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Monday, January 9, 2012

How Does Internet Marketing Work for MLM?

Welcome Fellow Network Marketing Friends!

Hi folks!  I'd like to thank you for finding me here at this blog.  You may not know me yet.  I'm still building a follower base...but as this blog has been attracting the largest online audience when compared to standard brick-and-mortar business owners following my content...or even affiliate marketers wanting to know how to set up a successful Internet infrastructure... business online boils down to one concept --

  • You put your name online (not your company)
  • You write from your heart
  • You attract an audience
  • You find ways to communicate with that audience
  • You interact and build loyalty
  • You close the deal.
Does It Have To Be MLM?

If you want.

What About Not Moving My MLM?

If you're passionate about ...say...cooing doves, you can move anything.

What About Both...Moving My MLM and Doing Something Else Too? can do both.

What About...Say...Picking Any Topic For My Success?

Yes...whatever your mind can conceive, you can do both online and offline.


Internet Marketing...Is Online Advertising...That's All It Is

Here's where I've had more challenges working with different people from all walks.  They're operating from what they've been taught...not necessarily by family members (but that can happen)...but by what they've been taught from childhood by companies.

I'm not joking.


When you were a young child, do you remember seeing "all of the thrills and laughs" while watching your favorite T.V. ad selling "rock'em, sock'em, robots"?  It looked like a great toy...until you got it home.  Then.. it was most likely thrilling for about about 15 minutes..., playing with a younger or older brother or sister...who most likely didn't play it the way they showed you on T.V. ...., UNLESS you became a major fan of that toy, played within a network of same toy lovers like your friends (who actually cooperated and play nicely), but then you did have endless hours of thrilling interaction.

So what was the magic ingredient?  The company moving the toy did 3 things:

1)  They triggered your desire for "more fun"
2)  They promised it would deliver
3)  They said it would deliver...for a price.

What did they really do?

1)  They promised you would have fun if you bought their toy
2)  They said it would be majorly exciting if you bought their toy
3)  They said it would be heavenly ...and that you would be popular with everyone..if you bought their toy.

See the pattern?

Whether it's your MLM...whether it's dating a long lost love..., or whether it's moving your MLM...or whether you're moving some affiliate product...or whether you're moving your own business outright, it takes work to know and serve people.  It's not really that is massive work...but in the final end what you get is this --

1)  Increased awareness or an expanded concsciousness
2)  The thrill that you knowingly helped someone
3)  Fulfillment for doing what you love.

That should be the highest essence behind anything you do.

If you're after the final 3 points...and not the empty promised land...,


This blog is NOT about affiliate marketing.  It is about acquiring the right CEO mindset and education developing a rightful online web presence.  You are not limited to sole Internet marketing and business development.  You can attract to you willing audiences from the comfort of home, do it on a decent budget (sweat equity and some invested costs in right tools, tips, systems, and networks), and have real fun.  You'd be amazed who you attract online!

Toasting Your Success Using Credible Business Means,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer/Mentor/MLM Lover

So What's Affiliate Marketing? 2012 Update.

Welcome Back Fellow Network Marketing Associates!

Hello.  Happy 2012!

Thanks for visiting me here today. 

While some of you are in a hurry to move your MLM, please allow me to share this reality with you.  Take your time.  Find out what your company is really doing.  Set a monthly limit on what you buy from your MLM.  Don't let anyone in your company pressure you into purchasing their 1) corporate websites..., 2) their systems...3) a garage full of products you can't yet move.

One of the biggest questions I get from a lot of people is this --

"Barbara..., So What's Affiliate Marketing?"

Affliate marketing is a way of putting the consumer in touch with a product.  Affiliate marketing is one way of moving products, but there are larger numbers of people who use many different marketing methods.  Methods vary based on the type of audience that's being reached...where that audience predominantly resides (how people tap into information), and how that audience will be grown by individuals/companies.
1)  Affiliate marketing is NOT all there is. 

If you are researching what affiliate marketing might mean to you, but you are confused about what it entails, keep your wallet on ice!  Do NOT run a random search online because you'll be found by major gurus promising you the moon.  Some deliver.  Many do not.  I touch on this core reality across my blogs...simply because there are people out there who want one thing from you -- your money. 

2)  There are offline marketing methods.

3)  There are offline/online marketing methods designed to advertise...say a movie star or a rock star or say...a department store...or an individual.  Their methods may/may not use affiliate marketing, depending on the way they're growing their businesses moving their wares.  Mainly, those folks create their own products and they create their own affiliate systems to move their stuff.

Companies may not have full market reach so they pay other people online commissions for connecting consumers with products.  That's pretty much the skinny.

4)  Common ways of advertising what you most likely purchase happen through --

A)  paid offline ads
B)  paid online ads
C)  free offline ads
D)  free online ads

It's obvious...and it's not.  If you are a frequent purchaser, and you have not operated your own business before, it can be tricky to shift your mind in owner mindset ways. That's because this kind of thinking usually has to be modeled and taught. 

What you're looking at are ads.  You stop purchasing at higher levels to just see what's happening.

5)  To understand what I'm saying regardless of whether it's affiliate marketing...MLM marketing...or just paid ads, spend a year doing nothing but looking at these things ----

*  ad copy -- the simple sentences you see on magazine covers
*  ad copy -- simple content you see appearing in articles
*  ad copy -- store signs
*  ad copy -- book titles and book reviews
*  ad copy -- MLM flyers and other handouts
*  ad copy -- affiliate online headlines

Are you seeing something appearing obviously? 

All purchasing is emotional.

So don't get roped into the idea that affiliate marketing is different from MLM marketing...or standard business advertising.


I'll prove it.

How does marketing essentially work?

*  You put your image (photo) online
*  Go into the social networks
*  Pick up a free blog and start writing about some subject that really gets your juices flowing (it has to be something that keeps you very excited day after day...and no...I'm not talking about sex).

Your topic could be clothing...or shoes...or a specific vitamin regimen designed to alter acidic PH levels in the body...

Or...refortify calcium levels...

Or...reduce aging and sun-spots...

Or...make yourself more attractive to the opposite (or same) sex...whichever may be your preference....

Or...cure toenail fungus.


The Point Is --

Human beings have needs based on immediate problems.

No matter how you package it, a solution can be re-designed and re-stated...

but it's all the same in the final end... people helping people.


That's another topic for another day...but if you sat in your heart for any length of would eventually see that much of what we think is real in this world is actually an for true love.

That is a topic that can only be addressed from within.  As far as I know, very few human beings know what this is as long as they motivate from egotistical levels.  Even then, if you master the mindset connected to this audience, you can move true love.

I'll stop there.  There's plenty of content to examine, process, and understand.

Feel free to post your comments, and suggestions.  Because the Internet is a massive subject, there are massive areas of online learning split into mastered arenas.  I can't possibly cover every minor detail on my blogs or I'd be 120 years old.

Toasting Your Success Online,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer/Mentor

Purpose of Blog, Quick 2012 Update

Welcome Back Fellow Home Based Business Marketers!

In the course of locating any of my blogs, you will find content varying.  Reasons for this have more to do with speaking to the direct of needs of any given audience.

Because we are now in the year of 2012, you will find many interesting and powerful people speaking out in earnest.

The purest hearts seek to connect to you to show you your true power.

The main assumption governing all communications will be to mirror back your grandeur for purposes of helping you find your true power.

The key to making this world a better place is to grab hands, work together, pull in many ideas, and find the highest solutions.  In so doing, we turn on the metaphoric light switch to create the best solutions for all.

Here's what you're looking for whenever you tap into any online resource:

  • When you locate any of my blogs, try not to get lost in the words.  Focus on the essence of what I am sharing...
  • Look within for your highest answers
  • Focus on your most positive side
  • Be loving to yourself
  • Ask for highest guidance
  • Sit in your heart
  • Ask for very clear answers that you cannot misunderstand
  • Use careful discernment in all matters
  • Trust yourself
When you do these things, you will magnetize to you wonderful people.  They now appear more online in an effort to bring forth the highest reality.

If you are here to network, feel free to refer to many of the resources I've established for you. They are here for your safe use.

If you are here to make friends, I have been attracting pure hearts in this place...from all over the globe.  We pull in highest ethics designed to assist you in your upliftment and success.  This is done so in a ready effort to usher in a New Economy (without baloney).

If you are here to research what's involved in potentially starting a business for yourself online, here's what you want to look for:

1)  Drawing to you a decent group of knowledgeable people who will be available and who will mirror back to you your highest self (true power)
2)  Connect with those who will never distort, omit, control, or remove empowered content
3)  Incorporate very high honesty and integrity
4)  Emphasize steady patience ...avoiding short term approaches
5)  Network
6)  Employ ultimate can feel when something isn't always trust your gut
7)  Access information systems, educational help, and networks who value what they do
8)  Tap into resources passing the test of time
9)  Make decisions leading to you informed choosing and responsible purchasing
10)  Discover/create caring realities designed to bring you sustainability and reasonable business growth.

As in all things, I will never encourage you to work a billion or trillion dollar blueprint.  Pick a level you can sustain, enjoy, and share. 

Money is energy.  If you misuse either, it will be taken from you...not by others but by your higher self.

Work together.

Know that any content you access over time is replaced by better content leveraging a higher consciousness.  As humanity evolves, so do business and personal ethics.

Be in charge of your life.  Know that you create your reality by holding a specific set of thoughts, and by taking "right-minded action".

Diligence and a strong, steady belief in yourself are everything. 

If you don't feel worthy about one or many beliefs, persist until you find out what the most positive statements will be.  HINT:  Take your negative thoughts and restate them in positive terms. 


With these statements carefully made, any of my blogs will do one major thing --

Put you in best charge of your future. 

Anything you don't like can be changed for the better.  Anytime you hit resistance, it is your higher self's way of saying "push on another door because this one isn't working".  Set your intent.  Take a small step forward, no matter how small it appears.  Tiny steps add up to more change than you could currently imagine.  Your Spirit will always put your best interests at heart.

Please post your comments on any of my blogs.  It matters not which realm of influence you live in. or move from.  The Internet is here, and it is designed to put information at your fingertips for far less than you would imagine.  You will not be limited to an online environment.  What you learn here can translate into offline success.  The two will blend.

I am moving in directions of merging all content online.  Because you have been taught from childhood to view life in one way mainly -- buying...and consumerism.  There are those online who value individual success at highest levels, and we are here to help you shift in creative, producer-oriented ways.  This is a major shift in mindset, in that you must therefore be taught to value what you already know.  It is also very possible to take your most basic interests by turning them into real profits.

The goal amongst some I access online do one thing -- help you find your center and help you create the life you deem most appropriate. 

You do not have to be owned by anyone.  You are a free entity...loved in ways you could not possibly see right now.

If you click on some articles and see that they are either missing... they are being updated, require further revision, and are connected to some links which no longer sppear, it is because these links are not sponsored by other individuals, or more. 

My blogs do one thing:  help you harness the power of the Internet in ways you could not presently imagine.  What worked 3 years ago does not necessarily apply to today. That is true because Google is changing so much of what it requires.  Some content varies as per individual/group mindset alteration.

Toasting Your Online Success,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer

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