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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home-Based Business Updates, Legitimate and Illegitimate Business

Welcome Fellow Home-Based Business Owners!

Barbara here.  I'd like to offer some interesting news.  No matter what you're experiencing, hang in there.  Stay tuned to this blog for more updates.

Home-Based Business Is Lagging

The news I'm sharing here may be along lines you already know.   Whenever you have other industries lagging, a few willl lead but the vast majority will follow the major trend.  Here's why.  Whenever there's an economic downturn that happens twice in a row, it takes time to rebuild an economy.  Since the 1930's, there have been 3 double-dip recessions. 

What's happening in the U.S. economy looks worse than it actually is.or in the very least, many of us are feeling the same way -- when are things going to finally stabilize?  Good question.  Well.... we are in the middle of a profound SHIFT.  By that much said, I mean to suggest that the way we do things is being scrutinized. 

Those who haven't been as honest as they should be are getting pounded.  And..yes...old industry is rearing it's head because it refuses to make the changes the public demands.  It's as if we have some weird old industry entitlement mindset prevailing.  Let's just call it human ego run-a-muck.
As a result, the gatekeepers (bankers and regulators) were scratching their backsides..., and we've hit a double-dip recession. 

U.S. companies are sitting on $1.3 Trillion in cash assets and they're not hiring, despite gov't pleas.

That's tough news for a lot of very good people.

But guess what's happening online?

There are a few types of revolutions unfolding.  It's good news, but you have to know where to look.

People are buying tangible goods.

People are paying for "pet goodies of all types".

They're not traveling as much as they did even a few years ago.


#1)  You have a clash between old and newer business mindsets, and sure... it's very real.  I've talked about this before.  It's so old we've beaten the dead horse to death.  Apologies to horse lovers.  I'm one of them, but I'm just using a metaphor here.

#2)  You have more individuals who are no longer willing to "work for less".  Heck -- why should they?

There are people are in need of work that will bring them a far better outcome.  For some -- that means operating their own business.  For others -- maybe it means striking a compromise between older and newer world values.  That's ok too.

#3)  We have more companies outsourcing to countries other than hiring people within the U.S.

Is it a flaw in U.S. economic and political thinking?  Maybe so.  Maybe not.., or maybe it's a combination of endless factors.  The reality is that we had a lot of wealth in 2008.  Many of us are watching our 401K's dip down further.  Some are doing ok and haven't been impacted.  Many have no safety nets.

BUT...there are industries that are raking in a lot of gold!  You have to think oppositely to what most people are doing.  They're not spending as much as they did going back to 2008.  They are regrouping assets, and they're reducing their debt as they can..., when they can.

#4)  We have more people hopping online, and they're looking for legitimate business opportunities.

I will tell you that it's getting hot in this Internet kitchen.  We've had a lot of people online take advantage of newcomers, and they should have known better.  That's ok.  Google shut them down -- 100,000 and still going as far as I can tell.  I'll tell you more so read on.

There are legitimate business opportunities.  You just have to know where to find them.  I'll give you a hint. You won't find them in the newspapers.  You will attract them to you!  If you consider yourself a willing, steady, honest person with very high integrity, then there are opportunities awaiting you online.  I will tell you what some of them are NOT.

Forget the Loser Opportunities

I'll give you a rundown of specific businesses I've evaluate these past 4 years, consistently.

* Forget quick fixes -- they take your $$ and give nothing back.

* Watch out for gov't scams claiming to offer new businesses loans. Unless you're directly in contact with the Small Business Administration (SBA), many gov't agencies have hit big reductions in fed'l funding.

* Remember -- If something is too good to be true, it's usually connected to a scam.

* Forget "fast overnight cash websites".  Whether it's MLM or affiliate marketing, be careful.  Many claim to be what they are not. 

* Forget filling out online surveys. 

They do one thing -- take your $35 and you'll never see it again.

* Forget ponzie schemes.  If you're not sure what this is -- just think about Wall Street's last fiasco dating back to September 2008.

* Forget gifting programs of any kind.

* Forget gambling or playing the lotto unless maybe you want a one-time, cheap Friday thrill.

* Watch out for MLM's who are NOT billion dollar companies -- if you choose to work any. 

Some of these companies are altering their payout plans when the big guys retire.  Some aren't delivering what they originally promised.  Some do deliver.  Find out who they are, if you can.

* Watch out for online gurus claiming to have the next best thing.  If they did, they wouldn't be selling their cruddy products.  About 50% of the time, these products/services are junk. 

* Consider Internet marketing education.  Yes -- it is = to a 4-year university degree..., but stay tuned for more information forthcoming.  Best of all -- you can work your mlm online harnessing this education...and NO -- you're not working for a company unless you really want to.  In that case, then have at it.  At least you're in the driver's seat.

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Toasting Your Success Online,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA
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