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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Soyez Les Bienvenus

Hello Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Soyez Les Bienvenus

Well wishes to all.  I just produced my first basic video mainly to demonstrate that if you have the desire, you can create your own success.  This blog is made for home-based businesses, but you may notice that many people are better learning how to use the Internet (whether it's for play, for networking, for marketing, & for business).  AND.., you would be correct.

This blog talks about Internet marketing but it shares what's happening basically along technological lines.  If you have desire and willingness, you can make just about anything happen.

What businesses & individuals can do is pull in the simplicity of ANIMOTO (found online).  You can set up a basic video for your business, or you can set up something for play because play is one of the fastest ways to learn any new skill.  Once you have a video created, Animoto is one of the easiest facilitators for video creation.  Then, once you produce a first video, you can replicate these efforts for a business.

Traffic is fairly easy to establish online when you have some type of clever idea you would like to promote because many people enjoy watching videos.

In Internet marketing, it's easiest to start with a first form of traffic like tapping into social media.  From there, you can expand your efforts by using videos and more.

For now, enjoy my video.  I will have it posted at You Tube & it's available over at Facebook, but the main thing is -- once you identify what you'd like to promote, the Internet is making it easier for you to do your own thing.

Success With All Endeavors,

Barbara Brinkmeyer