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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Choosing Viable Business First, Success in Home-Based Business

September 25, 2012

Choosing Viable Business First

Welcome Home-Based Business Owners/Online Entrepreneurs,

Some of you are asking me to beef up my content on this blog so what I'll do is strike a balance.  Oftentimes, when people think about starting a business online, they're interesting in one thing:

* quick cash

Sure, that's a reality we all must face because no one can live for free, right?  Right.  However, there's a lot more than meets the eye when you're setting up a working infrastructure online.  You've got to have...

* A viable product or service which allows you to effectively compete both online and offline, particularly if you're going to offset (mitigate) your business risks.  Strictly setting up an Internet business might not be the best solution.  I'll explain further so keep reading, but in order to get into the WHY's it's important to find just the right product, I'll let you in on a few secrets.

There are 3 types of folks who look for work from home, and I'll tell you precisely who they are:

1)  Your Network Marketers who have tried everything their companies have long touted --

a) hitting your friends/family for product purchasing
b) taking friends/family to a group meeting
c) sharing the great products/services many of these companies advertise.

MLM BEHAVIOR:  The challenge is that when you're doing that kind of ad promotion, you're moving corporate materials, not your OWN branded ads, and you're paying hefty money from your own personal pocket to give spreads of corporate ads to everyone you know.  This pays the top 1% Avant Guard big money, and it advertises the company for next to nothing, but it does absolutely nothing for you.  Now these top people have gone through the trenches.  They've used very old business methods, they've clawed their way to the top, and they've spent massive amounts of their own money "just to look good on stage".  There's more.

REFERRAL:  SEE TERRY DUFF.  He's one of the best online, and he'll show you what's needed to make a strong go of it online in the MLM world.  I make this referral because in my blog, I'm only working with products, skills and services people will have no trouble purchasing.  In MLM, in can get murky.

2)  Your Affiliate Marketers who have tried everything different Internet Gurus told them to buy.

It is true, that when you have a marketing infrastructure set up online advertising and positioning you as the sole expert (and this applies to MLM'ers), you will be able to move any affiliate corporate product.  You will obtain varying commissions for doing so...but the challenge there is that when you are solely an infopreneur, you have no specific product you can sell (other than your brand name) UNLESS you know precisely what's going to help many affiliates reach their stride.

REFERRAL:  WEALTHY AFFILIATE UNIVERSITY.  Just Google them. These people teach you what you must do in order to get your online infrastructure set up and going, plus they teach you ongoing Internet marketing as the online realm changes.

3)  Those who are independent in business and have their own thing.

I reference people who are doctors, emergency ski-rescuers, rock stars, New Agers selling their latest product line or new book on "How to Become Your All in 5 Easy Steps".  These people have a product specifically carrying their names, and they market themselves exclusively. 


The main emphasis of this blog will be to share tips, tricks, and online marketing services which teach you the core skills you need in order to build your Internet marketing online yourself.  As with all blogs, you must research sources online. This blog gives you starter ideas.  It does not delve into CFO blueprints, or extensive information doing the work for you.  Yes...I'm making a change because I believe that in order to promote products and services that will do the public good, it has to be totally transparent in its appearance.  However, that's just me.

I do not teach network marketers Internet marketing.  Many times, they aren't sure what this entails...but Terry Duff can do this.

Affiliate marketers have a challenge understanding ad copy (copywriting), seeing how the overall flow of a campaign can work.  Ad copy is the print you read anywhere.  They seem to have challenges in acquiring the basic skills needed to set up a campaign online (keyword research, optimized keyword content in published articles, and more).  I'm telling you about the larger majority.  In all cases, there are exceptions.  Those of us who work a day job and then study Internet marketing at night (attorneys, doctors, & entrepreneurs) will "hang in there" long enough to get the basics going, and when they have the extra cash flow, they'll hire companies to manage their monthly Internet campaigns.

WHY'S of Viable Products/Services In Business:

1)  If it's an MLM -- These products are some of the best on the market, AND companies cut costs drastically by leveraging their Distributors (who are also intensive consumers of their products) to move their ad-related materials.  So you must find a way to advertise and market only your name.  People will purchase in the presence of true mastery and nothing less.

2)  If it's Affiliate Marketing -- You must build at least 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 profitable campaigns in order to build a monthly commissioned bottom line.

We're not talking about Adsense.  This type of marketing requires a very different online strategy altogether.  The challenge with infopreneurs is that many of them will build a front end marketing campaign leaving you with very little on the back end.

You're looking for people who have integrated marketing campaigns generating endless streams of leads, filled with people buying a long list of products/services on the back end of that campaign.  That's why I recommend Terry Duff.  He is one of the finest marketers online.  Just Google his name, and you'll see his blog dedicated to both affiliate marketers and network marketers.


The bottom line behind any business succeeding is that it takes persistent work.  That work is not difficult if you love what you're doing.  It does require extensive advertising online and offline in order to generate a steady flow of inquiries.

Stay tuned for more assistance in the coming months.  I am someone who is transitioning into medicine so that's where this blog will head....putting the self out there while building up a long-term online presence.

Internet marketing is not a quick "do".  It takes years to build a profitable campaign.  That's the main jist.  I hope you found some of this information helpful.  In all matters, conduct careful research, interview people who are already successful online, and be diligent. When you intend to create something, there is nothing that will stop you.

Toasting Your Success Online Absolutely,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA