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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why Corporate Websites Aren't the Way To Go

Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs,

Happy New Year, 2011 !  It's been sometime since my last post (September 2010).  I have been publishing a lot of online marketing content assisting other aspiring business owners at the e-commerce level.  In today's post, I'm going to talk about 2 things:

1) Why major corporations DO NOT share what they do.

2) Why corporate websites are NOT in your best interests as an online business owner (showcasing the company on their your expense).

Let's start with point #1 -- Companies Not Sharing What They Have Long Mastered

I publish content like this every week inside of an Internet marketing university so I'd like to give you "insider secrets", and no...I don't cut/paste someone else's content.  I write to you through my very own fingers with no other voices dictating what should have been shared long ago.  We now move into 2011 and into 2012...where old leaders fear new ones (that would be you as a potential). knowing what large companies do, you are better empowered to embrace your fears in favor of active, forward, successful movement.

Rule #1:  Never Use the Corporate Site

I've hammered this concept into fellow MLM'ers I dearly love before.  The corporate site does one thing.  

It takes your money.  That's about it.  It's like a dead horse lying in the field unnoticed by traffic. I'll apologize if there are any horse lovers in this audience.   I'm only using a metaphor to describe what these sites do for you..., the hopeful entrepreneur online.

These are called self-replicating websites and there are a million of them out there.  Ask yourself this Q..., if you're not sure what I'm suggesting.  

If Google loves fresh, new content that's regularly updated..., appearing on websites that are varied and different to bring consumers exciting new ways of consuming whatever they need, then these sites are not the cat's meow.  They don't even come close to delivering the uniqueness you need in order to get noticed.  So why would you want to pay for a corporate website that will only appear in hundreds and hundreds of other distributor hands?  Think along those lines and you'll be ready to learn more.

Self-Replicating Websites Are Like 100,000 Images of the Same Photo (Appearing Online)

Google gets this.  So what Google does is rate your site only according to the value of the corporate site.  If the main corporate site gets major traffic, your site will move traffic to that site anytime your prospects click on your site.  You have just positioned the company unknowingly.

So... what these sites do...other than look the same from distributor to distributor is:

1)  Again... showcase the corporation -- NOT YOUR E-BUSINESS...

2)  Showcase the main players -- NOT YOU.  It's their true loss but they refuse to look at you as a "future powerhouse in development"...

3)  It showcases their products -- NOT YOURS...

4) When these sites involve your name in small, limited print, you're spending your hard-earned money promoting them.  They get virtually FREE advertising  If you write any articles publishing the company name, you have just moved prospects to their site.

So the goal here is to get you into the mindset CEO's maintain.  CEO's DO NOT give their power away to anyone!  Not a single soul.



Rule #2:  Build Your Own List 

I've hammered this point out many times.  I hope it's coming out of peoples' ears because I really dislike seeing individuals rubbed out of profitable competition "simply because they cannot know" until the truth is fully told.  That brings us to the point of --- WHY major corporations DO NOT share what they know.

Ask yourself -- 

"What's the most valuable stuff any business possesses"?

Wouldn't it be the contact list?

Okay.  If you like that idea.  Now fathom what would happen to your life if you could learn to build your own list without giving those names away to some other CEO sitting at the top of a major corporation?

Consider major department stores, for example.  What's their "quiet secret"?  It's proof sitting right in front of your very eyes every time you buy something from an online department store site.  What's on that site besides....products?  Isn't there a place for you to leave your contact information?

Yes.  You've got it.

Here's the insider secret.  Get ready.  So if you're an individual coming online and you're sincerely willing to work for what is part of your own Divine Right (to health, wealth, and full life), who says you can't build your own list?

No one.

You got it.  There's no law against any individual building their own contact list, and NO..., you don't have to get permission from any company to do this.  As long as you stay neutral from naming specific branded products, you can market a product based on the merits that product will bring.  Consider weight loss.  If people like to lose weight before they get married or before they go to some 20 year reunion, they'll be interested in hearing what you have to offer.

So why would your major MLM say, "the distributor can't go online to promote their business"?  Well...look at the fine print.  They will tell you that you cannot directly name branded products/services or use trademarks.  That's true, but what you can do (using all of your Constitutional Rights) is to market the bennies and offer the value.  That's what any CEO will do.

So why does your MLM still object to you marketing yourself online? 
They are deathly afraid you'll do what the few at the top have long done -- apply this marketing for yourself.  

New Economy Awareness (2012 and Beyond) states, "All will be that much more profitable in the long run by collaborating and sharing industry secrets with other firms", (MBA, University of Phoenix, 2005).

Is it possible that major firms FEAR your success?  Well..think about it.  With every person showcasing their talents, there's a group of willing buyers for every person out there.  And.., there's no shortage...but there is greed.

Ok.  So enough has been said along those lines.

Now let's talk about WHY you would be powerful if you really learned what companies did behind "the scenes". AND..., is a secret.

A)  You decided to build your own list

B)  You decided to work that crummy job long enough to learn, invest in online learning, and then apply more

C)  You'd probably become competition for the ones who should have taught what they knew worked but didn't.   It happens.  These people are protecting their hill of beans because they are heavily invested in many losing so they can justify their solitary success (or worse....prove that their lives have true meaning).

I'm sorry this reads tough, but in order to get real and successfully active, we have to look at the dirt we've been sweeping under the carpet for too long.

D)  As long as individuals DO NOT question what's being touted as "permissible"..., we silently give major profits away to a small percentage of very wealthy folks...while you continue to struggle.  It DOES NOT have to be this way!  

E)  So what are you going to do differently in 2011?

Will you put off your changes another year?  Will you reconsider what you've been doing (that hasn't been working)?  Will you look for real and viable alternatives already serving those who've bridged the gap?

It's happening....and we're here online...waiting for you to make up your mind so you can actively join us.

It's your time now.  What are you going to do with it?

A Tough Business Message Given In Full Love,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketing Mentor/Teacher