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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why You Want Your Own Website, 7 Primary Considerations

Welcome Home-Based Business Owners!

Today's post covers something fundamental to building your home-based business.  Let's discuss why you want your own website and what it will mean to you as a business owner.  In quick and very simple terms -- a website can translate into success. There are more ingredients involved in building and managing a successful site, but let's stick with the 7 main reasons why you need a website. This is another conclusion to prior posts covering details about why corporate websites aren't best for you.

1) Google loves it when you have your own thing.

A website is no different.  You don't have to be a techno-wizard to build something even for free so in this post, I will talk about what you want to look out for when you use free site builders like and before moving into small or even massive website building.

You can start playing with content in a niche of your interest and choice.  Make certain that whatever you promote, you really love doing it.

*  If you start with, keep in mind that Google owns this domain so any content you post here will not be exclusively owned by you UNLESS you later transfer your best content over to your eventual website.

NOTE:  It's better to take action than to stall.  You can always apply your efforts elsewhere, once you get your feet wet with blogger.

2)  Google loves it when you have your own unique content.

Because content is the driving force for your business, it has the power to draw people to you based on some matched need.  They want something you have that you will later offer.  When content helps people today, it carries real weight.

Building your own blog as a mini-starter site is a great way to get your business going online because it gives you early power over your publishing.  This is where you can build your following, but I will tell you that it takes patience and lots of work to see first results.

Many online businesses publish their own content because it's also a great way to connect to inquiring audiences, give Google what they want (unique content), and pave the way for what will later be your published website.

You want a following in place by the time you get your site running...because there are some smaller costs associated with maintaining a full website (hosting and domain name registration).

3)  If you use a corporate website for an MLM or for an affiliate program (online), the day will come where you will want a customized site.  This is true because you have full power over what appears and doesn't appear on that site.

If you use (FREE)..., keep in mind that Wordpress owns this domain so any content you publish here falls under their ownership.  That doesn't mean that you can't transfer your best content over to your later website.

4)  You want to be careful not to hit people over the head with too many offers whenever you're using these two free sites because Google and Wordpress have the ability to cancel your account in the event you violate their publishing rules.

Be certain to read the terms and conditions of what you can and should not post over inside of and  That way, you can still test early content, get your publishing feet wet, build a starter following, and later alter your articles to reflect your most current ideas (and know-how).

It is for these main reasons that you want to consider owning your own website.  It is about positioning yourself as the sole authority, marketing freely generic products/services appearing under your name, and building a longer-term business.  You can do this with your MLM as long as you don't violate trademarked services or mention specific product names.  I've talked about this fact before.

5)  It's easier to include links to affiliate products and MLM items on a website of your own when you write the content yourself.  You can also hire people to write content for you, but whatever you do, you will first have to set up a general domain targeting the niche of your choice.


Network Marketing With

That could be one domain name.  It's general enough to keep your domain open so that you can place various products/services under that domain, but it's not so specific that you're only targeting a narrowly-focused niche showcasing only 1 or 2 products.  That's one school of thought.

If you are new to online marketing, it's best to start with 1, 2, or 3 basic products for starters.  If you're marketing your MLM, then you would place no more than these 3 items on your eventual website.  That is another school of thought that works very well for beginners.

If you are using the free blogger or wordpress, you can talk about some of the things network marketers will want to read about like how to set up a winning presentation, or you could talk about how to get your own free conference line.

You can keep blogging content general, but remember to reserve and protect your most sensitive content for your website (self-hosted) because this is the place where you'll directly be paid.


As I've mentioned WordPress in prior blog posts, is a popular blogging platform online marketers use today.  The reason why that is true is because marketers of all types can get the ease of blogging but build business benefits from the look and feel of the website -- hosted under a private domain.

7)  When you have the ability to publish content appearing online under your name, you have the ability to now generate your own following.

This is the biggest reason why corporate websites will NOT work in your favor.  Corporate policy (whether it's network marketing or affiliate marketing) limit you to what you can and can't do.  Most of the print you read on these sites is set.  You might be able to alter your profile a little bit, but if you ever leave your MLM or major affiliate, you want the flexibility to include other products/services while carrying your list along with you.   It stands to reason that you won't have the ability to add other things to a corporate site pre-determined for you.

The bottom line is this.  It's ALWAYS in your best business interest to build your own following separately from what corporations do, and you can do that best by owning your own website.  Besides, the top dogs do this so why shouldn't you?

If you have any questions and would like to know more about how you can transition your business online, feel free to leave me a comment...or you can easily join my Insider Newsletter addressing Network Marketing needs.  I am re-writing the free report at this time, but you can still leave your information with me.  I never sell my lists to anyone, and your information will be kept safe.

Toasting Your Success Online,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketing Mentor/Teacher

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why Corporate Websites Aren't The Way To Go: 3 Follow-Up Insights

Welcome Back Fellow Home-Based Business Owners!

First off -- I'm thrilled you're here.  There's nothing more profound than writing the ultimate truth about why you are already powerful.  My job is to kindly mirror it back to you so you can realize what I SEE.  I can do this because I spent 23 years guiding 6,000 senior instructors in the martial arts under my acting collar.  So...yes...this is about masterful living while working your own business (lived on your own terms).

Secondly -- Companies are wonderful when you know precisely how to leverage their power, BUT...for the vast majority of wonderful people out there, they have no idea where to begin.  I'll clarify.

Follow-Up Insight #1:  Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing?

Here's what it is...and it fits into network marketing in ways you've not been taught.

You your network marketing companies, you're taught to market THEM in very specific ways.  This is fine if you're seasoned and you have your own large following..., BUT if you're absolutely new to the online world (or you're even new to the concept of MLM offline), you will most likely NOT know where to begin.  It's even the same way if you're working as an employee for a company, and they're pushing you hard to build THEIR LIST.

And.., it's not your fault.


I will tell you more.

You see...aside from network marketing companies who do manufacture some astounding products, there are ...department stores that have affiliate marketing departments.  What this means for you as a potential "work from home business owner" is that the world can be your oyster.

It can.

But...there is a learning curve.  It's the learning curve that holds many people back, and naturally so. 

It doesn't have to be that way.

With great love, care, research, and 5 years of my own intensive work, I have learned that you have more options at your fingertips.


People don't know that this reality is true if they haven't been taught how to properly harness technology.  That's a major challenge for ...say...99% of people who even know how to basically use a computer.  But..., the good news is that there are more tools online that can take the hassle out of creating a website!  5 years ago, it was a real struggle.

So if you adore your MLM products, you:

* can move MLM if you want...,
but you must have a solid system in place needed to build that organization and manage it
* can move products from almost any store that has it's own affiliate program
* can do a combination of both
* can pull in other paid strategies online
* can use various mediums to get the word out

I cite Facebook, videos, to name a few


That's why traditional corporate MLM websites and even regular firms managing their workforce from an under-utilized perspective are not necessarily operating with your success in mind.  They serve themselves, have done so, and will always do so.  Proof is now in the pudding as Americans are asked to look hard at the GDP (gross-domestic product and output).  For every dollar we borrow to buy imports, we own less than .41 cents outright. That means that we're consuming more than we output as a nation...and other nations are not necessarily guaranteeing that they're going to reinvest fully in us -- China for one.  Sure...China participates...but not at the level our government is asking (as I cite global agreements).  This is today's news as our government is asking China to step up further to the plate.  They're resisting..., you could say.


If you head over to Commission Junction, just Google it.  It's one of the largest affiliate networks online.  This network moves tangible things you can hold in your hands.  There's Google Affiliate Network.  There's Link Share.  Pull in the power of these 3 major sites, and you're leveraging the power of these networks to advertise your site!


If you learn affiliate marketing...and some basic Internet marketing, plus toss in a blend of other marketing techniques you can later add to your websites, you'll make far more profits than if you were just working a corporate site for a very small commission!  I cite the meager % MLM's and even some affiliates offer.

Never accept less than 65%.  You're gonna work like the dickins to earn it! the event you're still not sure about what I'm saying here.


See if you can Google one of your most favorite department stores.  I work in one for weekly fun and for continued cash flow while I work the Internet marketing for my ultimate passion.  I'm building an infrastructure to support greater business online and it's not going to be a nosebleed site.  Think NETWORK of sites you own!  So you could say that my ultimate passion fits into department store work...BUT NOT AT THE LEVEL YOU'VE TRADITIONALLY BEEN TAUGHT.  Sure..I build the department store list (database)...but they don't even have the courage to pay employees what they're really worth!  Databases generate millions a year.  They won't even pay an associate $1.00 for every name they capture. 

But..., Here's HOW you can become an affiliate...going beyond nosebleed commissions.

Think about ...Cabella's. 

Chances are that they have their own affiliate program.


By pure definition, affiliate marketing means that you put up a site either in your own alias name (not your real name) or in a domain name that markets ...say..."cabella's for less".

The products that are not moved by traditional department store sales make it possible for marketers online to move reduced cost merchandise!

Did you know that?

It's taken me several years to really understand how this kind of marketing works.



In affiliate marketing, all you have to do is drive traffic to your generic site showcasing Cabella's discount products for less.  It sounds easier than it is.  Whenever you're learning something new, it can be like pulling out your hair, one strand at a time.

BUT..., anything worth having means working for...and you're the one who can do it! 

So in affiliate marketing, you become the source who connects people to what they're already looking for and ready to buy.

You get a bigger cut when you send traffic (inquiring minds) to your site.  They read the content that gives them access to "product comparisons", "reviews"....and more.

It's simple content designed to connect the consumer to whatever they're looking for at a good cost AND to the store that would otherwise not move past season merchandise.

If the store isn't moving the merchandise, you're doing it through their systematic feeds.  They sell some of the data packs (that help you get your site up and running and optimized by Google's standards).  You find the traffic.


In some affiliate programs, you can get paid anywhere from 65% - 100% of the commissions!

Are you starting to see other possibilities?

I hope so.  That's why I am here.

IF I CAN HELP HARD-WORKING PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY WANT FROM HOME....WHAT COULD BE SWEETER?  So...yes...there are hard-working, honest, ethical people online training ahead of you to help you get where you want to go...because we know by NATURAL LAW...that if we do the right thing for all involved, everyone will be that much more profitable...sooner.

It is the honest-to-goodness truth.

How you know that I am telling you the ultimate truth is that your heart will remain open.

If I falsify ANY information, your chest will constrict.

So...I am here for profit.  You are here for profit, and it SHOULD BE that way.

We don't just move affiliate products.

We layer our marketing to do much, much more.  Never before in the history of mankind have we had such an opportunity!  This is true because the Internet IS levelling the playing field for individuals...and yes...large companies are a bit nervous. 

If corporations haven't served the public from the best of places, they know who they are.  There are also companies who have done their level best to uphold the public good.  They know who they are. New Economy business unfolds in this year of 2011..., there will come a time where companies not really helping individuals all too well will begin to feel the affects of their choices.  I say this with care and respect.

It's the Law of the Land....Cause and Effect at Work.

Call it a time now fast approaching where individuals will have more choices available to them then ever before.

That's why your traditional network marketing companies aren't the hottest choice for you.

I'll explain a bit further.

You see..., if you haven't been shown how to build a small site and write content the public will be clamouring to read, it's gonna throw you for a loop.

That's because you have been trained to view life in specific ways...pretty much since childhood.  What I'm suggesting here is that ALL of us have been trained to view life in certain ways...consistent with what large corporations have programmed into us... to ensure their high profits. individuals, if we don't ever question all that we've been raised with, we can't see the forest through the trees.


Now...I will NOT suggest that we're creating anarchy.  That's not what New Economy business is about.

It's about....1) companies collaborating for greater market reach and profit..., 2) it's about companies getting real about training their people better..., and 3) it's about everyone profiting much more handsomely than ever before!

Think about it.

If you had the chance to level the playing field more honorably (where many people could benefit from their hard-work), and you cut out much of the greed-based decision making, what would that do to corporations?

Yup.  It would have to mean that people on Capital Hill will have to stop running government the way they have -- which has been really crazy and representative of only the key players (who have the gold).  Mark my word.  The time will come where politicians will no longer be able to distort the content to fit corporate need.  We're already seeing a shift along these lines.

So..., I"m sharing powerful, powerful information here with you to say that corporate decision-makers know what I'm saying.  They're going to have to clean up their acts if they're going to transition into business another 50 years.  They just don't teach what I'm saying here.

But..., if the playing field dropped just a bit (at CEO and upper executive levels) order to better serve the masses somewhat more for it.  It's going to have to happen if we're going to pay for our houses these next 20 years and beyond.'d see a drop in the profitable standard of living for the ones who've been at the top for so long that it's no longer even laughable.  We have a very tiny percentage of MLM'ers who make obscene $$ every month...more than you could make in a lifetime..., and they're worried that their old business methods are working less and less.


Consider...the billionaire template.

You may not know it exists...but it does.

Billionaires know --- GET EVERYTHING FOR NOTHING!

They actively teach it.  Yeah -- they give you gold watches for 20 years of service.  They give you parking spots when you become employee of the month.  They give you certificates for good performance..., and just once...I've asked even the multi-millionaires..."stop expecting people to give you the moon" when you should just pay individuals "only a little bit more".  It's not going to kill these people!

But..., if they've been living largely in fear..., they're not going to let go of a foothold they've long held.  They won't.


So they fear you learning what's needed to "BUILD YOUR OWN CLIENT LIST"...because you will no longer need to live your life according to their game plans.

I will apologize in advance if this post reads a bit too harsh.  That's not what this is about.

I'm just saying...."Enough is enough!"  "Slavery was abolished a long time ago, folks!"


So...if you easily accept (and swallow) the corporate programming they've been jamming down our throats for a very long time, you will eventually begin to lift the blinders.

You will eventually begin to view life in a VERY different way.

The only reason why I can write this content is that I KNOW IT BY HEART...AND BY DIRECT EXPERIENCE.

I have learned in operating my own martial arts school that the NATURAL LAW ALREADY SUPPORTS YOU!

That means...that if you take your power...and find the courage to become your own business force in the world, no company on Earth can prevent you from creating your success!  They cannot.

This includes any department store that would not openly tell their associates about affiliate marketing. 

It happens all the time.

I'll stop there and let you digest what I'm saying.

I've been prepared for this role long before I got here.  I live with great excitement for your success!  There's nothing sweeter than showing people their true power...the power that's separate from the baloney we've been fed at kids!

You will know what I"m saying if you feel excitement in your heart right now....because it's the solemn truth!

Please feel free to offer your comments/suggestions for additional content.  Because I cannot read your mind, there is no way for me to know precisely where you're coming from.  That means...based on the level of marketing experience and prowess you inherently possess, there are success blueprints online that already exist! 

They have been proven and written to support you.

The key is to find what's going to work for you...based ON WHAT YOU DEMAND..., not what others say you should have.

Absolutely Supporting Your Success Online,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketing Mentor/Web Publisher

P.S.   Stay tuned.  I have so much proven information to share with you that I don't know where to begin.  You'll have to guide me.  If you want to know what to put on a blog so that Google will love you, then tell me.  If you want to know how to write your own articles, then tell me.  If you want to know what absolutely has to go on a website so that people and Google will love you, I can provide that too!