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Monday, June 30, 2008

Economic Meltdown....But There's Good News

Hey There,

Before heading out of town, I just wanted to offer a few
. There's a resource here I'd like to share with you.
Plans are to bring additional tools to the site in another few weeks.
This information will benefit both NWM'ers and affiliate marketers a
significant advantage online. Feel free to track posts in the
coming weeks for more specific news along effective social networking

High Fuel Costs and More

If you're like most people out there, the worries are getting
greater. Fuel costs are at a record high, the biggest mortgage
meltdown is taking place, people are losing their jobs overseas,
ood and retail prices are going up...really, is there ANY GOOD
NEWS? Fortunately for you, there is good news -- news that is
beneficial to you, offering massive aid to aspiring marketers

As people spend less money offline at their local retailers and
travel less, they look for deals. If something is cheaper online,
wouldn't you tend to shop there...especially if you're on a tight


And that is exactly what's happening. As the economy worsens,
more money is actually being spent online. It seems a little
backwards, but when you think about it, it makes absolute sense.

A Weak Economy Benefits Internet Marketers!

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People are smartening up...saving money by not traveling (because of
gas prices) and shopping where you can ultimately save the most
money (online!).

The more cash being spent online, the better off it is for
Internet marketers. The pie only continues to grow and there is
more and more opportunity for people like yourself to earn a
full-time/extraordinary income online!

Best part -- you don't have to give up your MLM.
This work is meant to supplement what you're already
doing, to fund your passion ahead-of-time so that you're not
working 3 jobs to create what you ultimately want (residuals).


There's information applicable to your downline! That's what
massive success is all about -- helping yourself and others,
using real means.

Success stories are going crazy here. There are people behind-the
-scenes working overtime on your behalf and you don't even know it
yet. I'm talking about the powerhouses who are working for you.
You don't see them but they're real..., just like you and me.

Thse people have mastered a solid, roadmap formula for helping
people succeed. They've helped others earn over $20 Million
dollars to date and it seems like every day there are new
members coming forward with their first $500/day, first $1000/day,
with many people creating their very own products online! We're not
helping people create a few bucks here and there, we're helping
people create real,sustainable online business.

Do You Want To Become Part Of This Success?

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Because Working As An Internet Marketer Has Many Benefits:

(1) You work from wherever you want (no driving involved)
(2) You enjoy what you are doing (every day is exciting and new)
(3) You can promote anything that interests you (no more boring jobs)
(4) You get to work directly with millionaire marketers at hand (cool, right?)
(5) You will have free time
(6) You will have responsibility but you'll also be happier (who doesn't want this)

Do this for yourself. It's time you stopped watching the horrible
news about the economy, letting it push you down! There are too
many negatives out there, it is time to turn your life into one BIG
POSITIVE by looking at the advantages Internet Marketing can offer.

For NWM'ers and Affiliates -- No Distinctions Made

Yes -- this fits into NWM...and affiliate marketing. In this place,
there is no distinction made about who's doing what. The desire is
to help you move whatever your heart desires most. Right?

Also, did I mention there will be alternative additions coming
to this blog, later this summer? The choices and benefits for
you will be extraordinary and mucho massive, ...however you want
to word it. All of this work is meant to alter the face of the Internet marketing..., for the better!

Hope to see you in the forums visiting with numerous others!

Never Give Up...Never Surrender,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA