so we have constant updates happening everytime the major search engines alter their algorithms (affecting how people search for information online).

My job will always involve telling you "what works" and "doesn't work".

I won't have you running all over the place to "hand out fliers and DVD's"...unless they are your own.., copywrited with your own content and advertised under your name"!!!  That's actually a good thing but it takes most of us time to reach that goal (advanced marketing).


1) Get a domain name of your own and get web hosting.

(I'm not going to give you a domain registrar or hosting service yet until you know "How to get the right domain".  Getting the right one gets you indexed fast.  Getting the wrong one puts in on page 10,000 where you'll never be please stay tuned. I'm writing accurate content as fast my fingers can do the typing.

Do I Need A Website Of My Own?

Ok.  Here's the thing.  I have addressed this in prior posts..., but NO..., you don't have to own a website to start off with!  You can pull in things others have already created..., but PLEASE..., before you buy anything, leave your comments here.  There's so much out there that you don't need -- it's a terrible game online.  I have 29 blogs scattered throughout the net designed to do one thing -- PROTECT CONSUMERS.  Some are more complete than others, and some are still developing.  Soon, I will have 1 website pulling it all together so ...again...stay tuned for that link.

NOTE:  Please DO NOT pay for an MLM self-replicating website.  I did this twice and had nothing to show for it until I got smart and picked up the right education getting my own domain and web host...(Internet marketing).

AND BONUS:  Get a FREE blogger account here and start your own web presence.  It's 

2) Then..., decide what you're marketing

If you're not sure, a TON of people online are marketing MLM, affiliate marketing, and more do both.

Please know that it's very common to not know which direction to take.

Again.., I have stuff in the works to answer all beginning online marketing questions but have a few work-arounds to tackle before it's all integrated (so it works for you).


I will let you in on a BIG secret. 

The most powerful people online don't set foot outside of their homes!! i''ve talked about this in prior posts so you don't have to search through archives.   And.., they're powerful.  They're working quietly at home while their neighbors are twittling their fingers, worrying about when they'll hit the "layoff, pink slip list".  Forget that.  That's why this blog is here -- to give people credible options and legitimate business plans.

Furthermore, the folks on the net are ALL website owners.  They build their own lists.  They don't give names they have away to companies offering double-talk.  When these site owners ever walk into an MLM, (and it's pretty rare nowadays), they scare networking top dogs because ....1) they know what the public demands..., and 2) they're wiling to deliver (like...maybe that a private website we've all  been screaming about for about a decade now).  Always give the public what they demand or they'll just go elsewhere..., but you won't know why you're "bleeding bottom line losses".  I say this carefully so that you'll  give people what they need to that you'll STAY IN PROFIT. 

So For Good-Hearted Folks Such As Yourself

Pick one direction and work it until it's working smoothly.

Work in a team setting.

If you don't know what that direction must be for full success, stay tuned.  Submit your questions.  Yes.  You can do that here and you'll get a concrete answer.

HINT:  You don't have to work alone.

HINT:  Ask for help but don't be shy. 

HINT:  Please do not assume that because you are a seasoned MLM player that you know what Internet commerce is all about -- UNLESS you are moving your own product at your own level.  Then if so, congratulations!!!  This is a different  beast than what you're accustomed to tackling.  If you've had any Internet marketing at all and you've still hit brick walls, you haven't been given the TOTAL truth.  Then.., if that's true, please stay tuned.  My content is designed to tackle beginner, intermediate, advanced, and product creation levels.

I'll let you in on another secret. 

You know the "fear" that's been spread about not trusting people online?  It's a ploy.  That's fear coming from people "who haven't yet tried to get the information online"...or it's fear related to "not yet coming online and most likely won't"..., or it's fear related to "why you shouldn't"...or it's fear about pay-per-click advertising".  Let's kill the fear related to the last challenge.  I will certify people in pay-per-click one day.  It's happening already.  For now, I'm certifying..., but you set a budget daily and you control that budget daily..., and you never go over your daily allotted amounts.  That's logic.  So look at the fear by filling that fear in with logic.  Stay tuned more along those lines. What's coming forth is really big.

Another secret -- those who succeed online work with one another and boy do they work.

Guess how we're working?  We're working to help one another! Novel concept.  We don't cross-recruit one another though because we don't have to.

HINT:  Put the numbers in your favor so that you don't have to cross-recruit.  It's not necessary.

A Bit More

Add later campaigns when you know what you're doing.

Now..., if you're tired of struggling, me....but please..., no spamming. 
Stay tuned because I have links I can offer to give you research options and solid alternatives.  A TON of content is coming your way...and darn it if we'll be stopped any more!

Toasting Honest Marketer's Out There,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA