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Friday, August 15, 2008

Twitter & Other Resources - What They Can Do For Your Business

Hi fellow MLM'ers,

I have 3 followers today at Twitter. A sprinkle of contacts here...and a sprinkle of contacts there. You may wish to rely on several communication areas to build your business. No one method does it all.

Here's the best part.

Twitter is coming up as a solid communication platform for people who want to share
their news.
but by posting this information, hopes are to provide you with key updates, picking and choosing methods you like best.

I'm tracking Ed Dale's work, using this tool. Ed is a superaffiliate. He's also a speaky-easy British dude who uses Twitter to introduce his new software, available to Internet Marketers very soon. Ed claims he's been using Twitter the past year and he likes its reliability. That's a good thing when technology works.

Ed uses Twitter in unison with his live videos and audios. He also archives his presentations for later use at UTube. Ed uses Twitter for daily marketing posts, to share with his readers the 4 phases of Internet Marketing, the affiliate way.

This news can still appy to MLM'ers because once you figure out what the 4 phases
of online business are, you're in the running! Be patient as you're learning new information. To piece together these puzzle pieces, it's not a quick fix but you're
after sustainable business (you can manage for many years to come).

Moving onto 4 phases of Internet Marketing Expanded :

1) niche identification

This phase of product movement takes time because you have to figure out

if A) there are people out there who not only want the product you're moving

but B) will they buy it...and how often are they willing to buy the product...

and C) is there a real demand. Never operate from your ego because it will

get you into hot water.

I will be adding a recommended solution to assist you with this challenge, in the

coming days ahead and you won't have to join expensive educational classes to get

this information.

2) traffic generation

3) conversions

4) moving people to a product of your own, either branded with your own name

moving affiliate products.

Explanations of each phase:

When you're moving people to your websites and your blogs, using communications you

prefer most.

Affiliates use what's called a landing page (the first page people see on

any affiliate offer), later advancing potential prospects to data capture

(name, e-mail, contact information)..., in exchange for valuable information

like a free report or a white paper.

MLM'ers online favor social networking, also known as "Web 2.0".

Regardless of your preferred method, if you're connecting to people daily,

you're essentially driving traffic so you always want to be certain that you're

motivating them to check out what you have to offer by usually looking at something.

If you do your job well enough, you'll want to periodically stay in touch with

your clients to find out how they're doing (on your product).

You can use blogging communications to simplify this task or you can easily dial
people up!

Many people like or

An autoresponder works more efficiently. This tool for a mere $20/month allows you to communicate to an infinite number of people every week or month, depending upon the frequency marketers send out as messages.

Not sure where to go?

Try A-Weber or Get-Response (enter Google Search).

If you're not sure how to identify your niche market, feel free to check out the MLM and affiliate marketing resources I've placed on the right-hand side of my blog. There, you'll see many things you can pick and choose from.

A source I've personally been using to piece together a lot of marketing information has been listed for you under 'Operation Top Gun'. See # 1 listing.

Take good care of yourself -- you're that important!

B. Brinkmeyer

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Advertising Yourself Thru Affordable (Okay...Free) Resources

Hi fellow MLM'ers!

Today, I'd like to introduce Twitter if you haven't been using this resource.

Feel free to check out to start your free account.

Here's why --

'Free resources are always helpful' when you're launching your business.

In case you haven't yet begun to play with this resource, Twitter emerged

as a real winner for Internet Marketers in 2007. Seems this medium has made

it easier for top guys to 'market their wares'.

If you're new to the marketing (or to the Internet Marketing), let's cover a

few basic prospecting how-to's seasoned veterans have mastered --

1) The 'big guys' know there are networks online that can help you initially

form your marketing webwork. But, they also know these mediums can

ease communications for you and prospective clients -- when you use the medium


A main problem when using these sites is that you'll get a lot of tire kickers.

So, to offset that challenge, you must be able to direct your content along

specific lines. The goal is to target only those who have a need for

your product or service.

So your message must be consistent at point A (of your marketed point point C). Stray too far from the main subject at hand and you'll lose your niche audience.

EXAMPLE: speak to the mindset of a sub-niche. Notice, as I visit with MLM'ers and affiliates, I'm talking more about how to build, develop and sustain a long-term viable business. I'm not saying much about purchasing pink elephants in this newsletter!

Talk about what your smaller group likes and dislikes, then get into their common challenges. When you can solve their riddles, that's when you'll hear a 'yes'. Miss the boat and you'll hear 'crickets as another way of saying, 'no'. New marketers will often try to force the market into purchasing what they think people want VS. what people are looking for).

2) By forming new connections, you can these sites to further build trust and rapport, easing communications. This effort can include those you might wish to collaborate with, in the near or distant future.

3) It appears this resource is easily on it's way to becoming the 'next killer application'.

4) I will be posting updates in the coming week or so as I play with this tool, sharing findings with you. When this tool is properly used, you can use Twitter to market your wares at superaffiliate levels (mass target marketing -- like the Harv Ekers of the world).

If you wish to know more about how you can use this tool effectively, check out my post on the 30-Day Challenge listed on the right-hand side of this blog (under proven stuff for affiliates and MLM'ers alike). Much of the information I post on this blog is easily applicable to both groups.

Supporting Your Marketing Success Using Proven Means,

B. Brinkmeyer

(Spammers will be melted down and sold as scrap metal.)

(All honest marketers are welcome.)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't Know Who To Talk To When Marketing Your Passion?

Hi Fellow MLM'ers and affiliate buddies!

In case you're struggling with a very big business challenge, I'd like to say to you this week that it's not your fault.

Did you know the number one problem for any company, large or small is traffic?

Call it walk-in foot traffic (for a brick-and-mortar)...or call it finding 'your target audience' whether you're an Internet marketer or an MLM'er. It makes no difference. The reality is
that you've got to be able to advertise yourself in a very affordable way today, right?


Here's the fun part.

I've solved your problem for you but it's up to you to do the rest, without having to spend
2 years of intensive study just to qualify your own audience.

My part:

I can offer you 5 people/day to visit with, if you follow these steps without fail.

You must take action daily and you can still take your weekends off.

You need a willing audience NOW, not tomorrow or next week.

IF you're willing to pay a small monthly fee for this service, it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. This place can be shared with some of your other fellow marketing buddies too..., to help them out further. In exchange for doing so, you can get your membership paid easily by moving this service to a scant 2 people (if you wish). In exchange, you can begin by talking to people online (see forum).

What else will you get if you walk through this door?

You'll be able to improve on your marketing skillset (learning from people who know what they're truly doing...and it won't have to cost you anything but some of your time and your effort). Honest. While you're doing that much, you can begin by advertising your services and products today in a very busy place.

Here's how:

You'll be able to tap into the world's largest, interactive forum as soon as you walk through that door.

Click on Operation Top Gun...and then click on the #1 link you see.

Don't wait for your situation to 'get better' now before taking this important step.

Take the action now....and go for it today. New slots are filling up fast.

One you enter this portal, you have access to instant traffic. Pay-per-click marketers pay multiple hundreds for traffic packages/month...and tens of thousands of dollars more to build their lists. You don't have to do that.

Walk through the door. Once you do, it's not complicated and it's perfectly okay to advertise yourself in this realm (as long as you keep your corporate names neutral).

Focus on the value and benefits of your product or service.

The traffic here is pretty good because you'll be accessing Internet Marketers and MLM'ers....but the greatest advantage is that you don't won't have to master Internet Marketing over a period of several extensive years like I did, just to be a valuable addition
now. Trust me on this advice. You'll save yourself a lot of money by working it this way.

We have a fair amount of newbies who could use your guidance.

They could probably even use your products!

But..., as a word of caution --

Never lead with your business opportunity first (or you'll chase these folks away).

You're going to interview people from real places, to find out what's missing.

Then find out 'what's in it for them' when you share your offer.

Another hint:

Be certain to position yourself as the sole expert (and no one else).

Give people your contact information, your name and number and let them contact you.

Be diligent.

Don't convince.

Just make contact and see what happens next.

Then sort.

Keeping sorting until you get a 'yes'.

Make this effort each day for the next 30 days, without fail.

Conduct yourself as the 'pro' you are.

Pull from the natural experience life has taught you.

Then..., use your common sense to talk about what's important to the other person. As long as you act in the best interests of your audience (giving them something they can truly use -- like more energy and vitality if you're marketing health/wellness...or financial well-being if it's guidance and management they require)..., you won't lose!

Click on Operation Top Gun...and then click on the #1 link you see.

Give it a try for 30-days.

Advertise yourself to 5 people in that forum for 30-days.

Supporting Your Success Using Proven Marketing Means,

B. Brinkmeyer