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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Golden Needle In The Marketing Haystack

Hello Fellow MLM'ers and Affiliates,

Here's a followup post I promised earlier! Frank Kerns, eat your heart out.

  • This is a solid starting place for newbies
  • Even if you're a seasoned player in MLM, don't brave the Internet alone
  • Know what you're doing first
  • Set up the infrastructure needed to handle folks BEFORE you go live
  • Test your niche for profitability
  • Then..., decide through hard data whether or not you should proceed


  • Get the best, down-to-earth help possible -- at affordable levels. Heck, I've spent more money on a tank of gas!


  • Get yourself out of the rat race
  • Get the skinny 'in your time'
  • Move multiple products and services
  • Life life independently of hidden corporate strings


  • Create success at levels the public will trust (and reward)
  • Spare yourself big challenges.

Click on the line below:

Take the Challenge. Don't guess!


In a 30-day trial, you tackle:

Phase 1: Keyword Research

1) You have to find additional but relevant keywords the "paying" public uses.

2) You're not targeting 'tire kickers' interested in research.

3) You're targeting people who are all ready to hit the BUY button. Avoid those who are 'looking'.

4) Analyze total traffic in your area of interest. See if people will pay for what you offer.

5) Pinpoint specific numbers (we show you how) by checking visitor values, the competition, the "likely" buying intentions centered around specific keywords.

Phase 2: Assess Competition

Look at what others are doing in your niche. Find out whether or not you should compete in this niche or better still..., find a 'sub-sub-niche' that's not so overly-competitive that you can't make a living from home. We show you how. Hint: look at the top-10 web pages in your current keyword market.

Phase 3: Find Content

Once you know your keywords, we show you how to save time, effort and frustration when it comes to creating content for your web-site.

Click on the line below:

Take the Challenge. Don't guess!

Phase 4: Promotion

Pump - up your site traffic, build high-quality back links needed to boost your search engine rankings..., quickly, effortlessly and easily!

This step still means you must be diligent...and never give up.

Phase 5: Publish

Simplify your publishing by scanning multiple articles at once. Pick and choose your content quickly. Make managing your website a breeze!

Phase 6: Monetize

Discover precisely how you can profit from the keywords in your market. Turn your newly- found visitor traffic into a cascading stream of income!

Phase 7: Google Adwords

Using pay-per-click advertising, maximize your income stream and target the most profitable sources of traffic out there.

Click on the line below:

Take the Challenge. Don't guess!

Supporting Your Success Using Proven Means,

B. Brinkmeyer

Monday, October 6, 2008

Review of Social Sites, Google Adwords, Browsers Plus Bonus

Greetings Fellow MLM'ers and Affiliate Marketers,

Wishing you a good day, today. There are new systems emerging online potentially altering the way business is conducted but I will expand more along those lines in later posts.

Thought for The Day --

When you fully understand your niche market even without the technical skills, you can do well online.

Updates in Current Marketing Trends -- Google Adwords

Digesting several topics impacting the success of your business..., here's a rich resource which can help you drive more traffic to a website.

  • Amazon - look for the definitive guidebook on Google Adwords
  • this resource stands the test of time
  • still the #1 resource for Adwords
  • enter Perry Marshall at Google
  • opt-into his newsletter

"Entrepreneur: Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords", by Perry Marshall.

Today, I talk about social sites and web browsers --

  • you can navigate around the Internet with ease and speed
  • this is about putting your business on autopilot
  • make it easy for people to find you
  • work from home -- attract people to you
  • generate solid revenues
  • develop a sustainable business

Flock -- web browser

  • some rave about the ease of use this browser brings
  • it has 'backdoor security leaks'
  • use discernment/run backups before any browser installation
  • head to to find out more
  • install extensions to increase browser functionality

FireFox -- web browser

  • decent and safe
  • head to to find out more
  • install extensions to increase browser functionality

Windows Internet Explorer -- web browser

  • stable but somewhat cumbersome
  • Google search indicates there's no 'windows internet explorer' but window internet explorer is one source --
  • conduct your own search for this site
  • install extensions to increase browser functionality

Twitter -- social site

  • some superaffiliates are using this free resource to speed up team communications
  • it's a 'thumbs up' for use

Facebook -- social site

Tagged -- social site

  • appears to be more of a dating site but school buddies reconnect here
  • this site came up banned when I tried to post business content
  • use discernment
  • don't go anywhere where you're getting a lot of spam, even if it's 'someone who supposedly likes you' you get at this site.

Bottom Line On Social Sites --

  • keep in mind you're in a public forum even though you can set controls on 'private settings'
  • anything you publish is available online for years to come

BONUS #1: 3 Types of Blogs --

  1. cat blogs - personal blogs
  2. boss blogs - used for people who work together - amazing tools for team communication
  3. viral blogs - used to spread ideas fast

BONUS # 2: Free Website Builder --

click on --

You won't believe this resource! This offering is brought to you by Ewin Chia. He's a great resource for newbies needing free or low-cost offers in phases called business launch.

Keep in mind -- it takes some time to build an Internet empire from home.

There are several campaign elements you must have before you go live:

  • a few blogs with data capture (storing contact info.)
  • an autoresponder
  • a bit of social networking (to test your content and your niche)
  • some type of niche finder software (recommended in my prior posts -- see 30-day challenge)
  • traffic (moving people to your blogs and site)
  • ad copy
  • maybe a few online published articles at ezine articles
  • some headlines and neutral content from your industry, to name a few basics.

I will continue to expand on prior posts in the coming weeks. This is work in progress..., designed to help you piece key Internet Marketing puzzle pieces. If you're reading this article from a social site, you can view my blog directly by clicking on There I post regular marketing updates.

Please feel free to post comments regarding any Internet Marketing business topic online and I will answer your questions promptly.

Supporting Your Success Using Proven Means,

B. Brinkmeyer