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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Tale of Two Brains - Laughing Your Way Into A Better Marriage

Hello Fellow MLM'ers,

Have you heard this saying often?

"Network marketing is about relationships and socializing".

Here's an intriguing video that support this culture. We might

as well tie it into marriage since network marketers also talk

about valuing high-quality relationships.

It's titled, "Tale of Two Brains, How Men & Women Think",

a 10-minute version by Mark Gungor.

Ease life's little up's and down's here.

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Definition of Due Diligence NWM Style

Hello Fellow MLM'ers,

From time-to-time, I offer definitions.

The purpose in doing so is to help you achieve some clarity.

I'm not interested in bashing MLM's because I have a lot of MLM associates who are solid, down-to-earth people. There are a few great MLM's out there.

The idea here is to protect consumers. Did you know that roughly $500 million consumer dollars are spent each year to join an MLM, or to purchase stuff never seeing the light of day? That's a conservative estimate.

Most consumers will never recover their money, unless there's a class-action lawsuit. If that happens, you might get $40 back, provided you saved receipts from all of your purchases which can be nebulous at best.

Today's definition is designed to get you thinking pro-actively but before I do that, hang with me a little longer. It's important to offer a few more helpful tips.

Never make a financial decision when you're stirred up or unclear. Many of us learned that lesson during the last financial panic.

Here's Why.

You'll often make the worst decision. Sometimes, when we're looking at business opportunities, when we're really blown out of the water by witnessing the sheer excitement of someone's joy - i.e. the distributor. It won't be ours.

Conduct the research.

Use your logic and math results to tell you what's happening. If you're not sure, post a comment and I'll personally contact you, evaluating the MLM firsthand.

Here's why.

Did you know that the average lifetime value of any MLM distributor will be nearly $5,000, or far more? That's assuming this person will purchase products as a user for at least 1 year's time, minimum.

That's also assuming that this person will buy a lot of MLM stuff on a monthly basis. I talk about ADR, or 'Automatic Delivery Rewards' in the later paragraphs because this offer really blows your budget, never minding the free points and products they'll give you). You're still paying for everything plus Mr. CEO's expensive cruise he'll happily post on some social site so that you can really feel depressed.

If you're pushed to pick up 'a neato-looking' corporate website from an upline, it's most often doing very little for the average Joe. Many MLM's aren't all they're touted to be. Some are legit and decent. Many don't even pass the acid test.

I will share definitions over time, designed to help you see matters more clearly.

If anyone approaches you on their business opportunity, "touted as a lifetime deal you simply can't pass up", think again. Ask the guy or gal promoting their company what the track record of its distributors have been. You'll usually hear, "Oh. You can find that information online". Press them for an answer and watch them squirm. You'll usually hear crickets.

If he/she hands you over to an upline, ask that upline ...or better still..., ask whether or not the flashy-dressed CEO uses 3-way calls? Don't be shy. Visualize me standing next to you as you do this. Ask that guy or gal, "Do you target your audience with parking-lot flyers or belly-to-belly marketing?" Sometimes, they'll say 'yes' to the belly-to-belly thing, but only after distributors have opened their warm market, dragged others to presentations (usually family to look good), and/or spent hoards of money. Most of the time they'll say, "Well...I built my organization the old-fashioned way". Sorry, SIR CEO. That's a Red Herring in my book.

If you must join an MLM, find one you can trust. If you can't do that, don't go for it especially if you can't put your finger on 'the thing that doesn't feel right'. Your gut is telling you 'no'. Follow that instinct.

Should a solid-looking MLM come your way, only purchase the distributor kit.

Don't spend your money on all of their DVD's, Audios or Flashy Books, up front. Most of the time, those items gather dust or make excellent door stops (for the ailing vast majority).

If you don't know how to recruit by closing 1 out of every 100 people (an industry norm) or don't know how to even put any numbers in your favor, don't buy the $1,500 or $3,000 executive kit. Just don't. You'll thank me later. I learned this lesson the hard way, after forking over $1,500 bucks to some crusty-old doctor (of all people) selling me a real bill of goods. How does he sleep at night?

Distributors touting "The biggest package is the fastest way to grow your business". That person is blowing smoke in your face, most unknowingly because he's doing what his upline taught him to do. These distributors are trying to move their dusty boxes in favor of 'GPN', Getting Paid Now. GPN is fast-becoming a popular online adage.

If the guy presses you too hard by insisting that you "Must get the top package" so you can fit in with the die-hards on stage or because supplies are flying out the door so fast that manufacturing can't keep up with demand, tell him..., "Well if you like it so much, then you buy it for me. Then maybe I'll think about testing these products firsthand"!

Experience says the guy will run in the opposite direction.

If you really, really, really have to buy 3 boxes of MLM X, Y, and Z "Supergusto, jet-propelled packet fuel" (which is better reserved for waxing your car), then get 1 box. Don't go over $250. Even then, I'd rather pay someone to shave my head. Truth-be-told, I have long hair I truly adore and even then, I only pay $23. That's still high.

Use the products for a while.

See how you like 'em, but don't do the 'You gotta have this ADR'..., or you're losing out thing! Some people call these ADR's, Automatic Delivery Rewards. I call it 'Adjust the Dickins from your Rent money' because it will most likely be zero. Just get 1 box and never mind the rest, even if the dude pads the offer with "200 free opportunity-seeking, best leads available, extra primo and extra good". Most of the time these leads are crap.

Hint: the best leads are product purchasing leads...or people who want to buy a product to solve a problem, call it designing a functional website (showcasing only you) or addressing a joint ache & knee pain..., or ridding yourself of toenail fungus. You get the idea. Finally, look at the company history online -- good and not-so-good. You owe it to yourself to keep your eyes wide open.

Sorry I'm long-winded. This MLM 'traditional' stuff either makes me laugh or it makes me cry, there's so much absurdity out there.

Here's The Definition For Today --

Due Diligence. 1) A term NWM distributors like to use to describe one who does a thorough investigation before saying "no" to a NWM proposition....and, (2) What a wife no longer receives from her husband after he joins a NWM program.

Bringing You Proven Marketing Means Without the Fluff,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA