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Saturday, February 16, 2013

WordPress Cher "Bellisimo Files"

Welcome Back Fellow Internet Marketers!

This blog is developing.  Do not worry if followership is small ...because it is going VIRAL.  For new people, this means that others pick up your content and place it on their websites.  They will even tell you about it when it is borrowed content.  Yes, it takes work...but when you share hot content, it will spread as a PRIME way of forming what is viral and organic (FREE TRAFFIC)! 

One of my followers asked me if I used WordPress blogging.  YES! is self-hosted for very little $$, monthly...BUT it is NOT user-friendly.  It is baffling to use until you get more of your content in place, test that content, but then reformat how your wordpress website appears.  With Blogger, you do not need any previous technical experience.  Just click on layout, click and move boxes, and add gadgets over time.  With wordpress. org, you have the ability to form an early website prior to getting into intricacies involved with forming a much more completely-independent website.

** If you start using, Wordpress owns the domain...and just like Blogger, Google owns the content. 
** Even with Blogger, you have the chance to start here, obtain early traffic, and later import your content over to your

I am revamping my Internet marketing for you....reviewing rock bands...and assorted treasured websites which produce very healthy bottom line profits. 

  1. Rock stars have hot campaigns...and are usually at the top of their marketing game, whether they are still building an Internet presence and/or have it going strong online/offline
  2. Because their name branding offline is strong by the time they "hit it big", these people have resources and talent they professionally hire and can directly show you how marketing must work.


Click link below.  It will show you Cher's most recent touring plans.

All credit goes to Cher on this post.  She is preparing for Broadway, "and it is a slow process", (Cher, Wordpress, June 2013).

*** You will see images of Cher on You Tube

*** You will see articles appearing under her name

*** You will see commentaries appearing on her Wordpress

*** You are looking at flow of traffic (fans)..., noting where they appear under her name, and so on

*** You are clicking on links, seeing where links take you, looking at expansiveness of her online (as a fundamental marketing process).


Sneaking Words About Article Marketing -- Building Organic Listings/Natural Traffic

TIP:  Very important for you and your business.  It gets you noticed for FREE...other than you writing your content, posting it when you can, and you are then building your traffic.

*** Publicity looks like a big deal to write and publish...and it is not difficult to post

*** The key point behind what is called "article marketing" is that you must be willing to write often, post only manually to many different places online

*** DO NOT PAY for article submitters....this will get you banned

*** Google knows how long it takes for hand-written articles to naturally appear in search engine results, and they "time" articles appearing online accordingly

*** Play nicely by Google rules and you will build a nice following, create a business that is stellar, and build profits right from home.

I will speak more on a variety of topics pertaining to building your web presence using legitimate techniques.  It takes persistent, dedicated work to build something which is lasting...but the key to your offline/online success is to build a business you can be proud of marketing!!!

Toasting Your Success, Absolutely,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bruce Springsteen And Internet

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs,

Sitting in front of a vase of colorful Valentine's Day roses and mixed Spring flowers, this post is very happy.  I am posting quite a bit of content on this blog today so as to bring you most recent Internet marketing 2013 updates.

What I share here applies to rock bands, and my ultimate favorite band is (of course) the long-standing --

Few others can compete with this band, but it is entirely okay for you to have your favorite musicians!  I move traffic to this website...mainly as an ongoing commitment showing you how a marketing campaign should work.

  • As an added bonus for following me, I share marketing updates that are thrillingly fun to report
  • This post talks about growing  a fan base devoted to keeping and further growing Bruce Springsteen's branded image/name
  • It talks about what he does to keep his brand unique...or on a rocking edge;
  • And by citing Andrea Syverson's brand builder content regarding, "Rock Your Brand in 2013!", TARGET MARKETING MAGAZINE, Feb. 2013 Issue, pp. 10 - 11,  I rewrite Andrea's content in order to simplify, add further business clarity, include some MBA executive expertise, but shorten the most workable marketing tips.

What Is Covered Today --  2013 BRAND TUNING








I convey major points using bullets as a time-saver:

  • SONGWRITER'S PREMISE -- Longest-standing, most successful musicians appeal to the heart's of their most avid fans by promsing the moon
  • And by writing from their personal experiences.
Springsteen's last performance at the Pepsi Center, Denver had 20,000 fans standing for 3 hours time:
  • Using exemplary branding
  • Being extremely active with fans
  • Using an up close, personal, and direct approach
  • Offering band interviews at public levels
  • Finest musicians use these techniques for connecting with fans.

Upping Springsteen's Game

He is:
  • Resetting his marketing year-after-year but restructures on-stage performances so to keep the band on its toes...all while appealing to changing tastes his audiences most want
  • "Passionately and enthusiastically performing powerfully at age 63", (Springsteen)
  • Continually creating new music without leveraging prior hits or remixes too excessively
  • Engaging audiences, Springsteen relies on interaction he offers fans the tunes they first demand, followed by encores last. Wherein, by rotating earliest day's hits within a 3- hour played performance, he will vary "stories with songs...and with humor" (Syverson);
  • Thanking first-comers and new-comers alike for attending performances
  • Adding (that while he is highly-seasoned), every performance means playing it as it would be his first so that every audience will feel what he feels, "There is still something to prove", (Springsteen);
  • Having sold more than 120 million albums worldwide
  • Approaches his marketing using SIRIUS Radio....where Bruce can be heard all day as, "all Bruce all the time". 

Maintaining Momentum

"Whether your brand is 40 - plus years old, 4 years old, or 4 months old, are you still 'all in'?  How are you staying in the game?  How are you upping your game?", (Springsteen). 

  • Some marketers call this staying power -- 'no retreat/no surrender'
  • My most inspiring marketing teachers call this 'slow drip' .... so you do not burn up your list over-marketing the same campaigns to an unsegmented list.  If you follow , you will see list segmentation at work, where the golden list clients are identified, targeted, and satisfied. 
  • Highest list segmentation means that you create, develop, and expand your following or fan base by working your way towards the golden market
  • So in the, you will see their most exclusive buyers paying generously for the cruise (varying from $1,500 up to $4,500).  Later offers could involve small touring groups appearing with the band, where the band develops a campaign asking anywhere from $10,000 or more for an extended tour to join in a "far off, distant land", (Moody Blues).



(Not entirely thrilled to report the following...but it works)

Springsteen Asks for Strong Women... So Get Ready For This Tidbit:

* To "press his flesh" off-stage..., he falls into the audience and is carried around during the play of one song
* Later that evening, fans can "pluck his strings"....for whatever activity will trip fan's triggers the most;
* Springsteen calls this approach, "up close and personal"... and it brings fans back again and again, city after city
* Many popular bands call this "marketing for life".

The main point is -- as an offline/online marketer ... you are looking for absolutely thrilling ways to engage your readers... interact and share more of yourself (to some fair extent -- but I wouldn't recommend you press your flesh). 

TIP:  Humor is a masterful marketing tip.  It breaks barriers, it helps others feel fine about what they are reading, and it opens your audience to further suggestion when it is done correctly.  You have to be careful about sticking with appropriate humor at all times because sometimes, it backfires.

Springsteen's Face-Time Strategy Includes:

  • Without Facebooking
  • "Manageable human touch in a world that is virtual", (Springsteen);
  • Called "branding parlance"
  • Being as present as often as would be possible
TIP:  For those of you who are not rock stars...but look like them and can dynamically interact with others using safe humor, you want to be as present as possible through your use of:    A) uploaded You Tube videos..., B) LIVE phone-to-phone sales calls (called presentations)..., C) and gathered groups that create "buzz-worthy, positive, frenzie punches possible", (Syverson).


Branding Magic:
  • No secret is shared by suggesting that the finest musicians and poets compose lyrics aimed at directly satisfying individual hearts needs by aspiring to their hopes, dreams, and hungers...;
  • Springsteen does the same in "Hungry Heart"
  • American by origin, he actively listens and responds
  • Using standing room only, front and center audience arrangements
  • Playing 4 requests his fans write on large signs
  • Adding behind-the-scenes intimate stories about songs
  • Co-creating a night's party with adoring fans.

TIP:  For your business -- you are looking for ways to instill faith in your buyers by being yourself.  You are wanting to find out how to deliver better than most so that you will also create and deliver on highly unusual, very wanted products/services.

The core of your business success rides on your ability to be highly unique, approachable, and ever-present in people's lives.



Springsteen Has:
  • Remained ever-popular with audiences because he tries not to revisit the past
  • And...all is said with care as I tell you what he is doing
  • By offsetting what would be an understandable tendency to talk about what happened in the past
  • By "working live-glory day or nighttime"
  • "Changing sets each night and avoiding the set list"
  • "Continually reviewing and re-evaluating band members...varying from delving into new musical explorations to altering nightly show plans", (Springsteen).

TIP:  For marketers who stay up-to-date as often as possible..., you are looking for better ways to bring your customers interesting information, helpful tips and successful tricks.  I bring you "unusual marketing" that happily holds your attention now, this week, and beyond.  A true marketer's  underlying motivation will be to improve life sincerely as it will apply to interested others.

  • So you are looking for ways to co-create meaningful products/services others absolutely can use
  • You are looking for ways to improve delivery
  • will frequently look for ways to bolster your marketing while including exceptional, stellar followup.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  I had incredible fun researching content for you, sharing it..., and quite potentially helping you obtain key insights into what can entirely happen with good people.  Online marketing is amazingly powerful when it is done well.

Toasting Your Success...Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Blogging Starts Traffic

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

This post addresses adding RSS Feeds, follows by email, Twitter additions, and Facebook sharing.  Keep in mind, the Internet is evolving.  What is easy to add now...was not so even 5 years ago.  Back then, a lot of coding was involved.  It meant you had to recognize and learn to use the basic HTML (hyper-text-markup-language).

HTML is not difficult, but most people fare better publishing using regular text-friendly words.

For you, the experienced or new business person, when you play with BLOGGER, you get all of the bennies of this free Google service.  Take it from me.  For someone who has spent over $30 grand online learning Internet marketing, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SPEND THIS MONEY.

That is why I am here.  Much of what can be started online can be started using good old-fashioned work ethics, some content you like writing about, and common sense tools, tips, marketing tricks, and services using FREE (7-day only trial)means.

SOLUTION:  To add RSS feeds (means which with an audience can track your updates), to add follows by email, by Twitter, and by Facebook, just add a free BLOGGER account.  Set it up according to the business name you first want to appear online.  You can delete any blogger blog you form later on.  If you start with your name, you can use that name....OR you can use a business name that makes sense...OR you can make changes to your business over time as it evolves.

SOLUTION:  Once you set up your BLOGGER account, go to "LAYOUT".  Inside of layout, click "add a gadget".  Do not worry where add a gadget first appears on your blog.  You can click and move the boxes of add a gadget later on. 

Key point is to click on add a gadget, then click on "add RSS".  "Add Twitter".  "Add Facebook".  Add "email follow".  If you do not know what your additions do, you will find out through use.  If you still cannot figure out what some added gadgets do over time, keep researching matters.  Eventually, these things will "click into place when you are most ready".  I know this is not thrilling news.

  • Sometimes, when you try to set up something NOW..., it does not fully work
  • Repeat the following day
  • With repeats, eventually you will get your gadgets to work
  • Patience and persistence...and passion
  • What motivates me is you!

Internet marketing can be a hair-raising, teeth-pulling experience.  The key is to "hang tight"..., be patient, and never give up.

Only Add Paid Services When It Is Justified Through Steady Flows of Business Profits

I will clarify.  You do NOT need to pay for a ton of things you may not be ready to use.  When I hired several marketing coaches to train me, they made me promise to ONLY pay for:

  • Your domain name registration
  • Website hosting
  • Communication tool (building your client list/building communications)
  • Advertising your name to individual's ...appearing in their in-boxes
  • Even in many companies, the top pros DO NOT teach you this marketing!

Any $$ you spend to support your Internet marketing should NOT total more than $100 a month.

DO NOT PAY OUT GOOD $$ FOR SOME CORPORATE MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING WEBSITE.  They take your leads, they take your family, they take your $$, and they leave you with nothing.

  • Protect your lead list
For anyone promoting a business online without the use of MLM..., let us say just a regular business, still protect all names, email addresses, and contact information.

  • You work hard for those names

They belong only to you and no one else!

  • I have massive content coming your way....and I will charge for some services.  I will give free, 5,000% reliable marketing content that is very ethical, clean, not stupid, and Google compliant. 
  • I will affiliate market CORE items you require.  I will not work for free.  That is keeping it clean and simple, as an aspiring med student. 
  • Stay tuned for more.  It takes a decent amount of marketing education to be very clear.

Toasting Your Success!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

(P.S. -- For fans....I am NOT a guy...but if you like my writing, I tend to take a guy's hard-core business approach having spent much of my life working as a martial arts instructor/school owner.)

When Internet Marketing Education Varies

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

First, I answer several questions received from other folks asking about:

1)  Why is the content supporting beginners?

In order to build a campaign you can manage over many years, it is built on basics:

If I bombard you with search engine optimization, getting a top page rank of organic listing under a specific keyword (and you actually can do this in one step), generating your own leads using free search traffic before you go to paid advertising, working your numbers to increase website traffic, converting new folks into repeat buyers, you will see that Internet marketing is a vast arena of activity, one that mainly involves a starter flow. 

If you do not personally know:

* ad copy
* how your target markets think and buy
* to maintain let alone backup or even restore a well-oiled website
* how to apply for low costs per click (called paid Internet advertising or your cost of acquisition for a converting lead), you can go broke before you've gotten started
* what the pitfalls of Internet marketing are:  like hiring someone to build a website not fully mastered in all of its components, or...hiring someone to write content the article marketing houses will absolutely appreciate ..., let alone support...or how to include links people need in order to find you correctly...and more...;

2)  The content on this blog forms as people interact here.  I am still growing a following...still adding components which allow you to track me.

  •   I recommend if you can't read this blog, use Firefox, not Internet Explorer.

Less interaction means you're probably not yet telling me what you specifically want or need...or may not (yet know)...or if you're extremely advanced in your Internet marketing, you are looking for active ways to expand current offerings appearing with repeat purchasers, without going broke.  The key to this solution is --- no matter your industry -- ask them what they want.  This is the only way to identify what they need.

3)  Recommended Resources?

For NOW...,  I recommend a single handful of Internet marketers like Kevin Riley and Wealthy Affiliate...or Terry Duff.  If I recommend a host of others, you're lost "in the rabbit hole" (paying out all sorts of $$ you do not need to spend) when you should be focused on learning the marketing basics. 

If you have the $$ to outsource your work, you can have a website built for $10,000...but it should be connected to a communicator (autoresponder) ..., it should have articles that are developed throughout the Internet (ezine articles is not recommended...but I have resources if you leave specific Q's) articles do capture attention and do lead people back to your website(s).

If you say, "I know Internet marketing because I can create a general website".  That is not true.  Even if you're generating steady profits off of various websites, do you precisely know your buyers?  Do you know how they live, what they purchase..., or how much they're willing to spend?

Who Is Successful Online?


Phases of Online Business

While it is true that there are phases of marketing which develop your business online, as you build your fan following, as you build interaction, as you build purchasing, you're caring for these individuals in a great way.  When purchasing begins, it is initial Internet marketing but it is not an entire key.  The full key to any successful business incorporating highest ethics, selling only what's needed to consumers means that your Internet marketing will give them what they absolutely want and need, and it will also build repeat buyers along with future generations.

Many people think they can just form a website..., a blog..., or both and start business.  Not true.  You need cash flow..., a support system..., and access to reliable, knowledgeable resources.  That's why I still recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a beginning course.. (but it is an affiliate).  There are others out there that I have yet to reliably discover (other than Mike Young, Internet Marketing Attorney).  Google Mike, and opt into his legal online marketing news letter as a priority!  So, unless you know about some Internet marketing mastered group obtaining profitable results, you really want to keep most of your $$ in your least until you have some time to scope matters out carefully online.



Unless you are a well-known individual who has resources/connections to hire various individuals, you are working your online business using your own efforts.  These efforts require time spent developing your business content, getting a worldwide (or local and/or regional following.  You are building your own Internet age as that age is related to Google.  The longer you're online, the longer you stand a chance of building your complete following.  I hope this makes sense.

When Internet marketing education varies, you get dissolution of efforts.  So if you're new  OR EXPERIENCED online, it's best to start at the beginning by ensuring that your marketing campaign carries with it a full effect.  If you're adept at the technical aspects of building a website or building videos for others...or you can another service/product, it may not mean that you have had extensive exposure to:

* writing effective ad copy (print you read offline/online ads)
* mastering the purchasing mindset of your buying group
* paying for keywords that will result in you appearing effectively online when someone enters the keyword resulting in YOUR appearance ...for less than most of your competitors excessively pay
* converting your first-time buyers into repeat buyers
* maintaining long-standing buyer loyalty.

One of the things major gurus sell online is confusion.  If you have a decade of direct offline business experience at least, you're well equipped to move online.  If you have no direct business ownership experience, Internet marketing can result in steady profits, but there are prospecting/closing skills you must master ...if only to avoid gurus sell you anything (which merely leaves you meandering).  These tools/services/techniques do not give you a comprehensive system because there is, as of today, only an incomplete turnkey system.

I will always recommend some Internet marketing education...that's affordable...that gives you time to interact with ideas...and find what's going to work for you.  Not one size of online marketing fits all.  If you are MLM, they will use the corporate system to lock you into what they want you to produce.  Many top distributors eventually build their own Internet online systems (but they don't necessarily teach it).

As a business owner, you're best finding out what works using low cost to free starters means until you can at least build some type of following.  Then.., it's building/expanding content, finding out what others actively need and will buy..., then it's finding ways to best satisfy that need (based on what you know you can deliver).

THE CONTENT -- here....,

1)  supports beginners and intermediate marketers ...and as this blog and Internet system develop, the content, resources, and offers will develop.

I won't take shortcuts with you.  I value your time, your effort, and your earned $$.  I will not recommend someone I don't believe in over time.  The sources I share here..., I can recommend.

1A)  The best gains are made by setting up your system...or for starters...a free blog...or for intermediates...a website...with a blog... so that it all works online following a natural rhythm and flow.


If you're marketing antiques online, your blog and social marketing media will supplement your website...but it is best to focus on small marketing element over time.

What I'm saying is that a blog gets traffic.

Social websites get traffic that may not be targeted.

Website get traffic that may also not yet be targeted.

Wherever you start in your online marketing, start with one simple marketing element.  As I visit with you, although I have a Internet marketing website, I am playing mainly with this as to develop my FREE (organic) traffic.

As you interact with me more extensively, I test your needs to see what you absolutely want.  This is WHY the content is still somewhat basic here.  I am gauging flow of my traffic to find out where people fall.  Most of them are beginners...but some who are extremely advanced do visit this blog.

For the ones who are extremely advanced and highly profitable, their main challenge is communicating effectively with consumers to find out precisely how those consumers think..., as their purchasing fits into consuming needs.

On the antique website --

The Antique website will carry keywords relating to furniture polish, Queen Anne furnishings, antiques, tables, linens, etc....whichever words you conjure that relate to antique viewing and buying.

On the website, there is tabbed consumer information antique lovers want so that they may reliably research what's available online, or they may connect to authentic, certified dealers.  The website will discuss antique purchasing needs when these needs involve decorating a singular room or larger living space ...both adhering to a specific budget.  The website will offer comparisons of antiques so as to educate consumers so that they will want to buy from the website that makes most sense.  The best website will carry helpful consumer tips involving key considerations antique buyers want to know...such as --

*  is this Queen Anne table really worth the asking price?

*  securing a purchase safely online without being ripped off

*  different styles of antiques one might expect to buy for achieving a pleasing aesthetic room decor

*  how one finds a reputable dealer

*  where one goes to investigate additional top-rated dealers, how they're contacted, and how deals are best negotiated

*  particularly..., how one ensures that what is being purchased will represent the quality, model, and make of the expected antique ( it is real or fake)?

BUT..., that's only the beginning.  Once the website is constructed, it is continually maintained...and it is maintained along with other marketing elements such as:

* a means with which to communicate with other interested consumers
* building your customer list
* segmenting that customer list
* creating content your customers want and will actively follow
* sending offers to your customers they'll want for purchase
* ensuring fulfillment
* ensuring repeat purchasing 
* discovering new purchasing needs
* expanding one campaign as it is split into several campaigns over time.

I stop here for now so that new people can read, digest, and see what's involved.  It's not easy to KNOW what's going to make a marketing campaign successful.  It means testing all aspects of that online campaign by the numbers, by traffic, by purchasing (called conversions).

Your business online requires steady effort.

For now, I am developing the purchasing system which includes how the initial Internet marketing must flow in order for that campaign to work...and I am then reliably purchasing as it fits into communications.  You must have traffic of on-lookers appearing at your blog/website before you're ready to convert that audience (as buyers).  It means that you're establishing repeat connections/trust long before they make a first purchase.

Toasting Your Success,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Time of Enlightened Business And Living

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

In this post, I offer you something highly unusual from enlightened realms, shared actively so as to boost your personal integrity.  It is delivered from a very caring place.  It is not about "becoming a multi-millionaire using hidden tactics"...but it is about recognizing your self-worth apart from misgivings we sometimes humanly hold.  As the powerhouse you are, you have been taught faulty concepts in the past threatening the core of your integrity.

Yes -- you can be a millionaire if this is what you want.  You do NOT have to violate the integrity of your relationships in order to create that wealth...and anything worth having involves time, clear intent, and ongoing effort.  This goal does not have to cost you an entire lifetime, but more is offered later along those lines.  

For now, I am here to help you recognize your true power, bolster it (if need be), and say specifically that there are no real barriers preventing you from achieving the balance and success you so greatly deserve.  You are far more amazing and unique than you have ever been told, and as part of this critical Mindset Mastery, I refer you to Emmanuel, Spirit Library, February Internet Issue, 2013:
  • "Because of societal conditions surrounding us, many of us have been taught to put more value on 'doing' rather than 'being'. This (condition) manifests itself by (closely) identifying our self worth through the type of career we have chosen, or by looking at the amount of money we hold in our bank account;
  • 'Doing' is more of a forced and trying type of energy
  • By always 'doing' we move ourselves out of balance
  • By 'being' mindful, 'being open to inspired action', and ‘being playful' we bring back a healthy balance into ourselves
  • It is in this balance that we are able to recognize the value of who we really are without having to do anything to (force these earnings in place)"
Contradicting business -- you have been told that you are only as valuable as the amount of money you annually earn. 

It is your energy and your contributions that you first put out into the world...and as others see their inherent worth, they will also reflect their worth back to you.

"The key to valuable success is to attract those who value what you do and will pay for what you do well. It takes time to identify this audience, but they exist.  Those you attract into your spheres of great influence will be very much like you.  If you feel and behave like a Master, you are actually already a Master.  No one bestows mastery upon you.  You bestow it upon yourself (by virtue of HOW you are in the world over time).  Your business reflects this mindset", Barbara Brinkmeyer.
SELF-EVIDENT TRUTHS (Via Emmanuel) Are That:
  • "The Universe (world) provides us with opportunities (set forth in order) to experience greater balance in our lives
  • ...and some of these opportunities may feel more like challenges because many of us are choosing to look the other way when it means integrating three aspects of balance within our lives (soul, self, and awareness)
  • Right now, we are (at a juncture in human evolution) still neglecting, putting off, or denying what is demanding our (immediate) attention
  • This includes tending to our well-being, tending to personal and business relationships, tending to finances, etc.;
  • Why is it that what we have been putting off so now demanding our attention?
  • It is all coming up to the surface (for active viewing) so that (real) resolution may take place?
  • Before we can effectively and permanently move forward in an integrated way, it is important for us to tend to things we have been neglecting or have not yet brought into full acceptance
  • As we restore balance in our own personal lives, we contribute to the restoration of the balance around the world."
When you further integrate and resolve unfinished aspects of your life, you are somehow miraculously freed to move beyond the usual.  Let nothing stand in your way (of becoming your all).  In forthcoming posts, I share some "nitty-gritty" at no charge.  Intensive sharing will be priced accordingly so please stay tuned for more help!
Toasting Your Success Absolutely Online and Offline,
Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA


Creating Your Own E-Books

Hello Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Congratulations, you found this blog devoted singularly to setting up & operating an online business. 

On this blog, you will see a variety of topics suited specifically to Internet business.  I'll cover topics such as writing e-books for sale, writing business plans you can easily follow, deciding which products to offer, putting together a webinar (and offer references), hiring help accordingly, staying away from email scams, offsetting risks related to operating online (by avoiding hackers), setting up your business using credit cards, and more. 

Today's post talks about creating your own Internet content you can sell away from publishing houses (where they retain 90% or more of your profits).  Even if you're in MLM, you can still do the same thing.  Even though this blog attracts people from all over the world, I usually stick to U.S. business law.  However, in MLM you are writing from your personal experiences.  You are sharing your core findings, and you are finding ways to help new distributors move product without stepping on corporate toes (all while teaching them the fundamentals of setting up strong presentations/closing new enrollees as you build your downline and help them build theirs).

When you're new online, you have pure power at your fingertips, but as a responsible business owner, it's up to you to conduct yourself well.  Any mistakes you make which send consumers running to the FTC (Fed'l Trade Commission), the BBB (Better Business Bureau), or a U.S. state's DA (District Attorney) means that you're risking everything you've got.  By marketing yourself rightly and appropriately, you can offset, if not eliminate those risks altogether.

BUT..., in order to do all of these things capably, it means educating yourself before you incur costs.  You must have an operational budget in place, form monthly savings to both pay for your lifestyle and to pay for your operational business.  There are people who have gone broke attempting to set up a business without being ready for that business... citing that they had limited cash flow.  It's a number one challenge for any early business, but you do NOT need to be wealthy in order to create wealth.  You will need daily discipline in order to address daily work.


E-Book Creation

There are several elements which exist as part of a complete campaign: 

* a free report (so that people will join your monthly newsletter)
* the way to store people's contact information
* a way to communicate with people monthly
* recorded messages (webinars)
* products to offer
* a payment system
* ongoing content people can access regularly (blog/website/Facebook/Twitter).

Let us cover e-books.  The most commonly appearing content you will see online as it introduces content for profit would fall into categories such as:

* dating
* legal help
* how to do something for less
* crafts
* music
* anything you can imagine where the need is greater than the pain

E-Books are growing in popularity because authors can ---

1)  Retain most, if not all profits
2)  Vary content at will (instead of waiting for publishing approval and major publisher's printing)
3)  Immediate online distribution
4)  Immediate fingertip marketing.distribution.

Creating Your Own Hot Selling E-Book

1) Your content is based on the following:  prior life experiences, current (or future) know-how, current and developing interests, skills, and applicable abilities.


MBA's who choose not to go into management can leverage their skills targeting law, business, and medicine.  The MBA is half of a Doctorate in Medicine.  It's natural that content at an MBA level is comprehensive.  E-Books can be sold for profit discussing many aspects of both online and offline business.  At the medical level -- E-Books can be sold at traditional medical healing levels.  They can tap into alternative healing, or they can blend traditional and non-traditional aspects of healing.

2)  Your key Q's should be:

A)  What do I do exceptionally well?
B)  Where's largest demand?  If I look at online purchasing, what are people buying in large numbers...or in smaller, more quiet niches?
C)  Which areas of service will my business provide?


I use the MBA/Physician example because that is my current and future realm.

3)  Information products help people solve common ailments (difficulty breathing at high altitudes...followed by sale of O2 (Oxygen canisters) or commonly problematic conditions (such as dandruff...satisfied by selling medicated shampoo..or herbal hair remedy).

4)  What to sell?  You will fare best by considering current information.  One blog fan asked me to expand on the current taboo subject CANCER... and reasoning for suggesting Gerson Therapy  (Google it online...they're operating in Mexico but they are training people in this non-toxic therapy across the U.S.).

but I will say.... when you turn to conventional medicine for primary healing, it must be an individual decision.

Cancer treatment therapies are taboo by extended discussion for a good reason.  Global systems are set up to handle conventional oncology.  Others are set up to handle unconventional oncology (or degenerative diseases).  People pass away from cancer when they pull in traditional healing therapies.  People pass away from cancer when they pull in alternative healing therapies.  There are people who survive cancer when they either heal using one therapy or another, or incorporate both.  So it is not fair to say conclusively that one therapy cures all.

Online, unless one is certified and licensed, legalities warrant that practitioners stick to the therapies they deliver best.  No one can guarantee results.  Oncologists will tell you what the risks/hazards of therapies are.  Non-toxic systems will do the same so I simply share the obvious.

However, in all realms, no matter what your preferences about living are, it's up to you to research, search resources, confirm their trustworthiness, and then choose.  Ultimately, your choices are yours, and your conclusions are yours.

5)  Competition

What's the competition online doing?  What are they doing offline?  What's your risk? 

If you feel that you can offer outstanding service and products, then competition isn't really a major concern...although some say it is.  Success is about offering your best at all times...and whenever you find information online relating to your competitors, you're after a general assessment to see where you should and can proceed.  If you offer something others typically can't, that is a major clue.

*** Those who have been online longest will have staying power

*** You can compare competitors fees to your own, determining what you're worth relative to others -- proceeding accordingly

*** You will attract what you believe.

6)  When writing content, write using your own words.

This really is much more basic than you think.  You can purchase books of interest.  Sit/read...put the book down...and paraphrase using your own words.  I cite the obvious that Internet marketing gurus use -- they run to major booksellers, purchase reference books, and then create their own information products.  You would think that it is pure genius at work...when it is not.

You don't need product infringements, nor do you need to violate U.S. copyrighting laws (product/service infringements)..., nor do you need to violate copywriting infringements (copied ad copy).

7)  Content Itself

*** Is it compelling?
*** Is it needed?
*** Is it wanted?
*** Does it answer current need?
*** What's a fair price (by current market value)?

In my next post, I outline content so please stay tuned for more valuable help.  My FREE report will most likely be a very valuable one.  I'm favoring what you want most -- how to get paid using Internet merchant cards (credit card services).

Toasting Your Success Online!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA