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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fortune Cookie Wisdom - Action & Consequence 101

Hello Fellow MLM'ers and Affiliates,

Times are challenging for many people these days. There are many blessings in disguise but I'd like to offer you something the martial arts masters taught me.

People Excel At Creation, Whether They Know It Or Not

Let's call Earth a planet of Action and Consequence. If you're okay with this idea, then consider the possibility that "This planet is a divine school, and daily life is a classroom. Our choice of teachers depends on what we need to learn", (Millman, Dan, 2008).

Thoughts You Hold Are Powerful But Action Is Required

You could say each person develops his/her creative abilities in a relatively-short period of time called a lifetime. By bringing into reality what is desired most (but based on a set of specifically-held intentions called your beliefs), you will create a new reality. Beliefs guide actions and actions deliver results. If you don't like the results of your reality, alter the belief radically by taking a new action.

Sounds simple. Right? Well -- maybe. Let's assume that humans naturally resist what they don't easily understand off the bat. Did you know that there are Universal Laws put in place to help you see what's not so obvious? Consider natural laws tied to an effect. Call this law the Law of Mirroring. Some people call it action and consequence. What you don't see in yourself directly..., then others will show you. This is important feedback to alter what you like or don't like about yourself. Ignore this feedback and you may get a heavier lesson than before. This is much like learning how to better yourself in say...areas of personal money management. You spend X dollars but take in Y..., but your bank accounts and investments will tell you something else entirely. That's one example.

Now, if you put different actions into place like saving more money than you spend, you will begin to shift towards another reality yielding other opportunities. Pretty neat, when you think about it. So early relationships in life tend to prepare you for the more successful ones later on, depending on how well you think and act.

Why this information can make a difference in your online business -- it's to help you see that the keys to your true success are usually connected to your most honest self. That self tends to reside within this type of mastery I call honest personal assessment and improvement.

I will be posting additional marketing updates very soon.

Supporting Your Success Using Proven Means,

B. Brinkmeyer

Monday, October 20, 2008

Reprogram Your Mind With Affirmations

"If you don't fit easily into your circle of peers, consider the possibility that you may not be here to fit in -- you may be here to lead", (Millman, Dan. 2008).