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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mastering Gratitude - It Brings You What You Desire Most

Welcome Back Fellow MLMer's!

First off -- may you have a blessed day.

Don't let anyone suggest to you that you're nothing less than magnificient!

Secondly -- In many of my posts, I bring you wisdom as it was taught to me by working with martial arts masters and several talented Internet marketing mentors.

Their content is meant for you.

Quoting Rhonda Byrne

I'll quote Rhonda because I can't impart this message any better. This post is intended to inspire you, uplift you and give you the courage to create your life as you see fit...separately from what others say you need.

Gratitude -- The Golden Master Key

Have you ever met someone who wanted to learn from you but they carried a clenched fist? It happens. We give our best but the match doesn't work for whatever reason.

Here's the thing. If you're open to others offering their best, one of the things you must do is reach out for help. Do it with an open heart and mind. And.., if you can, do it with courage. You don't have to agree with everything someone is imparting, but you can obtain a greal deal of helpful information by sifting and sorting through that information. This is true because you are a unique individual and the world has a special place for you. Your challenge is to find your highest truth in the information others would share.

That brings us to this thought...,

You Have the Power To Create Anything You Want

There is a Law I've talked about in prior posts. It's the Law of Attraction. Sure..., you've most likely read about this law before, but here's the master key. To bring this law into full force and effect, it carries an energy. The thoughts you hold on a daily basis carry their own effect.

Like attracts like.

Practice thinking and feeling and saying the word 'thank you' as often as you can on a daily basis. No matter what you're moving through, use this word often. Feel the word and emanate gratitude from your very core. This power is what draws other to you. Then..., blend thank you and the feeling of gratitude with love. Others will begin to appear because they'll want to feel what you know.

Gratitude is powerful. It has a way of magnetizing people, events and information to you.

If we go back to the analogy where any person who walks through life carrying a clenched fist, that person is NOT receptive.

And.., if you were the one who could deliver even a sliver of powerful information to that person, would you want to approach him/her standing near you presenting only closed fists? Of course not.

One could say that the Universe operates in the same way. I'll take this law one step further.

If you're busy being angry rather than receptive, why should Spirit bring you information you'll only reject? I say this with care.

So the very words 'thank you' have a way of opening those fists even if you're one who'd like to keep them closed. I'm speaking from personal experience so you can know that we're standing together wanting something more.

Here's the Tough Part People Can't Always See

You have been given the ability to create the life you want through the use of that natural law called attraction. It basically states that you're worthy of receiving anything your heart can conjur or desire.

This Law Is Unlimited

The law of attraction is unlimited. Did you know that you can't put a limit on energy? Think of this law along those lines...where the energy is unlimited.

Perhaps it's time to challenge your inner-most thoughts.

After all, thoughts come from beliefs and beliefs sculpt an outer reality.

If you imagine that this law really does exist, "...Make a promise to yourself that during 2010, it will be the year where you'll take the brakes off your thinking and your imagination, ...believing that everything is possible", (Byrne, R, 2010).

In prior posts, I talk about the Law of Connectedness. This is the law some masters forget to consider or learn more about because this law is usually under-taught. It's the law that helps you put the Law Of Attraction into play. Stay tuned. I'll offer more in the days and weeks that follow!

Supporting Your Success Using Proven Means,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA