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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Subtle Differences Between You and MLM Millionaires

Welcome Back Fellow MLM Folks!

Today's post talks about the subtle differences between you and your top MLM Millionaires.

Subtle Point #1)

They have sincere enthusiasm.  The are tops at what they do.

You just need a booster shot offered from proven realms. 

Find those who have hit their real mark.  I'm talking about someone who absolutely already knows how to honestly generate a million. I am not talking about someone who lies through their teeth by "suggesting they've done it while they charge their lives on credit".  HINT: The "real deal" is very quiet because that person is busy working to get the needed know-how and to attract huge numbers of people willing to learn and apply.  It is a sorting game. 

HINT:  These people learn to operate under the radar. They are NOT the ones standing on stage.

Subtle Point #2)

They have very developed skills.  You can actually acquire these skills.

Subtle Point #3)

They get accurate knowledge.  You can get it but be prepared to work for it.  Don't expect to learn it over night and don't expect to get it by purchasing that experience.  You have to acquire specific skills by "learning and applying directly".

Subtle Point #4)

These top producers invest in themselves to hire certified and/or mastered expertise.  They don't rely on FREE.  Remember, there is a big cost for using FREE.  You lose time, money, effort, family togetherness..., and lost opportunity (missing those who have done well because they get the skills others need and demand).  By going through "paid doorways", you access the real experts. 

HINT:  You won't find this person working online from his/her parent's dusty basement room. 

Real story -- I met a gal a few years back at an MLM corporate meeting. I was there with another traditionalist who actually "did make some monthly income".  She was standing on-stage.  I was sitting in the audience.  Afterwards... I was introduced to her, but at that time, I had just finished 2 years of grinding graduate business schooling, 20 hour days, 6 days/week research...and sure, I was a bit proud. 

She asked me what I was doing?  My answer -- direct response marketing, but I just finished an MBA to add additional support to this marketing endeavor.  I figured that people would want more from me.

Her claim to fame? She said that she had earned her "MLM MBA the hard way" through the school of hard MLM knocks.  Sure -- formal education isn't everything and no one likes to be a perceived "smarty pants braineac"...(...and...I would hope I don't seem this way).  So...I figured..."hang loose..., listen and watch".  She talked about "going here and going there..., flying all over the country-side...,contacting 11 people/week on her list...but while she was onstage, she mistakenly mentioned that "she wasn't religious about doing this on a daily basis".  Hmmm. RED FLAG.   My thought was -- "Where does one find the time to fly everywhere cause I've been busy working..., figuring out what people want, need and will pay for"?? So I hope this gives you a few clearer clues.

The ones who are top producers will tell you they work like dogs. They're spending huge amounts of time prospecting, forming relationships, putting themselves out there first by offering rich content ...and more. And yes.., they're spending decent amounts of cash building themselves for others!

So...when you're sitting in a crowd somewhere and you're not feeling the greatest, don't take anything that you see "as real".  You can use your eyes to look at physical appearances, and while you can't judge a book by its cover, just let your common sense be your guide.

What do your top producers look like? Are they driving smoke, spewin' cars? Probably not. 

In this story, the point is not to say that one marketer is better than another.  I am saying -- "get the best information you can get".

After that meeting, I was feeling a bit low so I called up one of my marketing coaches and trusted friends. I asked, "what's up with that scene"?  He remained quiet because his intent was "not to bash anyone" but to suggest -- "Stay focused and keep working.  More will make sense as you apply".  He was correct.

Biggest Point Of All

My most substantial point about any marketing is -- if someone who claims to be a "top success" and your intuition tells you otherwise, your first impression is more likely "right on".

HINT:  There are others out there who can help.  These people are not always visible.  You can find them online, but they must have an old domain that's at least a few years old.  Otherwise, you're still finding people who are piecing things together. 

You can become the hunted AND it won't have to cost you as much as you'd think.

EX: Stair step your way into help. You won't get these pros for FREE because they're paying out some real blood, sweat, tears, equity and personal money to acquire their expertise too. These people will be top producers but they won't be buying into MLM qualification (spending $500/month to do it).

If you have a small amount you can afford for personal marketing education, this is a very good start.  It's like any business you initiate.  There will be some early costs involved. And.., you don't have to buy corporate advertising stuff.  You don't have to pay $10,000 up front.  If something is important, you will find a way.

What I did -- I gradually paid out (over time) the smaller increments so that I could hire the true pro's.  Watch 'em for a while.  Let them show you what they can offer.   Make sure that you're getting quality information. Head to the phones at night ... many nights/week.  Take weekends off to spend with family.  If you're working on your marketing...take 1 full day off/week.  Take your holidays off.  Ask a ton of questions.  Bug them.  E-mail them.  Call them..., but stay on that dinner list with family and friends.

Hit High Marks

Above all, aim high.  Aim at a precise target.  Be proud of yourself, but kindly don't pass along "junk".  Get the best information you can possibly afford.  Master it...and share it.  Go for the top, top producers.  If you hop online, you can check them out.  These marketers should have a good history, not one that's riddled with underground, black hat marketing... -- translation  -- taking other peoples' commissions under-handedly).  These people eventually get shut down by the major search engines (Google and Yahoo).

Subtle Point #5)

Master these things:  the written word, harness techology, develop some skills that pay, and consider incorporating the Internet. 

Sure, the Internet is not an "end-all-be-all", but it sure beats belly-to-belly marketing!

Stay tuned. I have more powerhouse content planned for you because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Toasting Your Success Using Proven MLM Marketing Means,

B. Brinkmeyer
Internet Marketing Instructor/Mentor
"Fix-My-Broken Business" Home Repair Consultant

Monday, May 24, 2010

Social Networks Are Great UNTIL

Welcome Fellow Home-Based Business Owners,

One of the greatest services you can offer as an "ethical marketer" is to protect individual rights online. Sure -- we all like the social networks. It's what helps us connect and identify to those we'd like to work with most.

Facebook, MySpace And Other Social Site Activity

Social sites are great until "Facebook, MySpace and various social sites started sharing names, user IDs, and other information sufficient to enable ad companies such as Google's owned DoubleClick to identify distinct user profiles", (Wall Street Journal, May 24, 2010). Read the "pull my finger link below"...

As luck would have it, I tried to post this article over at Facebook but it was blocked three times "for offering similiar content". Hmmm.

Word in cyberspace reports, "Facebook has now stopped this practice". You'd think their 27 yr. old hoodie wearing CEO would bolster site security and stop this practice..., but being a multi-millionaire eccentric never prevented anyone from doing the right thing.

Sure -- data can be taken, or worse, if we look at the advertisers' perspective (us), "we're only getting demographic data" , but let's get real.  Click the active link below to get the real "skinny":

I've always cautioned fellow marketers online, never reveal true or personally identifiable information in these networks. Yes -- form a quick post but forget opening up your networks to "play pillow talk".  There's a reason for this approach. No one will protect you so you might as well protect yourself.

Otherwise you might as well rename these sites --

You get my marketing drift.

Keeping You Informed On Up-To-Date Marketing Trends,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA

Internet Marketing Mentor/Instructor