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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Humorous Marketing 103 - Musical Break

If you're taking your summer break right now, feel free to check out this fun UTube video. It's not an ad. It's just plain fun.

Click to hear 'Perpetuum Jazzile', a 4-million-viewer musical video:

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA

MLM Summer Break

Hello Fellow Network Marketers,

If you're inclined to feel any pressures related to taking the summer off, I can assure you that it's far easier to hit burnout in a shorter period of time if you don't.

Here's why. As the CEO of your business, you have to pace yourself for the long haul.

Tip # 1:

Pay close attention to the seasonal ups and downs of this industry. You'll learn that the highest recruiting months generally coincide with the Fall and early Spring. September through October and February through May will mean that you really have to 'pour on the heat' (of your work efforts). When June hits, many people are planning their vacations.

Tip # 2:

Consider using the Internet as one source of your power. Did you know that you can put the numbers in your favor by harnessing this tool? Of course, there are specific steps involved, paired with some 21st century learning (i.e. the Internet). Don't worry though. You can learn some of this stuff yourself and you can partially outsource your work, too. I remember there was a time where I didn't know a thing about online marketing.

Tip # 3:

If you're in the early stages of MLM learning, take your summer break. Make sure you take actions to move yourself forward. If that means finding a mentor you can trust, then so be it. (That was my first step). If it means you need to expand your network of contacts first, then do that. (That was my second step). You can use the free networks online to do this. Most of all, be prepared to make some 'baby-step' changes because Rome wasn't built in a day.

I'll give you some more hints.

  1. You can harness the power of the Internet to generate your own leads!! No kidding. I'm doing it as we speak, and I am not talking about buying a bunch of worn out, old geneology lead lists a bunch of other network marketers have already dialed..., and I'm not talking about using a corporate 'real-time' website or buying a bunch of leads from the top gurus for $5 each, especially when you don't know how these leads were qualified.)
  2. You can use your phone. There are real ways to learn what to say and how to say it so that people will be interested in your product or service. No kidding. If I can learn, anyone can learn. I guarantee it.
  3. To find out more, I share a lot of tips with MLM'ers in my marketing newsletter. Feel free to submit your information in confidence, with spaces located on the right-hand side of my blog. I don't hound my subscribers by phone, and I don't share your information with anyone.

Supporting Your Success Using Proven Means,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA
Fix-My-Broken-Business Home Repair Consultant