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Friday, July 24, 2009

Mockumentary - "Believe", Satyre on Network Marketing

Hello Fellow Networker Marketers (and Interested Affiliate Marketers),

Some of my blog readers have suggested, "Hey Barbara. I really like the humorous approach to your marketing". So in a sincere, ongoing effort to show business owners marketing and advertising stuff which really works, sometimes I talk about the stuff that doesn't work. In all advertising matters, you must always test all methods. When you get a decent response (at least 1% in any test group), then most likely that's going to be your central advertising medium. I will also say that no one specific method works all the time. You have to use a layered advertising approach to keep your name out there in businessland (both online and offline).

Here's today's thought. I found a video supporting a repetitious contention that business owners should always use careful discernment whenever implementing advertising & marketing methods taught by uplines or even affiliates (who are less seasoned than we'd think). Some of these methods often produce scant results: i.e. like flyering parking lots, using silly lead boxes scattered among many brick-and-mortar businesses in your home town or using 3-way uplines (hint: this last method is the best way to wreck your expertise and sink your business). I tried those methods in many MLM's but even tested them in my 10-year franchise. The results? Many of these methods (and more) didn't pass the acid test. In fact, they bombed. Over the years, I've learned what works better and even best because I get into the universal business information any business owner can use, regarless of what you're marketing.

Next, I'll show you a 'mockumentary' video hinting strongly that MLM isn't always the big opportunity it's touted to be. I'll admit that MLM's can be some of the best places to generate residual checks, but not all MLM's are created equal. This video talks about 'honesty' in network marketing. It is presented for satyrical purposes only, and I'd like to point out that you are and the CEO of your busienss so anything you implement will always involve your money, your time and your effort. You're the one who should determine which decisions (and actions) pass or fail.

Click on the link below:

If not, then maybe you owe it to yourself (and your family) to find out what really goes on behind most MLM doors. The answers may astound you.

Yours Sincerely In Marketing,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA