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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Translating Passion Into Success From Home

Hello Everyone,

I'm about to share with you how you may spell out enlightened possibilities involving work from home.  I'm not talking about network marketing although that can be one route.  I'm about to share with you some very profound realities many don't consider.  Therefore, I won't date this post because it is Universal in its information. 

Corporate Ideologies

1)  Have nothing to do with sculpting your success.


They're not set up this way.  In fact, let's take a very expanded approach to conservatively include old mindsets handling quite a bit of business as it relates to the past 150 years, and what you face in corporate America and beyond is an outmoded Industrial-Aged mindset.  This is not a poke at anyone.  It's a persistent reality.  However, apply NOW information (digital aged) content and what you get is a real shift.  So you have to shift your thinking.  I'm about to show you how very easily, without investing a lot of money in a household endeavor.

2)  BUT....

New Realities Governing Your Success Exist Everywhere

Many people have skills and abilities they may not consider...but these talents are dormant until you sit down to examine what you can do. 

*** There is a valuable book located at your local library.  It's an occupational handbook for U.S. based work.

*** If you buy this book online, it costs $20.

*** If you even find last year's version dated 2011 or prior, it's time well spent.

3)  Head to your library or order this book at

It's going to show you from the comfort of your own home how you can look at all of the jobs you had never before considered.  It's going to show you in a heartbeat, and it's going to show you what's possible without forking over a ton of money on new education...or having to buy tools taking you nowhere.

4)  In this handbook, start walking through it to see what lights up your eyes.

This is key information which will show you what you've looked beyond, disregarded, or barely considered.

*** Continue thumbing through the book. You're looking at facts...not emotions.  You want U.S. figures that outline concretely what people are doing in America to earn their livings.

*** Look at all sorts of industries.

*** See what trips your trigger.

*** Look for 5 alternatives you can list on paper that will entirely set your mind, imagination, and feet ablaze.


In my life, I've done a lot of different things but the one thing that really lights me up is the ability to doctor other people not only in medicine but in health, wellness, vitamin therapy, psychology, and just good living.

5)  Make a list of creative activities you adore.

6)  Don't rule out anything.

7)  See if you can align hobbies with skills.

8)  Take some of the wildest experiences you've had with people and find ways to put those experiences into words on paper.

9)  You're looking for an inventory listing of things you've done or have not yet considered as your ultimate outcome

10)  Then...take that U.S. Occupational Handbook you've checked out of the library or purchased (one of the best books I ever bought)...

11)  Now...comparing the list of things you've done or would like to do better or overlooked -- look at the handbook.

12)  Compare


So I made a list of healing-related activities I've done in my past.

* counseling while operating my own martial arts school
* helping people reduce injuries or manage swelling
* running people to emergency rooms
* visiting students when they were sick in hospitals
* helping family members deal with mellow to life-altering illnesses (cancer)
* coping with the unfortunate ending (death)

I looked at the U.S. Occupational Handbook

* spelled out how to get into med school
* formulated a list of what I could do from home once certified
* carry work home
* form a side office
* find concrete ways of listing my dreams on paper to later attract paying clients to the home environment

13)   This is overly-simplified...but I'm showing you possibilities.

If your neighborhood or apartment does not restrict business, you're free to outline what you can and cannot do.

If they do, for future reference list areas of the city where you have more freedom.

14)  My point is -- whatever your mind can create, the U.S. Occupational Handbook will tell you precisely which occupations you've missed, how you can get there, what kind of financing you may need, or how you can work with the tools you already have to create your ideal world.

In America, anything you dream can be created.

Stay in touch.  I will continue to share more MBA ideas at comprehensive levels.  This is the best degree in business I ever obtained because it takes the overview, waters it down into concrete solveable steps, and shows you how to construct new realities based on fact.

Hang in there.  Don't give up.  Many are shifting to home-cottage business because it's convenient, affordable, tax deductible, and very doable.  The Internet is making it all possible.  People are setting up websites using home addresses.  They're protecting their identities using alias emails and business names, but anything is possible...more than ever.  You don't have to work for a company if you don't want to do so..., or better... you can blend work with a company from work at home.  In a physician's lifestyle, they can treat patients in a hospital, but they can followup from home and promote their products on the Internet.

Yours In Business,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA