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Saturday, February 23, 2013

GRAPHICS: Casino Royale, Magical Marketing

Welcome Back Fellow Online Marketers!

We study GRAPHICS:

"I'll replace you and you'll know my name."

All Rights Reserved On Original Artists, 2013 and Prior,

Toasting Your Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

AD COPY: Casino Royale, Official Theme

Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

This day just keeps getting better and better.

TIP:   Use your most compelling, hard-hitting messages....

"Arm yourself because no one else here will save you", (United Artists)

In the next post, we'll cover graphics.

It's not one thing in marketing, it's many elements at work.

Toasting Your Success...Absolutely,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Learning From Difficulty To Apply New Wisdom

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

"How is it that things are coming to you?  When you make the association, what you're thinking and how you're feeling, you obtain insight into what's happening to others", (Hicks, E.)

This message stands as is:

As a a human..., you HAVE choice.  You may be living in an oppressive environment.  You may be surrounded by people who may not know better.   How will you choose to be during any given moment?  How will you live creating a better way?  How you will show others what is better because you created it as such -- not because you falsely allowed it to persist?

Love Absolutely,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Writing Content With Full Citations

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Pleased to share the finest content with you today.  Some of you want to see my here is one article meant to help others inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

I publish in many places. 

This is but one such place:

Stay tuned for more help soon enough!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Masterful Marketers, Ascension Symptoms

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Today, I bring you hope, inspiration, and validation.

As a pure creative Source, you can create anything.  You do not need to copy anyone.

I cite "freeyourmind4evr" as the bringer of this wonderful video shared with fellow Internet marketers, and designed to show them their true power.

Toasting Your Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

All Content On This Blog is Trademarked/Copyrighted

Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Before sharing additional updates, it is important to re-emphasize that any/all content appearing on this site is copyrighted, trademarked, and branded...2008 through the present.  All references I offer on behalf of transparent Internet marketing education are fully cited and credited. 

  • Under U.S. Digital Copyright Laws, anyone unlawfully engaging actively in e-espionage, theft, and infringements of any kind will be reported to Google
  • Please be advised, Google watches merchants online
  • Google will shut down accounts immediately when they spot the slightest trend pertaining to online theft
  • Paypal will shut down merchant accounts if profits exceed what would normally be expected online
  • The hints are very simple
  • Anyone who appears out of the blue without having had aged time online is suspect
  • This is not content designed to disrupt those who are honest
  • This is warning that if you are a part of a subversive group -- cease and desist immediately
  • These statements are made to show honest people that business is very good when you follow all rules well.

So please be advised.

Once a merchant account has been frozen, there are extensive efforts which must be made with Paypal in order to reverse Paypal's decision.  They are well versed in this area we call Internet-Fraud.  There are clear and simple red flags Paypal and Google spot, should a merchant favor specific unsavory tendencies.  Those of you who follow me long enough will learn what's necessary.  Anything exceeding a reasonable amount earned within a relatively short amount of time is all that Paypal or any other merchant payment gateways require.

Supporting Decent Business And Honest Success,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Lesson 6 - Writing Themed Content

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Today, here is lesson 6 of the Internet marketing bootcamp.

You will have to join my newsletter in order to access other lessons.

Lesson 6 - Writing Themed Content

I will be back online once more is in place...but enjoy your weekend...and stay tuned !

Toasting Your Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Sub Specialties In Internet Marketing

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Firstly, I wish you all a wonderful day.  This is a quick post most applicable to the weekend.  I will be back online on there are other aspects of campaign development which must be addressed.

I will share another Q with you, one that you must carefully consider BEFORE you rush headlong into a campaign that will not convert (because the products you are creating are either too broad, aren't narrow enough so that you can quietly work your niche, or are entering a realm where the big whigs dominate the arena).

Here is the Q --

We are a team of volunteers, starting a new project in a community in the same niche. 

Barbara's response will always be -- Good luck to you!

Your blog provided us useful information.

My Answer --

Stay tuned. You're in for more than you expected.  If you reverse engineer any copyrighted or trademarked information, the SOURCE will prosecute you for any trademarked infringment.  Internet marketers teach honest people online how to track who's duplicating what.  It is not a blind process.  However, if you are being absolutely honest, there are parameters that must be carefully researched so you may move your products not just well...but entirely.

Unless you are highly knowledgeable in product creation, unless you have mastered ad messaging along all aspects of your marketing, you are more likely going to have a challenging time hitting the ready audiences.  So far, we have only been working in generalized realms.

The ones who are honest will walk through the doors and get what they need.

The ones who are dishonest will falter.  It's guaranteed because of the Internet nature of marketing.

Know what you're doing.  Move gradually.  Be prepared to handle traffic...but I wish this new group the very best.  For the others who aren't interested in short-cutting any processes, please stay tuned.  In order to build a business that is sustainable, you don't want to take any quick trips around the wire.

Toasting Your Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Friday, February 22, 2013


For those who would like to use Feedburner, here is my home-based business blog feed:

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer


PayPal ..., Cash In Your Pockets !!!

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Yahoo.  This is the FUN part about teaching you what OTHERS REFUSE TO TEACH.  Why?  Do they think there's a currency shortage in the world?

Heck.  I don't know.

Somehow, SOME PEOPLE think that if they are holding you back, they're doing themselves a favor.  According to natural law, WHAT YOU DO FOR SOMEONE ELSE, YOU DO FOR YOURSELF.



If you can name anyone who is continually raining on your parade (major book seller's taking 90% of YOUR CUT...out of YOUR BOOK and your hard work AND asking you to pay for distribution ...those TURKEYS)..., a distribution warehouse for anything you manufacture,  well here's the beauty of PayPal.

2)  Can you form an invoice?

SOLUTION:  Go to "merchant services"


3)  Can you ask for the $$?

SOLUTION:  Say...."Pay Here" on your website.

4)  Do you need to pay everyone in the world with their hands out-stretched to you asking for "yet another cut from your hide until you're bleeding out of your eyes"?  I call these people "bottom feeders".  They feed and live off of your creativity and your energy.  If you ask them to come up "with something new and very original", can they do it?


5)  Need a shopping cart?



Are you getting mad yet?  YOU SHOULD BE.   You have been taught since DAY 1 of birth to 'GIVE AWAY EVERYTHING' to some jerk who doesn't deserve it....whether that jerk is male or female ...and it doesn't matter cos' they think they own you by design.

6)  Point is...

Paypal does get a cut out of your hide, but you have the full power to cut out those who don't give you your hide back -- let alone intact -- and I'm talking about super-affiliates who do this as a standard operating procedure.  They even let you build their websites ...with you paying for it.

Well..don't do it.  I will teach you...but you must be willing to do the work ..., be patient..., go through the frustration of not making sense of anything...long enough to see what's been crammed down your throat hardly for "your own good".

7)  Independent Business

*** Your own website
*** Learn the ad copy that works
*** Master Paypal
*** Get a shopping cart...inside of Paypal (only when you are ready for this step)
*** For now, use "Merchant Services"  (it barely cost you much...2% when someone pays you)
*** Learn how to snap pictures with your photo..., post those pictures online
*** Play with social media...for starters
*** Learn article marketing if you don't want to pay for traffic
*** Learn You Tube Videos
*** Learn headlines.

I will be posting the How To's on my Word Press blog so please stay tuned.  We're about to fire the jerks soon enough.  What motivates me to do this?  Just supporting you, validating you, and telling you that it's time you took back your power.

Stopping here for now.  Please...don't forget to post your comments/suggestions, and helpful input others can use (including me)!  We are blowing the door off of anything traditional.  I promise!!!

Love Absolutely...,  Toasting Your Success!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Mastering Purchasing Mindsets W/Targeted Audiences

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrpreneurs!

Adding content for today, I am going to show you HOW the purchasing works online.  Let's say that you are in MLM, and you wholeheartedly want to market your companies/products services, BUT you want to be as mellow as possible in that effort...
  • Without stuffing peoples' pockets with your company's business cards
  • Papering department store bathrooms with flyers or whatever (don't do it -- they just throw it in the trash anyway)
  • Without pushing your presentation on a neighbor who doesn't want to view the DVD
  • It does not matter which company you represent, purchasing is the same everywhere.
Here's How It Works Universally
  • We're playing the part of "consumer first" in order to understand how someone searches online when they are "hot to trot"
#1)  Think of something you want to buy online right now

#2)  Name the object or service

#3)  Go to Google -- run the search

#4)  What did you enter in the search?

#5)  I will tell you what you felt and did.

BEFORE YOU ENTERED THE SEARCH, you thought of the object or service. 

  • Your heart began to race because you were much closer to thinking "buy"
If it was something you have had your eye on for a while, you knew precisely what the name of the item was, by manufacturer or by brand, make, style and model number --
  • List the name of the object on paper 
  • Is it long in length of at least 5 keywords or more? 
  • If you are buying, it is called a long-tailed keyword search
  • Consumers do the same thing when they are looking for you...100 times out of 100!
  • When they're not sure what they want, they "are looking", they're scanning the Internet looking for reviews, comparisons, prices, places, and information...and scams (called counter reviews)
  • So what kind of content do you offer on your website?
Here's An Example:

Moody Blues is releasing a new DVD, by Justin Hayward, February 23rd.  Available on Eagle Records, it is titled:  "Spirits of the Western Sky"
So what are Moody Blues fans thinking as they receive emails from the band?  The band is releasing emails by number.  Justin knows that people must see at least 7 images ...or 7 ads continuously before they will buy.

If they are extremely avid fans -- at the site of the first email or article appearing online -- they will contact Eagle Records and order it directly.

What will they enter in a search at

"Spirits of the Western Sky" by Justin Hayward.

Do you see how it works ?

So no matter WHAT you market, there will be a brand name...but if you are marketing under your name, it will have to be (List your first name, List your last name). will have to position yourself as the sole authority. will have to repeatedly expose your name online -- NOT by posting your URL link to everyone else's blog or website (that is considered spamming).

You WILL have to write articles appearing in several directories showcasing your name...OR...if you don't advertise under your name, then you will have to advertise under a website URL (, get the word out often, build your following, build your list, and then make your offers.

IF you are asking, but how do I build my list?

I am publishing lessons on these very tasks.

For now, we are piecing together key pieces. 

It takes several lessons in order to show you a profitable flow....and in due time, I will be paid too.  When you are first putting yourself online, you must be willing to be in it for the long run.  You can't take shortcuts because no one purchases from another they don't absolutely trust.

Stopping Here For Now,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Brief Q And A

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

May this friday find you warm, comfortable, and truly peaceful. 


Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog loading?  I'm trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it's the blog.

This is content intensive blog so I will assume that it's me...but I will tell you what I'm doing on my end to solve this problem:

  • I am updating my WordPress blog to reflect new 2013 changes
  • I am working on a website that is independent and stand alone
  • I have tested this blog for hand-held devices using the Google preview
  • Images tend not to display when you're trying to use Internet Explorer (it's a boat anchor)
  • If Google Chrome works for you, try using that browser. 
  • Firefox -- people tell me it works. 
  • I can see my blog images using all browsers.

If you still cannot see me or any images appearing on your handheld, home PC, or laptop, let me know.  I'll trouble-shoot with Google. So far, most people are seeing me as far as I can tell.

However, this is one reason why I use ad copy (print).  It's free of incompatability issues.  You want to focus on the words I share, and click on relevant links inside of these posts.

I show you Internet marketing as it relates to direct response...WITHOUT BEING CONNECTED TO SOME SUPER-AFFILIATE.  That is precisely why I have maintained this blog for so long.

It is easy.  It is instant fingertip publishing...and it is here.

Admittedly, as I look at various Internet gurus, they all want YOU to market them.  That's NOT what this blog is about.

It is about helping you SEE...piece together, learn using a highly conservative budget, and then putting your own websites out there marketing anything you want.

I am locating some affiliate links on very well-known, high powered performing products so that I can at obtain commissions on a job well done, but I am about to share with you a powerful resource which puts websites into your own hands completely ... so please stay tuned for that content!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

E-Mail Campaigns Moving InfoProduct

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Thank you to those who post wonderful replies.  It is very appreciated.

Today, I am about to share with you a fellow marketing associate's email campaign, in part.  It shows you direct response marketing at work.

Terry Duff primarily moves ad copy but also packages other services online, and what you will see in his e-mail is a message which urges MLM'ers and Internet marketers his exclusive swipe file (which the way...worth every penny).  He spent 8 years piecing together his best ads as they work for different types of ad mediums (on and offline).

This example is for educational purposes.  You want to pay close attention to how the ad copy is structured, formatted, and grammatically spelled (because true ad copy that reads very simply speaks to individuals at about an 8th grade reading level).  It's not because Internet marketers feel that their consumers aren't intelligent.  On the contrary, you are looking at HOW it is pieced it talks to MLM audiences and respective Internet marketers.

Ad Copy:
  • ...Has everything to do with how we psychologically read words online
  • Anything you read has to be read quickly, on average
  • Most ad copy will trigger unresolved pains and trigger a "I gotta buy this now...or else" emotion.
That's why it is recommended that you make informed purchasing decisions.  Anything you buy oneline should be useable and generate income for you at a later time.  You are not after any purchasing when you are stressed out, going further into debt, or experiencing some  some major life change, "feeling uncertain about what you really need."

In Internet marketing, people will throw all sorts of products at you.  The challenge with buying a swipe file right away is that until you know how your campaign (let alone its traffic fits together) as to bring you your most eager (and purchasing) audiences.  It is as you build your business that you will more likely need a swipe file....OR you can absolutely build your own!

What will happen when you are new to Internet marketing is this (if you are not careful):

A)  You will most likely buy an arsenal of things you may never use
B)  OR..., you will apply what you buy at a later date as you figure marketing matters out more conclusively.

Terry Duff's Work, Protected by All U.S. Digital And Copyright Laws

Bringing you more help soon enough so please stay tuned.  I urge you to post your comments and/or suggestions for further followup by me.  I am here to help.

Toasting Your Online Marketing Success!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Internet Marketing, Open Review

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

I am thoroughly enjoying seeing regulars appear again and again, and I am rooting for your success online.  I am going to offer a Universal marketing review.  It doesn't push anyone's program, and it doesn't push your buttons.

Here's a potential many do not see when they are still fairly new to online realms called, "Work From Home".  You have to be careful about work from home opportunities because they can be disguises for "just another superaffiliate pushing me to market what I don't really want to market".


Universal Marketing Review

So what makes for independent work online, marketing YOUR CAMPAIGN..., YOUR SERVICES..., YOUR WARES?  I will give you a clever hint, and to this day, I thank all of my marketing coaches for showing me what I had not obviously seen early on --

  • If you are stumbling around, looking for people to give you a "yes" on your skills, you must first validate yourself
  • However you validate yourself, you will most likely look outside of yourself for that validation
  • But'll be reminded..."I should have trusted myself".
I am here to say...with unconditional love, that you do not have to do that.

There's someone here right now..., who...without even meeting you in person...and without asking you one single question about who you are as an individual....WHAT MAKES YOU TICK?

For me..., it's about knowing that I am a power in the world who actually functions better when no one is breathing down my back.  I know -- this is a very tall order because we all have some pressure to conform to "work standards" when we all have a monthly mortgage to meet, taxes to pay, and so on.

BUT...if you pull back all worldly pressures and sit in a quiet space, what part of you would step forth?  I am actually using a mastered technique here called, "LOVING YOU BY SHOWING YOU YOUR GRANDEUR".  There is no other power in this world that can confirm what your highest truth is...until you meet one human heart who says,

  • Hey !  You know what ?  No matter what you produce...or even if you don't produce a single thing IN LIFE, guess what? 

These phrases may sound rather touchy-feely...but you've got to feel these emotions from within...deep down --  if only to tap into your greater self.  This is the self that looks so powerful when others view you because it is.  It is the true self...which for most part... lies dormant for many, many human beings all of their lives. 

You have long been programmed to give your power away.  I am here as a master...asking you not to do so.

So What Are You Really Saying, Barbara?

Okay.  Here's the hard-hitting truth.  Many human beings have been taught to believe that their only worth in life appears when they are busy doing someone else's bidding, producing "the numbers"..., producing the $$'s.  Is that really true?  We're going here today because I'm pushing you to find your inner-master...that part of you which comes from within and resides in all things away from what you've been told about how "you should be in the world".

Cutting through this old programming is essential to you finding your inherent, true worth because this is the kind of worth that you dig deeply into when you're about to write a best-seller.  Even if you don't write a best seller, you a learned marketer..., most probably write your own e-books. the world of Internet marketing, when you learn specific core skills (like writing your own content and like writing your own articles), you become your true self.  What happens to most Internet marketers when they are new is that they market someone else's wares...but this push can fade if you aren't tapping into your ALL.

When you learn ad mastery...., buying behavior...and know what encourages purchasing so that someone can obtain some real value with that purchase, you're half-way into your own mastery.  In Internet marketing, you are pushed hard to find your true self because ...with this self, it is what will appear in the world of its own accord.  I call this appearance, tapping into your creative essence.

What is your reason for being here on Earth?

Do you...feel jazzed when you uplift others?  Do you enjoy smiling at others by knowing that it has improved their day? you enjoy helping others?  What gives you the inspiration you need in order to create something that appears only ..."IN YOUR NAME"?

It's there.  You're searching for clues that will finally lead you into your WHOLE AND UNIFIED SELF.

When you find this self, Internet marketing will give you the power to create anything you want.  You Tube videos showcase YOUR NAME/YOUR IMAGE.  Ads carrying YOUR NAME/YOUR IMAGE are what consumers will want to buy.

Does this make sense?  So the only difference between what some superstar does online and what you really what????  What are they doing?  Find out.  Watch them.  EMULATE.  Ask yourself -- is there really a big difference between ME and OPRAH?  Is there?

Become your own superstar...and you will write the books, appear in interviews, and inspire countless numbers.  I am only sharing the obvious.  I am speaking of positioning. That is all that Internet marketing is.  Online, the Internet is your position, your review, your open reality.

Feel free to post your comments, individual websites, and questions.  I am thrilled that more is about to unfold...and 2013 will be a year of positive, empowered change.

Sending Well Wishes Today!  Hang in there.  Be your best.

Toasting Your Success, Absolutely !!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

More On Customer Purchasing Lifecycle

Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

I am going to expand more on the customer purchasing lifecycle and I will provide you with my affiliate link.  I have personally written tutorials on this subject within Wealthy Affiliate, the Open Education Project...but for now, I'll introduce you to Kyle.  He is the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate.

For now, I am MORE interested in giving you what you need.  When you see Kyle's article, it's not grammatically correct...but the "grease" is there.  Once you finish reading one page, click NEXT PAGE inside of wealthy affiliate.  There are a few pages to this article.

Just digest.  Do what you can do today, and keep learning.  The goal is to show you that there are very active Internet marketing learning centers appearing more and more online. 

  • WHAT you want to focus on when you are researching places of learning IS HOW people interact
  • Most of these places are great....but FOCUS ON the learning direct, transparent, and OPEN?  If not, keeping looking.
  • If you are in the ballpark emotion of wanting to see more of what's inside of this place, I will post more content in the following days ahead...;
  • If you direct your Q's more aptly about what is persisting inside of your campaigns, please leave me your blogger URL or your independent website URL).

The best Internet marketers will encourage you to do your own thing...just obtain access to accurate education and keep the marketing order straight!

When I was a member of Dream Team years ago, there were gaps in "who did what"...and my personal marketing coach recommended Wealthy Affiliate..., but he was learning there too.  We were learning as much as could be digested along the lines of skill-building what we each individually preferred...and this place has been my permanent place of learning and contribution.  So find out what ticks for you online.  You can continue revisiting this blog.  I'm here. 


If you find that you are drawn to another one, and you like what they're teaching...just be careful of these things:

  • Continually purchasing  - this is a major red flag
  • Not learning ad copy/website mastery or new product creation
  • Not learning linking (another topic for another day...and not difficult)
  • Not learning independence online
  • Not building your own list
  • Not marketing to your own list
  • Not closing your own products
  • Not answering all Q's !  The biggest one of all...;
  • And the worst behavior of all -- not being professional with you.
There are many systems out there that appear as if they are teaching you what you need...when they are only heavy pushes for "Market Us and Only Us"...."Give us your list."

If you are at all like me, do you want that?  That's what most of us have been moving away from -- the hassled pressures to conform to "just another closed setup".  You're after an environmental setting which is open-ended. where you have full say in what you do and how you go satisfying needs (fulfillment).  You create.  You design and implement.  You own your list.  You build, grow, and expand on your services/products so that you can generate your most golden buyers.  When you master your sphere of influence, you are well-equipped to write your own e-books on compelling subjects.  You're able to write content appearing anywhere online, and you're able to delete what you don't like.  If you are like most human beings, they enjoy doing their own thing.

So beware of superaffiliates hassling you to do things their way.  I will admit that Kyle doesn't bug me.  He just answers what I need, and that's all I when I need it...and others to help when I can help.  As I see many of you sharing your websites, it would appear that you are caught in someone else's net (and I say this nicely with great respect).  Eventually, you want to be your own force in the world if you are a true entrepreneur.

Be strong enough to ask yourself what you live for, enjoy doing ultimately, and want to market.  That's what Internet marketing is about...., setting you free to develop the skills that will allow you to set up an independent website that carries your own words, said in your own way.

I am preparing other links so please stay tuned for more helpful aids and ideas.  This is NOT about getting you to go to my place of learning.  You can if you want.  I have over 800 followers there...but I am merely sharing what I have learned/am mastering still.  So this is about giving you what you really want and continuously desire -- freedom to work your life as you see fit, pulling in joy, happiness, and interacting with people you adore...independently.  No big whigs are hanging around your door.  Why do I talk about independent a lot? my case...I'll have my regular job as an M.D. one day, BUT I will also have my own independent web campaign.  See how it works?  You do NOT have to be wealthy in order to create something like this.  You just have to be smart, learn smart, and work smart.

Toasting Your Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Interactive Marketing With Followers & Articles

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

I have some folks who are ready to interact BUT HANG ON! You want to rip right in when you most likely have your own ideas forming as to how things should work online.  I will tell you that this approach will keep your wheels spinning....slow you down...slow me down...and prevent me from offering you most of what's absolutely required and essential to your success.

You already have a myriad of Q's and A's you want to share.  I am glad! 

We are progressing:

*** People are concerned I have spam...but don't be concerned...I am watching comments daily
*** This is an open blog, and I want all eyes to view what's here
*** When the freshest version of my Word Press is ready, I will send you to that website.

AND... why I AM sharing this general update has much to do with what you will face when you are writing content on your blogger blog..., when you are facing "incoming"..., when you may or may not have more in place on the back end needed to support the incoming.

I am speaking of the use of filters supporting sales, consulting, and pay.

If you shut down access on your blog to all anonymous posters first, you don't have the ability to cast your open net onto a broadened audience.  In first phases of Internet marketing, you start general, hit small numbers at first, graduate upwards, sift and sort, then identify the powerhouses.  The ones who remain are serious and these are the ones who will build and succeed with their campaigns:
  • We will have interaction...but it cannot be an expensive form of interaction leading no where...for anyone of us.  It has to be concrete, specific, and measurable....speaking from experiences I am continually expanding on..;
  • What I run into are folks online who are tinkering away without some actionable plan, and the problem is that if you do not discipline your mind to slow down, focus, and take one step-at-a-time, you will be tinkering years down the road.
There are specific phases of online development that work in an specified ways...and these steps set up an orderly campaign (especially in Internet marketing).  Regardless of the type of marketing you employ (whether it is paid advertising, social media marketing, article marketing...and most often all forms of traffic), IT IS BEST TO MASTER ONE FORM OF TRAFFIC AT-A-TIME.

Don't worry about anonymous postings appearing on this or your blog...UNLESS you have chosen a niche, your website has long been running online, you're regularly earning profits, and your list segmentation is growing.  What I am after at this phase in testing content is feedback.  Feedback helps me/you build blog/website/sub-sites.  If you are experiencing list building where people incoming are interacting with you -- GREAT!  Keep it going.

On this blog, I am developing it as it will tie into independent marketing, but it will include affiliate marketing too.   Keep your efforts going strong if you are moving ahead.  If not...because you may be new to the online realm, and you are either scratching your MLM head,...or you are looking at some of your life passions you've long put on hold, let these ideas sink further into your mind.  Digest slowly.  Online, you can market anything you enjoy most!  Protect your lead lists.  Don't advertise your upline's name.  It does nothing for you. 

  • If you are an independent business, I am building the infrastructure of lesson plans for everyone
  • If you are advanced, you'll be able to whip through these lessons as a "self-check"
  • If you are a beginner or intermediate, you'll be able to go right to the lessons you need most.

Please stay in close touch,and yes..continue posting your comments.  We are about to push the surfers out the door. AND... if you are one who is highly motivated to create your own independent way in the world, WE ARE going to build an amazing group of very powerful, elite marketers...but I want to make sure that we are all operating on same pages.  I don't need to take phone calls from folks who are working from different scripts...or when someone is interested in optimizing his website but has not mastered purchasing preferences of his niche audience...or try to calm down a new person spun up by their network marketing upline. 

The kind of Internet marketing teams that form here will build on natural strengths as you shed light on some talents and abilities you may not know you've had...or if you have identified them, I will learn from you learn from me accordingly.  As we build a network of qualified individuals who yes...want the education...will work for it...will go through certification, we will build a highly qualified team of pros who can offer various services for pay....OR...we will all run our campaigns individually...OR we can work some agreeable combination thereof...based on who does what.  What I need to see is who is who...what you have going online...are you independent yet?...If not, cross-recruiting is NOT what Internet marketers do.  They break into areas of expertise and cross-pollenate.  Does that make sense?  It is the hard-working, dedicated ones who will move forward....and I am sincerely interested in what you have to we will all be paid leveraging skills other businesses require.

For now, I am submitting quality content to several directories so as to show you how natural traffic (for no $$ down on ads) wins you on-lookers!  Article marketing is very powerful when it is done well.  If that's too basic and you're some advanced SEO guy/gal, I want to know more about you.  For new folks, article marketing positions you online as the expert you must first be....before anything else appears.

Toasting Your Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Growing Chinese/Russian Internet Crime

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

E-Espionage...Growing Chinese/Russian Internet Crime

For those of you who have been coming here asking Q's, I am going to address a subject most United States/Canadian/European entrepreneurs conducting business within U.S. borders might not enjoy digesting.  It is e-espionage, but look at the various articles I provide...appearing from a government website.  It is a safe resource (as far as I actively know), and it has solid information, tips, and ways to secure your home environment + business.  Unlike some marketers from computer security companies asking you to pay $85 dollars a month to monitor your home computer, I offer this information to you at no charge.  It's for public consumption.

  • There are active "criminal countermeasures" you can take

Specifically, by knowing what's happening and what's being done regarding this growing cyber-trend...called actively-planned, malicious, and direct cyber-threats against U.S. businesses, there have already been attacks with several major corporations happening online:  Cargill, Boeing, Ford, Dupont, Dow, name a few.

U.S. firms who have not yet experienced e-hacking will, for the most part, experience these crimes.  In the case of China, the Chinese government sponsors at a university level cyber-hacking... where they actively issue diplomas in this subject matter. 

  • They hold Chinese citizens "in high honor" for obtaining such prestigious degrees
  • In Russia, it's nearly identical...,
but let's get back to the growing concerns at hand. 

In order to make informed decisions, you should know what is happening at many levels of business..., whether that information pertains to securing your data through highest byte encryption on your website... whether that means that you are following all U.S. Cyber (Digital) Laws...whether that means that you will protect your home's personal security.  In order to be an actively engaged as a business owner, you must be willing to peer into issues that would undermine success of an economy and its consumers.

Office of National Counterintelligence

Anytime I offer you a link, I head to seemingly trusted sources available.  Anytime I offer you a link, I will cut/paste that link from the browser window only once I see the website and its accompanying articles. 

  • There are basic tips for keeping your home secure
  • Understanding how social networking is at risk
  • Using a common sense guide for preventing insider threats
  • Preventing economic espionage (under TOP CI Issues)
  • ...and more.
(NOTE:  Surprizingly, I do not see the "secure" https://   in the browser window, but you will see large U.S. media advertisers appearing on this website --  The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Washington Post, NPR, The Washington Times, ABC, The New York Times, Fiscal Times, Fox News, BBC, U.S. New  And World Report, Financial Times, plus others.  These are large scale reporting houses you want to submit your articles an effort to spread media content representing your website(s), e-books, and relevant reports.  I will recommend top resources to you, and  will add other article directories helping you build natural traffic.  There are courses devoted specifically to achieving high page rank as a result of submitting quality content.

E-Espionage Link -- The Government Link Is:

What's the Federal Government Doing About This Growing Problem?

I will direct you to these that you may research matters for yourself.  I am not a proponent of pointing undue fingers..., but according to NBS broadcasting, February 20, 2013, Congress is has negated taking action.  There are other agencies devoted to this subject on surveillance.

If you read between all lines, doing very little means that they are unwilling to publicize what is happening.  For on-lookers, it would falsely appear as if Congress does not care...but that makes little sense.  For better reasons we call "hardly secure", these actions stem from desire to calm a busy, saturated public. 

  • Whereas 16 out of 19 annual reports total appeared openly with our U.S. government, 3 top secret documents are authorized for reads with only a few officials
  • As these congressional hearing unfolds, cyber-crime is being monitored
  • There are notably a growing number of cyber-experts reporting back to the government monitoring all communication systems
  • Eric Holden, U.S. Attorney General,  reports to Congress (without verbatim) "that the frequency with which these attacks are increasing on U.S. firms demands real and immediate attention".

Why Does China/Russia Do This?

For any number of reasons being that the most prevailing Chinese reality governs economics.  China must maintain its high level of economic activity in order to compete with other countries, but specifically, China must compete against the U.S., if only to disrupt American systems, and resell intellectual property back to the U.S.  My paraphrasing is taken out of context so you are well advised to read what you will.

If it means that Chinese military activist groups identified as "Anonymous"steadily and consistently attack U.S. businesses, "These attacks have been identified as they directly stem from UNIT 6138, China's Armies, Shanghai", (NBC News).  In order to hack their way into secure databases, they steal code and do so at a large corporate level.  It has already happened with the firms I cite.

They are primarily interested in:
  • Mining secure data and "repurposing intellectual property" so as to resell it back to other competitors..., by directly undermining U.S. economics 
  • Attacking power grids
  • Attacking U.S. banks 
  • Disrupting Traffic systems
  • Disrupting U.S. Air Traffic Controls
  • Airport detection systems
  • and more we are not evidently realizing unless we spend important time reviewing these media reports.

I direct you to those who are seriously doing something about this challenge:

    My intention is not to bother you with undue reports...but I am here to educate in you arenas which require notice before you move online. To be forewarned is to be prepared.  There are simple things you can do to prevent undue home attacks.  If anything, take it slow as you come online.  Minimize your risks.  Plan your steps carefully.  Sterling business is earned by maintaining public trust, but that trust is never demanded.
Supporting Your Safety Wherever Feasible,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

When Is A Website Absolutely Necessary?

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

When Is a Website Absolutely Necessary?

May this day find you faring extremely well.  Whether you're working an MLM or you are marketing dog grooming ...even say from home, the need for a website is extremely important when you hit these milestones in your campaign development:

  • When you have daily visitors
  • When you know what more about what they want
  • When you are ready to offer what they demand
  • When you see an increase in traffic...meaning more eyes are watching your ads
  • When you want others to interact with your at your website, contact you, and inquire further into your offerings
  • When you are already promoting services/products others already buy
  • But most importantly, conducting secure business while also protecting consumers' data properly.

At a rock star level for purposes of this post, what happens when Internet marketing lags and entertainers cannot possibly stay abreast of current changes?  The answer will appear as a lag in bottom line sales, as one potential scenario.  There would be a need to compare offline sales with online sales, to look at DVD sales, to compare concert tickets sales with all other organizational aspects, noting gaps, trends or patterns, strong or otherwise.  I see that when well-known personalities are used to handling business one way, they are experiencing challenges in another way.  I would cite a common challenge sometimes witnessed with bands where membership has peaked. Houses are packed, performances are strong, fans appear happy.  If there's a lag in DVD sales, what is the real underlying problem?  Is it that fan-based interaction lags?  Do people forget if they do not consistently see a star's image?  Are some stars relying too heavily on older media:  radio, t.v.? What about large media channels (i.e., for newest folks, these are the major websites advertising a band's recent performance somewhere as you would see on NBC online...or CBS online)?  Are some stars no longer hitting circulation they once did?  These are the kinds of Q's you face when you become a business owner both.

If we go back to website need and its timed appearance within a campaign, it can take some time to get the website in order, test that content, and test CTR's (click-through rates on specific ads and articles).  Does the website work part of the time? If yes...what is the challenge.  Is there a dead link appearing in a report (which is a most common first mistake)?  Is someone piggy-backing off your website without your knowledge?  Is someone stripping your affiliate links (cyber-crime)?  Is the website, if functioning well, giving fans the kinds of experiences they want most?  What happens to the content on a website? How is it all best protected?  In my next post, I talk about cyber-crime (China, Russia).  It could be that the layout of the website isn't making sense to on-lookers...but in rock star websites, these are minor to non-existent challenges when fans are absolutely buying repeat concert tickets.  I only use an example to show you what can happen...for better or for worse.

BASIC TIP:  A website performs as well as it is seen and used by consumers, but it always requires testing.  Less popular Images on a website will impact clickthrough rates (CTR's), specific words impact readers, placement of headlines alter how people perceive a website, and so on.  Therefore, by blogging, you are testing waters safely as you are readying yourself for website ownership.

As another example, I think of a gal who had a beautiful website..., but it didn't do anything at the time I checked. 
this was during 2006.  What were the solutions then?  The music industry was evolving further online as were many industries.  We still have a fair number of companies (both larger and small) that are still transitioning online.  Today, best websites will do many things.  They will share articles of helpful aid and assist people in finding what they want, but they will build a following while building that following most safely.  Safety is a key concern in the U.S. because of growing attacks already happening with major U.S. firms.

BASIC TIP:  For every Internet marketing challenge, you will need a challenge you can target, test, rotate, or solve.

Facebook from an interactive standpoint... is wonderful.  When you have people coming in, commenting, and you're there to see how it's all unfolding, Facebook is a great way to "get the ball rolling".

However, in cases where a rock "celeb" hits new walls, then it's time to change their direct response method to an approach that would boost the number of  leads incoming.  For some, it means boosting events.  Beyonce Knowles performing at Superbowl (2013) did a great job of branding her name/image further.  For many, it means boosting membership so that people see when a new DVD is released.  In other cases, by pulling in paid media such as post cards, this approach works as well when an ad message has been first tested on the website.

  • In the case of MLM, post cards can work well to move beyond "usually beaten-up, traversed paths".
  • In the case of Internet marketing, it is used on the back end usually done so in order to promote an upgrade in a service.


  • When you want to be independent
  • When you want your content backed up/restored/free from rules faced on larger corporate websites
  • When you want to build and interact with your following.
A website gives you freedom to alter content at will.  You are free to put any number of products/services on that website, as long as the products you offer will fit into your niche-related targets.  What I would clarify here is that a rock star's website will mention concert locations, share a number of products people want, and move traffic appearing on that website to another exclusive offer (called a sub-site).  A sub-site is an extension of the original website.  It can stand alone but connect to the original website itself.

For example, all trademarks/copyrights and creations belong to this band completely:

  • Sub-site...but another part of their full campaign is ---
  • You can find them on Facebook until two profiles:  Moody Blues and Moody Blues Cruise
  • They appear everywhere online
  • You can find their articles and press releases anywhere...just Google them
  • I urge you to research these websites for full and insightful disclosure
  • No intentions are made to profit off of these websites/their products/trademarks/or anything I might have missed here.
I hope something helps here.  It's major work to show you how these things work -- not only to share but to also grow myself further so that I can bring you more solutions.

I'll have more content posted soon.  I am transferring this content over to a Word Press blog in order to keep you informed.  The first Word Press blog I made on Internet marketing isn't what I want today. 

Toasting Your Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

How Affiliates Online Go Awry

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

If you are finding this blog for the first time, it covers MLM, affiliate, Internet, and independent online marketing.  Today, I answer a Q from a fan...

"It appears your blog only promotes affiliate services."

On the contrary, it does not...but I am answering your Q's by giving you solution-based services that I do know work.  However, if you are interested in choosing another Internet marketing learning avenue, I highly suggest you research your options.

I will give you additional words for consideration --
  • The lessons I post on this blog are designed to start out all Internet marketers at steps A, B, C, D.  All of them go through these steps...or if most meander, most meander until they harshly spend more $$ figuring out that the steps all Internet marketing educational places share were the same, correct steps.
  • Even though Internet marketers have their own products, sometimes in order to satisfy consumer demand, they will still use affiliate products because it does not make for good $$ sense to always work from scratch. It would be a huge time-waster.
  • There are amazing affiliate products online
  • Many work extremely well
  • Affiliate marketing is a distribution is is is direct door-to-door
  • Some marketing methods are more efficient than others
  • In MLM, they are not paying for ad sales.  Mainly - you are, if you break it all down and cut through the "downline hype".  They are not paying for hefty disbtribution.  You are.  So somewhere along the 1950's way, a bright guy came up with ..."Hey!  There are lawn parties.  You can sell your neighbor next door my product (Am-Way) and over your brick wall, he'll buy these products.  In the 1950's, people loved MLM!  It was NEAT idea then.
  • Today...people love MLM..., it's just that the ad and distribution methods have changed.
  • Add Internet -- woah.  Everything has changed.  It's changing the way everyone does business...but there are abuses too.

Affiliate (online) products are no different than MLM products...UNLESS you have tested a specific product, had some blood levels measured (yes...even in software I'm being funny here).  But..., even though an affiliate or network marketing company claims to offer you the finest product on the entire market, it is better to be honest.  Much of what is sold over the counter isn't very effective.  That is a harsh reality.

Here's Why:

There is ONE product, as an example, that I have taken, measured blood levels with, and know works --

  • I am not here selling it to you.  I am telling you about it so that we can study the marketing governing any product.  It is sold by a pharmaceutical company, is high in efficacy only because I have personally measured it using my physician's supervision and repeat blood level testing.
  • I am a big lover of MLM products and supplements that you can't find anywhere  -- and this high grade niacin lowers cholesterol in the body.
  • I take 81 mg of baby aspirin 30 minutes before I take the high grade niacin (which will remain nameless for now)
  • Vitamin D works
  • Vitamin E works
  • Aspirin works
  • I've measured blood levels on these components...
  • However, I take amino acids before I run or lift weight...and I will always recommend these found in any health food store. If I decided to market these to you, could I do it?  Sure -- using a separate campaign.  I would have a blog devoted to health.  It would in its ad copy mention what ails people when they are very low on amino acids.  They get burning when they workout.  They have slowed recovery.  They feel more soreness longer.  The ad copy would talk about a the bennies of taking these supplements 30 minutes before workout.  But I won't market something I don't personally believe in, as a major marketing rule.

THE BEST ONLINE MARKETERS ARE (most often) INDEPENDENT.  They will affiliate market various products/services because it makes sense.

  • They will sell you web hosting
  • They will sell you website setup
  • They will sell you ad copy
  • They will sell you communication tools every Internet marketer uses him/herself
  • They will sell you handheld devices/laptops/high end electronics/move expensive services like time-shares ...which I personally don't believe in...
  • They will sell you anything that is already made, marketed for them at massive levels, and then they include their affiliate links
  • They are supposted to, by law, openly disclose "I am an affiliate of this service, and if you click on this link and buy something, I receive a partial commission".  THIS IS INTERNET LAW.
Anyone who goads you into purchasing something without revealing, "I am an affiliate"..., is in violation of U.S. Internet Law.



Sure.  No one says you cannot.  NO ONE. 

  • In the land of the free and the brave (as I am being humorous here), a ton of people come to U.S. markets because these are very wealthy markets, by global standards
  • Best U.S. companies promote the use of some Internet marketing among employees, provided it will not interfere in their business...but many of them are extremely controlling because they invest in direct response.   They don't want to empower you.  USAA is one such company, but they're not going to be happy about you bolstering your personal blog using their paid time (as a hired employee)...UNLESS you're bragging about their investment/savings products!
  • However, the Constitution states, "free marketplace"
  • MLM's have stomped on your rights...but then so have a lot of other companies.  At department store levels, some of the most basic managers work in these realms.  They're massively well-known for being "demanding" with their hefty "gotta move credit or else" threatening job tactics.
  • I have tools whereby you can set up your own website NOT USING an exclusive affiliate marketing resource.  You have to ask me.  In due time.  As people opt-into my newsletter, that's where I will be finding out what you absolutely want.

Can I sell my MLM stuff online?

Sure.  If you do this, head to Terry Duff.  Google him and go for it...but be prepared to work for anyone or anything else, he will put you in elite marketing realms...but you are learning Internet marketing.

In terms of MLM promotions, you cannot violate corporate rules/guidelines by using trademarked "names".  What you are marketing are benefits of products/services....and you are leading with value.

  • Selling MLM means you are taking a highly specified approach:  creating your own campaigns, generating your own leads, qualifying those leads, building your down-line, educating your down-line, helping them recruit/close.  That's pretty much it.

  • If you are selling no affiliate anything, you are creating your own creating your own campaigns, generating your own leads, qualifying those leads, building your following, working with consumers, educating others, closing business. 

  • Business is UNIVERSAL ...because there's a set order online in terms of how consumers think, how they conduct a search, how they find you or someone else, and how they proceed with "research, look only..., or buy".  Keywords relative to a purchase are very, very specific.  When someone is kicking tires, they enter "network marketing".  When someone wants "setting up a website using X, Y, Z, software"...they are most likely researching, comparing, and finding helpful notes from other consumers.  In direct response, we are using a natural buying process to guide decision making.  Ads prompt consumers to "purchase now rather than later".
In Internet marketing, it is the same deal.

Stopping Here.  Feel free to post your comments, questions, and concerns.  This is about building business that is logical and easily followed online so that others will buy from you because you offer the best...can be trusted with their information, and won't mess them over horribly just to get that next fancy car.

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Why Network Marketing/Home Based Business?

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

First-off, how are you doing today?  I wish you the best life will bring you, at any time. When you are feeling a bit down in the dumps, grab a hot coffee, tea, or your favorite beverage, and take a deep breath.  Sit with me and find out why I am now online.  I would like to explain, should you feel generous enough to offer me 15 minutes of your time..., to explain why this blog carries this title if I am someone who is working towards med school and keeps Internet marketing going as my mainstay?


This Is My Story:

1.  After I concluded my MBA, I was looking for employment but got caught in the fisherman's net I called network marketing. 

You see, in truth, I am and will always be a lover of the 10-step commute at home, but because I'm going "medical", according to acceptance that happens inside of that enrollment, the day will arrive where I'm here...visiting with you.  At home, or in the office, Internet marketing is VERY adaptable...and long as you know what's secure online and what isn't (like opening bank accounts and investments inside of a hotel lobby), well...there is no limit anymore.

  • On any given day, 100,000 people will walk through an MLM...and they will most likely be on the paying end....UNLESS they have a retail store where they can actively market their products.

2.  I ran into a charming hound who was marketing his MLM online using a "persona". 

  • He was Mr. Fighterpilot, F-16 Air Force, had a great demeanor, and pushed hard to SELL (I strongly dislike pushy salespeople)...but it was a very good product line;
  • I just couldn't get over how "odd the marketing" was.

I used to operate a martial arts school, and...

... at that time, I was moving supplements to those who believed in them ...but did it within the confines of my school, and did so WITHOUT USING HIGH PRESSURE SALES TACTICS.  Because I was the senior instructor, my expertise was never questioned, you could say.  I was already proven as a certified instructor. 

  • I do, as a habit, give people what they need when they convey interest..and I let you see what I doOnline, you want to find blueprints for action that you can readily follow.  Shooting from the hip is not recommended online because anytime you do that, you will usually end up shooting yourself in the foot!  You know? 

  • Whenever anyone walked in my business, it was a clean deal.  I would enroll all students in my 7-week program, including a FREE uniform.  I would then give them continuous instruction... regardless of whether or not they enrolled in my 1 or 3-yr. program.  I would tell them, "Here's your black belt excellence curriculum guidebook".  Senior instructors do all teaching.  You can become an instructor if you want.   Here's what we do using all safety involved. 

  • We don't take risks with your joints.  We don't do any "stupid breaks" (you know...where you might see some guy breaking concrete with his hands or head -- I don't recommend that at all).  We don't play with handguns, but we do train you in that specific handgun self-defense, if you want it.  I have trained police officers and attorneys...and insurance fraud guys.  You name it, I have met people from all walks of life.  Shortest story -- I was in the industry for 23 years...and to this day, I still workout daily, kick, run, and do Taekwondo.

3.  Anyway, being a senior instructor, I was teaching all of my classes myself and never believed in delegating training to some un-certified first degree -- a technique you witness being used in many martial arts schools other than ATA (American Taekwondo Association).  It is not a good idea from a liability standpoint, but I also hold nothing against anyone being a first degree.  We we all have to get there...and it is a big deal.., mind you)..., but anything that had to be addressed, I did it myself.  I am not a believer of delegating work just to toss around effort to someone who may not want the work....BUT...

4.  After I met this hot-shot fighterpilot, he brought me into the company and started asking me for my that time was bigger than he could believe.  In truth, all I wanted to do was hit him....but you can imagine that I wasn't about to give away the entire state of Texas.  At that time, I had 6,000 senior black belt school owner instructors working under my acting collar. 

TIP:  Whether you stay-at-home or work a quiet job, NEVER give away your contact list.  NEVER.

5.  When I started asking Q's about..."   Why are they teaching --- "share your warm market"?  "  That's when the trouble began.  I thought to myself, "Self.  This is baloney.  I am out of here."

6.  I have never worked directly with family or warm market, or when I have tried, it does not turn out too well.  I strongly dislike the idea that any one of us should ever have to do anything like this.  You wouldn't have your attorney Uncle fight a case for your defense in court, nor would you have your mother operate on you.  At least, I wouldn't.
  1. Anyway, this Air Force Major could not handle the fact that I would not budge on his marketing tactics -- standard ones taught in any MLM. 
  2. So I hired within 4 months of facing "nothing but stupid confusion", top marketers online.  I researched, took my time, and then went for it...$5,000 later.  It brought me into Internet marketing as a realm and I was so taken with the process ...and that's is why I am here now.  I still had some troubles but decided I would not give up. Your brain needs time to see how things fit together.
Form a book?  Publish?  Don't publish?  Write your own e-book?  But do you market the e-book?  There are hundreds of thousands of Q's.
  1. A marketing coach brought me into Wealthy Affiliate, which became Open Education Project at my behest.  I've been there learning since 2008.  I am not an affiliate hound.  I just pour through content, work, and apply.  I am getting results...with time, growing a following that can be trusted both ways.  If I sense that someone should not learn direct response because they can't be fair, honest, let alone responsible, I will not teach them.
  2. I spent another hefty sum falsely purchasing various online gurus products/tools/techniques.
  3. The reality is -- there is no substitute for making very small changes.
  4. If you can form a post or add a pay button...or write a short 200-word article covering how great you are at doing teaching...then you are submitting the article using 3rd-person content a highly common strategy
  5. Blogging/Website work -- is fun when you know what to do
  6. When you are sitting in confusion -- it is the pitts
  7. The key thing is not to give up
  8. Believe in yourself...and keep working
  9. Newspapers will pick up your content -- Washington Post supports this blog
  10. Radio stations will see you soon enough and you'll be on the air promoting your business
  11. Rock stars will even find you
  12. People from many aspects of business will see you, watch you, do something ...or not do anything
  13. But you're online
  14. You are visible...appearing under your name or appearing under your business name.

Back to MLM Experience:

I am not here to grow a down-line...and actually chose against it.  I am not here to be a super-affiliate.  I am here to be me...independent.  I will apply what works.

A.  In any business, we advertise, we pull in people who want what we have, and then we close them.  It's very straightforward when the informative purchasing approach is "right there".

B.  When I operated my martial arts school, my refund policies were "hassle-free".  Online, you must be willing to do the same.
  1. I never balked at giving $$ back if we had to send in a uniform that wasn't sewn properly...and it happens.
  2. So there it was.  I had 4 distributor kits but no closing abilities...used in the conventional MLM sense of the word.
  3. I hired Terry Duff.  He is the primary force behind Internet prospecting and closing.  He gets it done extremely well.
  4. When I tried to apply what did work in the usual business world to network marketing, I discovered some crazy things:
  • MLM's ask you to work warm markets because it's fast business
  • Your distributors bring in 1 - 2 people before they quit, on average
  • The top 1% people know this by direct experience
  • Anytime you have turnover, as a top 1%'er knows, I get all down-lines, by virtue of being the senior guy (and they have earned it)
  • So the fountain of wealth is NEVER really distributed UNLESS you enter a new MLM and put in your hefty contribution... -- then -- you will use direct response marketing to "maintain your quiet edge", "form all presentations"...and "close all deals".  It's a cherry setup if you have the skills.  If you are traditional MLM and that's what you know, you will teach traditional MLM.
  • The MLM structure is set up to include "no down-lines that continue for long using traditional means"
  • If any down-lines continue, they exist because the head honcho is using direct response ...and he at least sees the benefit of teaching his down-line the same.
  • I will tell you who these rockin' teams have been:  they one time when the Internet was new...Dream Team.  YES.  They are direct response.  The ones who did anything, blew the doors off of conventional MLM down-line recruiting.  They hit massive numbers and appeared on the display boards every month in top positions
  • BUT...when direct response went global, Dream Team started to hit brick walls for natural and varied reasons
  • Competitors emulating them (called former Dream Teamers) were doing the same
  • And Dream Team had to alter its marketing -- still using direct response
  • They have a different name today, but they are all Internet marketers.

Basically, what I did was hire Internet marketers to teach me direct response.  That's how I got here and am still developing.  It is a direct path.  If you are interested in learning direct response marketing, please keep the day/night job going strong...and take the time you need to study every aspect of direct response marketing.


IT ABSOLUTELY WILL SET YOU FREE.  It is exciting when you finally see how direct response marketing works,  no matter what you market.  However, I am directing you to people who can definitely help you ask any open Q you want without facing stupid answers. You deserve that much, and far more.

  • You must position yourself as the sole expert
  • You cannot be online really talking about some other great guy or gal who's going to get the business
  • You'll end up penniless
  • All direct response marketers do is put their names on everything
  • If you want to do this, you have to know what you are talking about.

Wishing you well for the day.

Respectfully, Sincerely, And Happily...I am still here writing the content that couldn't be written!  I will not toss any links at you today.  If you do that with each article inside of blogger, they will delete your blog.

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

P.S. RE:  Lessons on Internet marketing

You can easily find links in the other posts titled, "Lessons" by number.  These lesson-based links I provide are clear...but for further clarity, I do NOT get paid when you click on a link.  The first click is a $1 click...IF you go with the program.

I only get paid on the Open Education Project when you click on a link BUT THEN GO to "pay here" inside of the program...but I am here to share Internet marketing, answer Q's and A's.  You will always know what is happening. You will not be tricked.  Any commissions I receive there are as the result of you staying with the program monthly...or annually.  There is no short-cutting.

In time, I will have contact information with a direct # so that you can get in touch with me, if need be.  There are specific approaches you have to apply in your marketing so as to screen out unsure people.  The key is to get in touch with those who are ready to do what's involved: work, deliver, help honestly.  These people have their priorities straight.  They don't expect a free ride, but they don't have to forfeit their entire life savings in order to build success either and they don't believe in ripping off other Internet least...not the ones I work with independently.)


Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to this growing blog!  If you have just found it, this post IS about taking it slow.  Did you know that you can advertise your campaigns just using your efforts?  Did you know that you can first build public trust, build your "aged time online", and rank yourself without ever having to spend a nickel on Google advertising?  It is a slow method...but it gets long term results.

WHY GO TO THIS EFFORT (when business is not yet fully rolling)?

I am making a solid name for myself PRIOR to applying for medical school.  It is a desire I have long maintained to have my own Internet marketing business, to do it on my terms (and mine only), and to make a real difference for people in life...offline and online.  My habits are --- to make a difference....but to do it well, not just half-way...but to shift people towards their own highest aspirations.  I've been doing it ever since I could walk, said humbly.


....development underway.  For those of you who have been here...I am extremely serious about helping others..., including myself...but my business has never been nor will it ever be about short-term gain. 

I will tell you what I am doing:

A)  Do not make any Internet marketing decisions when you're so stressed that you cannot be informed... let alone think clearly

B)  In my case, I took/and take a lot of time forming my decisions to go public, to expose (direct response) Internet marketing cleanly, and to share what I do.  For me, it has been a 6 - 7 year process.  It is not going away at the drop of a hat.  I will explain further so you can relate without any undue stress using safest means.  I will always promote clear thought, clear decisions, and joy in whatever is being done.

C)  I am always growing and learning

D)  Internet marketer's skill become more developed over time.  The best ones are equivalent to attorneys.  They master many levels of work:  researching a niche, choosing the niche wisely, optimizing websites/blog, optimizing content, spreading the word across social media and article marketing channels, optimizing clickthrough rates (for people who may become buyers), optimizing results (coming back to consumers), finding ways to create better delivery systems, and finding ways to increase demand using automated means.

E)  I don't buy from gurus or affiliate marketers

F)  I test FREE content...and if anything is bought, I use it

G)  I write informative content designed to protect good business, promote high ethics involving "rightful value"

H)  I am most interested in human beings faring well in life by becoming their ALL

I)  As an aspiring physician, so anything I apply here/share with you I will teach in accordance with certified programs and safe marketing blueprints that stand the test of time.  They are not tricky.  They don't promise one thing but deliver something unrelated.

What I do here, I will pull into my own medical campaign as that day arrives.

J)  I do not promote what I am not doing

K)  Pay-per-click -- you have to advance to that level in your campaigns...but not right out of the gate because you will lose $$

L)  I keep content as simple as possible

M)  I believe in the people I work with

N)  I follow the people I work with online, but I do not allow anyone to make decisions for me

That's spelling out matters as clearly as I see it today.  I am not afraid to guide. I believe in inspiring others to be their best and to always continuously improve on their abilities.  I encourage free, open, and independent thought.

It is extremely healthy to question everything and everyone around you.  Be informed but make your own decisions!

I am not afraid to tell you when I have made a here is the corrective action/solution. I focus on solution-based results.  I don't operate without solid, steady assistance.  I don't forge ahead by using blind, unproven roadmaps. 

Please stay tuned for more information.  I am writing content in other article directories so I will share those results with you soon enough.  Feel feel to post any concerns, questions, or comments.  I am working daily and on weekends to bring you what you demand most noteably.

Best Regards....Toasting Your Online Success!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Training Internet Marketers, Not Affiliates

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs,

Fine greetings are offered to you today.  There are a variety of Q's spanning several issues, but the most pressing one I would like to address today is that I represent an independent resource bringing you Internet marketing.  Content I do post will share the Open Education Project that is affiliate marketing based (mainly because that's the insistent strategy the owners of Wealthy Affiliate promote), but that is not my intention.

1)  Is it to promote healthy online marketing

2)  Encourage you to learn for yourself what you will be doing anyway


I will cite a famous person who, in this example, outsources international marketing campaigns to an Internet Marketing company.  He's paying big $$ for a #1 Google position, he's spending a lot on pay-per-click advertising (but most probably will not directly know why or may not know that he can streamline the campaign so as to produce highly efficient clicks.  This is true because he may not be directly involved in the daily handling of the campaign itself.  Or...if he is, he is interacting to a very limited degree.

Those marketers who own their websites outright, who deal directly with consumers at all levels of business, who ensure that products/services are being fulfilled on time so as to keep business repeatedly coming back cannot afford to take short-cuts with consumers.  I am not suggesting that the international campaign owner is taking shortcuts with consumers.  He has to put his time into creating new products that expand operations/profits. 

Let's use an example of a case where there is a bookstore owner operating online and offline business.  In the case of the bookstore owner, it is in his best interest to know precisely what's happening with the campaign. He is going to have to hire a store manager in order to assist them with daily aspects of offline management....and he will focus largely on online business.  The point is -- the ones who are doing extremely well in business, even if they are...say...dentists are doing better than businesses having no Internet web presence.  They are dealing specifically with limited realities confined to the areas in which they physically operate.

Many more businesses are coming online, but they don't know what to do.  That is the biggest challenge all Internet marketers face.  These businesses, even in cases where attorneys are expanding to online business, have challenges building their lists while maintaining them.  Everything you create, you have to maintain, improve, and expand further.

Internet marketing is not for everyone. 

Affiliate marketing is only one way to build profits while moving into independent directions, but in a majority of cases, you have to work with and know who your affiliate marketer is.  In a vast majority of cases, I would not recommend affiliate marketing to anyone when they don't have a chance to interact with the superaffiliate online.  If you don't know them, you don't know if they will payout...let alone on-time.  That is being honest.'

If you are MLM and you want that, then stick with it.

If you are an independent force, and you want that, then stick with that decision.  That is the kind of business I highly favor and will build upon (setting up a medical website once I am fully certified as an M.D., a longer-term goal).  Here is slight shift in topic.  We turn to avoiding unnecessary cash losses many seasoned Internet marketers call "cash donations".

Big Cash Losses

I cite one individual who did not learn Internet marketing on a budget.  He put his credit cards out there in cyberspace..., and it is a very dangerous decision when you do not have Internet marketing action blueprints or specifically laid out strategies guiding the process.  Keep in mind, this is the worst of all situations I share. He put his family in deep debt, $600,000 and then tried to blame choices on conditions other than what he could aptly trust -- his direct business, qualified marketers, and his direct marketing abilities.  The story ends poorly so I won't belabor what happened next.

The main point is -- admittedly shared is -- the ones I do trust will ALL tell you -- don't spend.  There is a major reason why Google was hit with a lawsuit.  They had earned MASSIVE ad money and had to pay the federal government some hefty fines.  It did not put them out of business, but it was a big bill.

Find out what is involved.  Avoid major affiliates who want to tell you a bunch of stuff you are most probably not ready to implement, and get the starter basics.  In terms of online business, you are also better off studying Internet marketing done legally.  If you violate U.S. Cyberlaws, you'll have jail time.  There are many serious issues that should be understood before "just setting up some website".

Even if you have Internet marketing in place and you are looking for cost effective, safe ways to expand your operations, find out from the ones who know what is involved.  You would not make the same kind of mistake in an offline endeavor, and you shouldn't start doing so online.  Large companies spend millions and millions to make their campaigns work.  As an individual most likely not having much cash flow, you are far better off building your business using sweat equity.

Research matters.  Research individuals.  Run "background checks" on individuals by name and by mention.  In a majority of cases, if the marketer is very clean and forthright, they will have testimonials confirming that they aren't hassling consumers.  They aren't pressuring consumers to do things they don't want to do, and in the world of Internet marketing, the same applies to online entrepreneurs.

Find out what is involved.  Obtain global basics.  Apply what you learn.  Don't skip methodology that does work?  Still unsure of what I am saying?

I have a #5 listing with Google appearing under my name.  This IS PRECISELY WHERE I want my listing to be.  Why?  Have I paid for it using monetary units ($$'s)?   No.  I use effort and my brains to write the content that will protect consumers and tell them precisely what is involved.  In the world of better business, this is not about convincing you to hit a pay button (as you WILL encounter in professionally manipulated ad copy that triggers your unresolved emotions and pressures you to make a decision now).

The best marketers do NOT do this. 

A #1 PAID Google website gets all of the clickers who are just "skimming and clicking".  You do not have to pay for this position.  If you are willing to pull in article marketing (which we definitely teach under the roof I can with clear conscience promote, then you WILL get natural traffic).  You want to index your website/blog...or whatever Word Press blog you set up in a #5 position.  This PUSHES people to search for you.  It is called a filter, and it is one of many filters I will teach you.   The #5 position boots the less serious-minded peopld out the door.  The most motivated ones have to search for you, find you, then opt in honestly for their reports and newsletters.  This is another filter that pre-qualifies people for you.  It is a business standard.

However, Internet marketing content is massively expanded.  You will not see it here appearing on a smaller blogger blog that only carries so much room.  I WILL TAKE YOU BEHIND ACTIVE DOORWAYS TO LET YOU SAMPLE WHAT WILL BE LEARNED ANYWHERE YOU GO ONLINE.

This is not about hassled purchasing.  This is about protecting consumers from those who would not teach you what is absolutely required, and it is about protecting consumers who pay a ton out in $$ but never reap any real profits.

  • Those I work with uphold entrepreneurial public good 
  • They are active people who are available 24/7
  • They work in interactive ways..., and many of them do it out of their heart's good
  • BUT... we all have to pay rent.  We all have to eat.  We all want to promote business that does work -- not just for the few but for the many.

Education is a key part of that learning.

DO NOT SHORTCUT YOUR INTERNET MARKETING EDUCATION.  It is one of the wisest choices you will ever make, in terms of becoming an empowerer entity.  Even if it is plain old education, there are still major advantages to developing a quality mind that is informed, not because a government says so...but because your solid mind and heart uphold your highest, most important values.

So no matter who you learn from, the most qualified Internet marketers will always be very honest with you.  They will say -- if you are not prepared to your in "your all", if you are looking for some system that claims to do everything for you, newspapers won't pick up your articles.  If you say that you are here for a quick fix, I'm the wrong resource.

For those who want to set up their websites that will be nicely ranked with Google using fixed budgets (which is absolutely the way to go when you are in early business setup), then you want options.  If you have a budget you can devote to Internet marketing that outsources work (for website setup, for professional ad copy, for blogging, for professional logo graphics/design, you can hire people).  What you do want to know is which services will do that work for you while delivering the results you demand and deserve.  You won't want to just head online and pick unknown free-lancers who can't give you credentials.  AND...if you hire some SEO "pro guys", have they studied extensive online marketing? 

Conduct the research.  Find the proven sources that do work and deliver real results.  I have paid for people who said they knew what they were doing -- and I did get some mixed results.  That is when I said, "You're fired.  I'm doing it myself".  No matter HOW LONG it takes to set up your campaign, when you are doing it yourself YOU KNOW what kind of result you are getting.  There is no mystery.  Then..if you find that you have created an ugly campaign, you can always start over again.

I hope something helps here.  I am someone who is preparing for medical school.  Do I NEED YOUR BUSINESS?  No.  I am here working to benefit you.  If I am worthy of any commision or any pay..., it will be because you see skills I have and can offer...OR if there is something you need and you don't feel okay with me, NO BIG DEAL.  I was an independent entity by age 30 in this world. 

I AM HERE TO SHOW YOU YOUR TRUE POWER CONSISTENTLY OFFERED AS IT MEETS PROMISES I MADE TO THOSE WHO HELPED ME. This is what Internet marketers will do. They actively make a choice. They dedicate themselves to clean marketing, and they teach what they themselves will learn -- not done so through some 30 minute coaching sessions (which is happening..and I am not convinced this is giving people the skills they absolutely need online).  I will be paid...not because anyone says so but because it is decent compensation for a job well done.  I am a consumer advocate.

So if you like the content here, you are free to follow more posts.  If not, you are free to find others who will help you justly, fairly and confidently.  Please be certain that whatever you do in life, pull in full conviction. If you are a self-starter, you do that anyway so you are already in good company.  If you want automated riches, the gurus will win and you will have only paid out your hard-earned $$ --- without obtaining a single level of marketing awareness.

I conducted an extensive search for Internet marketing content yesterday so as to offer you a wonderful starter (Join Me) report....but I am not yet satisfied.  Until that content is absolutely going to answer your initial questions, I will let you know.  It is coming so please stay tuned.  Wishing you well for a wonderful day.

Toasting Your Success Using Proven Means!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA