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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Real MLM Secrets Revealed, 5 Secrets You Should Know

Welcome Fellow MLM'ers,

Today, I share MLM secrets revealed, 5 secrets you should know to prevent you from walking an extensive trail of tears. After months and months... or most truthfully...many years of battling in the trenches of MLM warfare, I realized:

Network Marketing Secret #1:

"My up-line was never going to tell me the truth about how he made it to the top." I knew from prior business ownership that growing a profitable organization had nothing to do with bombarding your friends and family, using 3-way calling or talking about duplication. Proper marketing of your business has nothing to do with using the latest hands-off digital marketing system, buying $3 opportunity-seeking leads, or using that goofy "3-foot rule". It is my sincere hope that these MLM secrets now revealed will lead you to question some of the things you're doing persistently, hoping to get different results. Einstein once said, "If you're doing the same thing repeatedly, but you're not getting different results you hoped for -- stop the insanity"!

Network Marketing Secret #2:

When I figured this out, I wanted to kick myself. Traditional marketing techniques are very effective and profitable. The reality is, most unfortunately, they're not so effective or (barely) profitable for you. The company and the up-line ARE THE ONLY beneficiaries of duplication, friends and family, and 3-way calling! Wow. What a realization. First, you have to know how to "put the numbers in your favor". Then, you need to learn how to "create the urgency to buy" so you can quit convincing and begging people. That's not what business has ever been about and that universal law isn't going to change. People buy the same way they always have -- okay -- except for shopping on the Internet now. That has changed the way people approach business, but their buying processes remain the same.

Network Marketing Secret #3:

"Product knowledge and mastering an MLM comp plan will not ensure you hit your mark in these programs, nor will it guarantee you're "duplicate-able". Networking any business correctly is about mastering your marketing and expanding your networks thoroughly. Successful business is about researching the needs of your audience, finding out what people want (rather than putting your head in the sand), asking them what they want, then delivering those results. Hit them at the time when the need is heaviest and bang! You've got it ! This marketing is never about forcing or cajoling but it is about helping people get what they need, when it's their idea. People don't like to be sold but they love to buy! There's a difference. This secret is about putting massive numbers in your favor.

Network Marketing Secret #4:

You must bring 3 key elements to the table, particularly if you expect success in the MLM industry. This is true for ANY business you're operating so this is no new wisdom here, but my point is that your challenge will be to shift your mindset in directions of becoming your own CEO. Once you figure out how this mindset works, you'll be unstoppable. It's hugely connected to motivating day-in and day-out as you're building exposure.

You must be willing to work,
You must have a "big reason why" you're in this business (or any other for that matter),
You must be trainable
And you must be willing to continually learn and grow. That's a given thing now-a-days.

Network Marketing Secret #5:

Most people spend themselves out of business before they've had a chance to succeed. I've seen more people put themselves out of business by spending their last nickel on every MLM flyer, handout, and DVD imaginable. Sure, these 'business builder tools' are handy, when you know hot to properly promote yourself (not the company). It's about creating messages people want to hear, based on their willingness to do so, not because you or your Grandma resorted to arm-twisting. If your ability to rethink how you're presenting yourself fails, heck, you might as well use these items as doorstops, or in the very least, find a way to turn this liability into a prevailing asset. There is a way, and it's totally on the level.

Now, it's true that you don't have to have a ton of cash to start your business, but you must think and behave using right-minded actions, reinvesting your earliest profits back into the business. This is about building yourself into greater equity. I would ask you to heed the remembrance that there's no such thing as F-R-E-E.

Bottom-Line Profits: Offering a Few Recommendations

Okay. Here's the bottom-line reality guiding real profits. I'll start by offering a few recommendations that have worked for significant others -- not just 1%.. I would choose the all-time favorite success secret, #4. It wins the day. This is about bringing those 3 key elements forth consistently and persistently. Your success will have virtually everything to do with learning and implementing proper marketing, positioning yourself ahead of others. If this is done correctly, you'll have prospects appearing in droves, knocking on your door in hundreds or even thousands, asking 2 simple questions...,

"What are you doing and how do I join you?"

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Supporting Your Success Using Proven And Candid Means,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA