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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Word Press Self Hosted Is Great...When It Works

Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs,

This blog is building...and content will be organized better in due time.  For now, I share an update with you via a strong Internet marketing network I use...and you may find it helpful.  Because Google prohibits me hitting you with a bunch of offers and links leading to pressured "buy this" offers..., it's better to offer this help now.


This specific update helps you spot Internet marketing threats prior to them becoming a major headache... as they sometimes happen to Internet business owners, from time-to-time. 

I share one educated example below:

  •   WP Super Cache and W3TC  Plug-in's
  •   For new marketers, plug-in's make your Word Press functional.


For Those Who Use Plug-In's

There are 2 that most of us don't use that have a serious flaw.

The offenders are WP Super Cache and W3TC there is a way that a remote server can take control of your site and can execute any commands that the hacker cares to execute.

This site explains how to check for the problem and what to do if your site is vulnerable.

Thought some of you might be interested in knowing about this.  I did not find a problem with any of my sites and use of these 2 plugins here at Wealthy Affiliate is not common.



I publish weekly key resources designed to help Internet marketers safely move their businesses online, without engaging the IRS unlawfully, without impinging on others' Internet campaigns, without compromising yourself unduly.

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Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA