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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4 Tell All Corporate Strategies Designed to Sink Your MLM Ship

Hey There Fellow MLM'ers,

I sincerely hope this day finds you well.

In today's post, I'd like to share 4 tell all MLM rules entirely designed to sink your MLM ship.  It's a given fact that your MLM company doesn't share what their top folks had to do to get where they're at now. It wouldn't make for a dramatic entry into many MLM's this week. So, they excite their ball room audiences with grandly embellished details (here and there) to make their stories more interesting.  I'm not saying these people are bad at all. I'm merely painting a more accurate picture as to what usually goes on in these presentation rooms.

So why don't the heavy-hitter, Top Guns open their kimonos to show you what they really use or know? Well they do - indirectly but you have to be open enough to see everything (right in front of your very own eyes). That kind of discernment comes with knowing what to precisely look for, so that you can sift myth from powerful marketing facts. Let's just call these marketing facts the 'actions in advertising that do work', time and time again regardless of what you're promoting.

In reality, the traditional MLM methods are designed to do one thing -- that is... to promote the company itself.  Now, that's entirely fine if you apply it to the modern context called corporate enterprise.  But take those same methods and apply them to individual levels.  That's where the marketing begins to go awry. 
Ask yourself -- okay I see that a few guys and gals are making a ton of dough, but I just continue to spin my wheels.  That's not a fine reality if I am sitting in confused sectors of what should be an all-encompassing abundant industry.  Right?  Isn't that what you upline says..., "there's plenty to go around"? So if you feel really confused, you are not alone.  It's not your fault.  I've been there.  I know where you're at.

So..., if you're not yet a seaasoned or highly-skilled distributor yet, what do you do?  The truth of the matter is that you need specific skills to really make the business jump.  And..., I'm not talking about purchasing yourself into wealthy appearances, just for the sake of managing a faulty MLM show. Yes. There are people who have done this very thing but who would be proud of that reality? So.., they don't advertise what they paid time and time again to create the illusion of wealth.

That means -- you have to identify the powerful players who are wealthy, not just looking wealthy. One hallmark quality of true, inherent wealth is that you'll see genuine confidence (and humility) in this person. So...much of what has been taught (for nearly 7 decades now) has been designed to promote your networking company, exclusively.  Look at everything they give you.  It's about the name of the firm, the name of the President, the name of his wife, the name of his home and the name of his dog. You get my drift. 

As a final point, this method works.  It works extremely well..., but my point is that you're not featured in any of these articles or publications. Now how does that look to your list of friends?  They don't care who Joe Blow or Jane Blow (the amazing uplines) are.  Your contacts will enter into this company by directly knowing you. That's it.  So what can you do about 'the spinning your wheels' reality?

Be The Expert

True and lasting success truly begins with market positioning.  This is true because consumers buy in the presence of genuine expertise and real business know-how.  They can always spot the geunine article!

Now.., what your company may not tell you is HOW or WHY you're limiting the growth of your business.

Forget these mainstream methods for the time-being because they generally don't involve 21st-Century marketing -- at least on your end when we start with buying a self-replicating website (the corporate site they give you) or they ask you to showcase your efforts by purchasing their 'bugged out' leads. By saying that much, I'm talking about getting your hands on people who already want what you have to offer, not accessing a list that's had 25 distributors call them already.

MLM Has It's Advantages

Let me point out -- I have great respect for the industry and my fellow distributors (or else I wouldn't be here).  This is still the best place in the world to create a residual income... but..., unless you're one of the distinct and proven few who have been given blessed corporate permission to use their Internet marketing system really bringing in new leads), what are you going to do?  For clarity's sake, let's highlight the fact that a very miniscule number of people enter into this inner circle.  Notice -- how they use their videos and ads to position themselves?  That's two hints.  But.., they do a lot more than they might openly share with the common masses. After all, why give away corporate secrets especially when you're sleeping and bathing in dough?  Right?  No.  The New Economy now upon us is about total corporate transparency. That brings me to my next point.

Here are 4 Tell All Corporate Strategies Designed to Absolutely Sink Your MLM Ship -- 

Maybe it's conscious...and maybe it's not...when you're told to hand out those DVD's and more.  Ask yourself what's true for you? If you've done everything they've said but you only recruited 3 people (the industry average before a distributor drops out), then listen to your intuition. 

Notice -- if you feel  a rock sitting in your gut, that's your greater self saying that 'something isn't 'true for you' Something is amiss.  We've had a lot of supposedly 'honest' business people across several realms make up whatever rules, raising the bar just to hit their multiple, multiple millions and billions.

I apologize in advance if this statement reads harsh, but let's get real. Case in point, this last economic meltdown has a lot of people naturally disgusted with the high echelons displaying outright, contemptable greed.  After all, isn't it about time we asked ourselves how much is enough?  How often are individuals going to give away that individual power (taking the words to heart as being real when some numbskull claims he/she knows the exclusive way)?  I'm talking about learning to how generate your own leads.  In the world of business, there is always another way to skin the [erverbial chicken.  Please read on about how you can preserve your sanity and your business without entirely losing your shorts to buy into that bill of goods some upline fed you..., unknowingly or otherwise.

Begin By Affirming Who You Are -- State Your Name Out Loud

"I am (first name and last name)". Say it with convinction.  Repeat it 5 times and repeat it firmly with each repeat saying.  Then feel the power in that statement.  What does your name say about you as a person and as a business entity?  You're not chopped liver. You have thoughts, ideas and actions unique to you as an individual residing on this Earth.  You are important.  If anything else -- this last statement tells you what our absolute and ultimate truth is separately from what another human being says.  If you weren't important, you wouldn't have an upline hanging around your neck during the time that he/she is accessing your network!  Word of advice -- don't open your network. Don't. Those people are your relationships and no one elses.  Preserve your name and reserve it for the invitee dinner list your friends and family will extend.

Rule #1:  Never Promote Anyone Other Than Yourself.  (Heck: You don't see the Top Guns doing this.)

Rule #2:  Forget 3-Way Calls..., Unless You're Hosting Your Own Teleconference Live.  Even don't need these.

Rule #3:  Belly-To-Belly -- What's That?  This approach only gets you into hot water with your warm market, and worse, it builds someone else's organization. NICE.

Rule #4:  So They Told You To Buy Their Corporate Flyers, DVD's and More, Did They?  $10,000K In Debt?  Have a Downline of Only 7 Griping Reps?  (It's no coincidence these companies are raking in heavy dough.  They make the Wall Street traders look like angels.)

What you really need is the marketing information they should have told you in the first place.  That's why I'm here.  I was fed up with the baloney they fed me 5 MLM's later.  I even prospected one MLM CEO directly and she had the nerve to tell me, "Now why do you think I'd be interested in your MLM"?  That question (or should I say answer) spoke volumes. This CEO knew exactly what was happening in her industry -- targeting directly people who don't have the means or prowess to operate their own businesses. And, we both know that's not true. If people were properly trained by the companies in power, we'd all be in a much better economic boat altogether.

Truth-be-told..., there are a lot of people working quietly to support your real business needs but you can't always tell who or what they are.  Always look at the actions and forget anything someone tells you. If a leader is always working on your behalf to help you improve your lot in life, that's how you'll know you've found a golden resource. Let's move on.

To find out what you SHOULD NOT be doing, I've prepared a special 'Powerhouse Report'.  Don't worry.  It won't cost you a dime.  It won't even cost you a penny.  This report has been tailored to suit your real business needs, operating your business from home...working as the CEO you should be (rather than playing gopher for someone else).  If your business stinks, you aren't alone.  There are concrete reasons why most distributors never make a dime in this industry.

In my tell all Powerhouse Report, I talk about what you're  unknowingly doing to sink your own MLM ship. It's not because you're not saavy enough to operate your own business. On the contrary, this is about putting accurate marketing information directly in your hands without any bull.  This is about answering your questions without sweeping them under the carpet or telling you that you're flat outright lazy. This is about learning how to find an audience hungry for what you have to offer...and you don't have to feed off your downline ruthlessly to get it.

Supporting Your Success Using Proven Marketing Means,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA
Fix-My-Broken-Business Home Repair Consultant