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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Commentary Regarding Clear Content of Any Nature

Hello Fellow Online Entrepreneurs & Business Owners,

Today's post is simple.  I answer incoming Q's from others by telling you how things are online.  I don't sugar coat realities at all. 

One of my biggest Q's is --

1)  Why others don't print what they preach or remotely (yet alone astutely) believe?

A --

It takes massive education to get to the bottom line.  Most don't know.  They don't take the time or spend the $$ to know what must happen in a specifically set order like:  building your online infrastructure (which I specify below), building your following, then building loyalty & trust, then establishing steady interactedness, and then finally moving products/services the larger consuming public will repeatedly want and willingly pay for.  These steps do not happen overnight.  This success requires that you'll be there for others when they want you and need you.  That's not easy to deliver because it means that you'll have to outsource and hire help along the way.

2)  I am not speaking of you going through this process the way I did. 

Because I am transitioning into medical school, I demand an exhaustive approach to anything I do, and in the online environment, there is time-intensive study involved in learning how to effectively promote a product online..., if we talk about you doing the work and not hiring a company to do it for you.  This marketing process can become expensive. when you don't tackle the work yourself. 

However, as you transition online, the tools you absolutely need are the following:

* Through the use of blogging
* Through the use of article marketing (publishing...through free means)
* Through the use of a primary website (which attracts attention & tells people what you're about)
* Through the use of public relations (social media marketing...Facebook ...for one).
* Through you watch your favorites...whether those websites watch rock stars or big business like retail online.

**** The key to your success is to find one major online success, look at the campaign, track it closely, see how it fits together, and see how the octopus arms expand outwardly online to "net in" or pull in traffic (inquiring minds).

About the Junk You Find Online

This harsh (governing) reality has much to do with a prevailing notion about what constitutes proper business:

1A)  It's simple.  Be direct about all offers.  Be very clean with delivery of products/services...AND above all...,

1B)  Value human beings.  Be being human first and leader second, high integrity is a must.  You must always make the right decision for your customer/client.  To sell them anything they do not need is the same as shooting yourself in the foot.

1C)  I only share what I do and know.  I don't proport to take any short-cuts when it comes to giving people what they demand.

1D)  I don't assume that I know what people want.  I ask.  They tell me.  I research it, and find the overall finest results they can repeatedly rely on in order to create and experience real value for consumers and business owners alike.  In this way, you create business that lasts...and any wealth you amass is then fully enjoyed because it is had through honest means.

1E)  It's taken me 6 or so solid years of steady research online and (not to mention a lot of $$) to look at what works and doesn't work.  The very simple ingredients working for ALL businesses online is that they must have a strong

* strong web presence;

* one branded name...minimum --

...usually being the website owner's name;

* clear, workable website with content others can follow easily;

* a blog that marries but does not duplicate the website  --

This is for Google indexing get a high page rank & Google, page 1 listing so that others can find you when they either enter a problematic keyword phrase (string of words pulling you up as the net result));

* a strong Facebook presence -- with fans interacting on that FB page to an excited extent;

* the connecting tie -- where the blog and the website and the pay buttons all connect together to move products/services;

* maybe some Twittering -- to date, I have not discovered that this generates the traffic one could really use;

* article which capture and hold interest and move people to a blog/website;

1F)  Emulating a campaign that gets solid results

1G)  Finding those you can trust online and offline to help you get the job done affordably.

Existing confusion which prevails as the net result of many infopreneurs just peddling the next thing they feel will trip your trigger by movtivating you to reach into your wallet for greenbacks they don't have.

That's stating matters plainly.





Toasting Your Success Online,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Friday, October 12, 2012

Real Life Marketing At Work Online

Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs/MLM'ers/Affiliates,

In this post, I'll offer you a link to a blog I just formed inside of an Internet Marketing Place of Learning, as it works on what's called "New Economy" reliable learning.

It's called the Open Education Project where you don't have to be accepted to a major university to learn what's required.

This link should take you to the project.  It is called Wealthy a learning place for new and seasoned Internet Marketers scratching their heads..., but wanting to know what's absolutely involved in creating an effective marketing campaign.

This link will show you 3 steps involved in a great rock band marketing their first annual Caribbean Cruise, scheduled for March 2013.

You should see 3 agreeable steps in this real campaign:

1)  A Facebook Page

Where rock band fans visit and share helpful tips involving cruise planning.

2)  The Official Rock Band Website

3)  The Official Cruise Website

Not listed by specific order.  These are the only things you need online to make a go of it..., but note all details on these pages.  See how everything fits together.

It doesn't matter what you move as long as your messages are consistent, and content varies from website to website a bit.  You don't want to website that look identical, according to Google.

Toasting Your Success Online,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

500 Places To Syndicate Your Content In 1 EZ Step

500 Places to Syndicate Your Content in 1 EZ Step

Hello Everyone...Online Entrepreneurs/MLM'ers/Affiliate Marketers,

No matter who you are online, no matter what you're promoting, there are a few things you must do in order to freely get the word out about your business --

1) Use free resources to publish information about you and your business ;

2) Pull in places like Facebook & Twitter to attract people to you; stimulate interest, help others see what you can offer (by listing only values/benefits they obtain)...; and

3) Incorporate places like Technorati and Pinterest..., Linked-In, & Plaxo. You name the social arena, join for free, and post your content there....

4) Better still, in order to generate your own steady list of inquiries attracting only those who want what you already have to offer, you're identifying your optimal market segment of willing buyers.

To do that, you're first harnessing the power of leveraged companies already paying for your cyber-space and your online presence.


Go Here!


Think about Target or Wal-Mart.

They spend millions each year advertising their products/services online, and they do it in ways you...the individual..., cannot.  I could spell it out in detail, but that's an entire book in & of itself so you'll have to trust me when I say that by linking your website to a "power site", you harness the traffic (indirectly).

You may not necessarily obtain direct sales from a power site.  You will obtain eyeballs looking at your content.  From there, you can mainstream your efforts by drawing in those eyeballs from all over cyber-space.  Now this isn't an overnight-effort.  It takes consistent effort to put yourself online, long enough for people to first see you, and long enough for people to read what you're about.  Then.., it takes a bit longer for those to establish connections with you.

These steps always unfold first before viable sales appear.

Whether you're involved in any form of online marketing, you must be in business for the greatest reasons --

1)  Wanting to alleviate some pain or problem for someone else

2)  Intending to meet that need honestly

3)  Delivering well

4)  Being there consistently & reliably.

I will continue to publish more content in the coming weeks & months ahead.  As I transition into medicine, my home-based business will continue to bring you more online tips, tricks, and helpful tidbits. 

Final Note:

If you can remember that online business is best supported by offline business, you will fare better than say...the business only trying of these strategies.

I hope something helps here.  If not, feel free to post your comments.  I do read them and answer accordingly.

Toasting Your Online Success,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA