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Monday, May 10, 2010

What Does Work From Home Mean?

Welcome Back Fellow Network Marketers!

In all of my posts, plans are to bring you content relating to all aspects of business building, including marketing. Today, let's tackle "work from home" and what it means to your success because a lot of people get lost right here.

This post should:

1) Save you from spending $$ on things you don't need (getting you nowhere)..., 2) Spare you lost time and effort doing the things that won't put a nickle in your pocket...3) Ggive you things you can do today to singularly list yourself as a true  leader that you already are !
Work From Home Means One Thing --

Work From Home.... In Profit...Not In Debt

Let's kill the promise you heard when you enrolled in your very first MLM.

We were all told we could, "Work From Home".

I'm here to tell you again..and again..and can happen !!  It can be profitable in ways you'd never imagine, but you're going to work for it.  There are no shortcuts.

Start By Tackling Your Success But Get Real

I know you know this part intuitively so play along with me.  If you're going to make true progress, you have to get honest...real honest, and stop justifying everything.  It gets you nowhere. Once you do this, you can then formulate real alternatives taking you somewhere.  This is assigment #1 I explain further at the end of this post.
Let's assume you had no success in your MLM..., or worse, you put in a lot of time, effort and money into your business and you're reaping limited results.  Yeah -- you're even standing on stage and you're not getting the results the 1% "other guys/gals" are getting.  There are reasons for this reality, but they're not your fault.  You've done what they asked you to do with zest.

Ok.  So maybe you found that you can build an "ok residual" using the methods they taught you ...and..., you'd still like to get your hands on the blueprint delivering what it promises.

Hint:  You must identify your true self and then eventually market ONLY yourself.  Sure..., you can use your name everywhere on business cards and websites galore, but what makes you valuable is your leadership.

Solution #1 --

Don't even pay $35 for the chance to fill out surveys for money online. Those are scams.

Solution #2 --

Avoid hands off marketing systems and stay away from any greed-based opportunities you see when
you enter "Work From Home Online".  Those programs do one thing.  They take your $$, but you can't even get a return on it.

Solution #3 --

More people spend their hard-earned $$ buying everything your upline or your company tell you to buy. Don't, no matter how hard they press you. 

Truth is -- I've talked about this before -- the ones who are "seemingly ahead" of you in your company are the ones who still haven't figured out what a million dollar template entails !  So..yes... we have the blind leading the blind...., most of the time.  In a few rare cases, we have exceptions to the rule.

Solution # 4 --

Don't market everything under the sun written by someone other than yourself.  Sure -- you don't have to reinvent the wheel, but you DO have to put your name on it.

Cite it, publish it, UTube it, advertise it offline too, but just use your name. That's it!  Take the time to do it. You'll be glad you did.

Here's the Biggy -- Here's A #1 Tip That Makes All The Difference (To You)

Solution #5 --

Wrap your hands around a information that makes good, honest business sense.  Does it make sense on the front end? Does it make sense on the back end?  If not, leave it behind.  It wasn't meant for you.

Whatever you choose -- that information has to meet those 2 primary ingredients....on the front end and on the back end.  There is nothing misleading at all.  Full disclosure is one golden pathway to your success.

When you find this information you're looking for, ask yourself -- "Will it be something many others want and pay for?  That's also key because some systems that worked 20 years ago aren't working so well today..., no matter how much others "talk it up".

All informational systems require periodic updates to reflect changing times.

If the information you're following dates back to Methusela, you're in trouble. You'll most likely get "medieval" results...or worse, you'll be laughed out of court.

So... find information that works for you (and countless others) more of the time than not.  If you find information that "dead ends"..., chances are that this help hasn't yet incorporated the changes people are demanding. That realization helped me hugely.

If the information or system(s) you've been using haven't been working well, find out precisely why.   Do it even though everyone else around you says, "NO", that's a red flag.  Use your common sense.

This finding will put real answers into your hands. The ones who say "NO" are afraid of 2 things -- 1) they'll lose you...and worse, 2) they'll lose your business.

Then.., find out who you are even when you're standing in huge opposition.  So..yes..., find your true self separately from whatever your ego tells you gotta make money NOW at all cost...even at the expense of others.  Don't.  In the end, you're hitting another dead end and you're not acting in alignment with highest reasons (which actually give you what you desire most -- a solid reality).

You want to create a business you can sustain.

Then.., find a system that teaches you what's absolutely needed to make a strong go of it in business.  It should match your true self.  Take as much time as you need.  When you do that, pair that system up with true marketing education and guess what will happen?

You'll be unstoppable.

Forget Self-Replicating Websites

Ok. I've talked about this problem before. Ask yourself, "Should I still use my corporate website"?  It appears to give me everything I need to work a profitable business".

Look for these 2 things:

1) Does the website help you build your list or the MLM's?

If it's the company, you can't carry this list with you no matter what others tell you. The company owns the list.

2) You want a system that will position you.

I will admit that I bought many things under the MLM sun and got very poor results -- 5 companies total.

This part is important.

YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE. Again.., that's your ego's way of "puttin on a big show", but it's not who you are.   And..., the people who told you this in one way or the other are often lost in their stories.  

Don't flier parking lots.

Don't pass out fliers to people in malls.

Your business success is a human process.

So..., ask yourself this question.  If you've gotten everything you "supposedly needed in your MLM" like hands off marketing systems or opportunity-seeking leads saying "NO" to you, then ask -- ""Why am I still struggling?"  I'm asking this question to help you move beyond what's keeping you stuck. Hang onto your hat.  Are you sitting down?

Solution #6 --

You've been positioning everyone BUT yourself. 

When you do this, you lose credibility (even when you're a true powerhouse).  Beginning to see a bigger picture? I hope so.  That's why I'm here -- to make a real difference in the lives of others.  So you wouldn't be the first one who made this mistake because we've all been there.

What Top Guns Do Without Fail

Here's what top brass do, company after company...and they're cleaning up big time.  They adore showing up for work -- or better -- working from home...and even better working on the go (cuz they can write off their vacations during a few hours of work! Man.  This is what business should be --  in a NOW AGE.

The smartest ones eventually get the resources, education and skills (mostly this part) to place their stamp of approval on anything they move.  Why?  A lot of humans like to follow the leader.  It feels safe. 

Here's something you've figured out if you're seasoned.

Being a True Leader Means Breaking New Ground

Being a true leader means breaking new ground.  Now..., here's where things get interesting.  When you're first launching your business, sure, you have to promote other peoples' products.  That goes without saying...., offline or online. That's just how it is.

Over time, as you obtain more mastery and working capital  to keep your business afloat, you should be striking out on your own. The world needs you.

You don't have to be a millionaire to do this.  You don't.  You have to be motivated, willing to continually learn and then apply what you're learning.  That much is true.

For Seasoned Players

Now...,  fast forward into the future. 

Let's say you didn't get what I was saying in this post...and 3 years later, you find out that your head is still touching the glass ceiling.  And.., let's say that you can't seem make that breakthrough and you've even gone so far as to hop into the social networks.  Do you know when it all happens?

It's not because you're doing what "they're telling you to do".

It's not because you're buying everything under the sun. 

HINT: Use paid advertising in small slices and pair up that effort with free advertising !  Bingo.  Learn "how to create and move traffic".

Then..., apply your natural drive and determination (for the right reasons) to  honestly improve peoples' lives significantly and profoundly (first including your own).

You have to include "right-minded action".  That means, in every situation, you must always do what's best for the other person. It's Universal Law.

Your Success Appears When

You act regularly.  Let go of outcomes.  Share information sincerely.  Motivate for others and self, in delicate balance. Then.., find a way to put your true essence out into the world because others want it and demand it.  Again.., it is that simple.

It takes time and processing your human side to figure out what these hints includes and don't include..., but if you focus on finding out who who you are aside from your ego, your true self will attract solutions, people and more to you!

When you know beyond all doubt who you are -- you will attract and retain people who mirror similiar attributes back to you. That's when business IS profound.

Ok. This part is what I promised you at the beginning.  I'd like you to spend 20 minutes of time to seriously addressing this task.  I'm going to give you an assignment...and there's no pass or fail. 

This is something designed to make your life clearer so that you can take the action that will change everything for the better.

Assignment #1

If you're going to move from point A to point B, you've got to get clear about what you intend to do so that you can align your greatest talents, skills and assets with clear-minded actions and right-minded thinking.

No -- you don't have to dial through cold calls.

I want you to list the things you've been doing that have been holding you back.  List things like:

1) buying everything under the sun without using common sense
2) not questioning matters -- hint -- can use your local library for free
3) not seeking alternative resources
4) stop passing out samples
5) stop passing out DVD's and fliers designed to do only 1 thing -- position the company
6) hitting up family and friends
7) chasing anyone with a pulse who might happen to listen to my pitch
8) fill out your contact information in confidence to get my insider's newsletter

where I talk about more.  Only those appearing on my list get the advanced stuff  doing only one thing and one thing only -- positioning only you as the expert!

Then..., stay tuned.  In the next post, I will bring you ways to concretely clarify what's needed to make a real go of it!

Supporting Your Success Using Proven Means,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketing Mentor/Instructor