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Monday, January 25, 2010

Several Heads Are Always Better Than One, Part 2

Welcome Back Fellow MLM'ers and Affiliates,

You've heard it said that, 'Several heads are always better than one'. Here's part 2, and I'll share some interesting facts with you. If you'd like to check out part 1 of this article, it's an earlier post published minutes before this post. Just scroll down for that article because it preps you for this content.

The New Breed Marketer

Shifting gears a bit from the many heads which are better than one -- I call you guys 'the new breed of hybrid-marketers'. That's because those who are learning Internet marketing techniques now will eventually make the 'old hats' look like the 'horse-and-buggy generation'. I say this much with care and respect because the old hats anchored us long enough to grow into who we are now. So.., our earlier predecessors are to be honored and thanked. They are still very important to the evolutionary changes new marketers will face.

In part 1..., I talked about putting yourself in the F16 instead of using a horse-and-buggy marketing system, but those differences are appearing more often because the Internet is still advancing. It is changing the way we access and buy information, services, and goods.

Now Some Say the Internet Is Not An 'End All Be All'

Some say that the Internet is not all 'end all be all'. Well... from a face-to-face standpoint, there's no comparison in business. That's your most powerful close with any individual, but comparatively speaking, the Internet can involve massive exposure within a relatively small amount of time. One may obtain major exposure if this tool is properly harnessed. That's a key ingredient. You have to know what you're doing.

Then add a few tricks of the Internet trade to bolster your numbers and you've got someone calling you up for 'a radio interview'. This kind of an occurrence might take years if you use a face-to-face approach, not to mention how much money you'd have to dole out if you had paid for massive offline advertising...newspaper print, radio, or even a TV spot. Anyway, what's the radio these days? It's fast becoming 'an old shoe' if you get into MP3's, IPod's, streaming videos, or even UTube. But.., let's get back to the skinny at hand.

New Breed MLM'ers And Affiliates Create Their Own Leads

Taking you behind the 'quiet scene', there are marketers who are working 24/7. Some work 6 and 7 days a week. I'm not saying you have to do this. I am saying that you'll need to at least apply yourself during your first few years because the learning curve is significant.

We're here to tell you that --

* New Breed MLM'ers and affiliates generate his/her own leads without the use of a downline.

What? Is that correct? I'm sure you're blinking your eyes to recheck the print. It's true.

The downline...whether they exist or not is less of an issue when it comes to attracting people to a business. it's about flow, content, delivery, availability, consistency, and quality. And no.., I'm not talking about using some crazy hands-off lead generation system producing leads who have no interest in what you'd have to say.

You New Breed MLM'er And Affiliate Can :

* Sculpt their own messages using the written word...,

* They can find people who are already 'in the mood to buy'...,

* They can move these folks to the feeding frenzy...,

* And they are working quietly....right from the convenience called home.

Sounds too good to be true?

It's real..

It takes work. It takes consistent, dedicated, kick-your-rump everyday work. This work doesn't come cheaply. You have to either invest your own time, outsource the work, or tackle a combination of both.

Will These New Breed MLM'ers Be Powerful?

So would these New Breed MLM'ers be powerful? Heck yeah.

What about the affiliates now appearing? If these folks 'hang in there long enough' to build a decent skillset (like the MLM'ers), they'll pound some offliners. No kidding. There will be no comparison to 'old' VS. 'new'. The old won't know what happened and if you're one of them wondering why business is dwindling, it's not because these people are stealing your business. Please consider..., this information is meant to help and advance those who'd like to propel themselves forward. It's not about one group dominating 'or winning' against the other because let's be honest, things haven't been working the same way they once did.

However..., this New Breed marketer has been going about their online marketing in similiar ways that affiliate marketers do. They're studying the marketing. They're connecting the dots. They're adding power tools to their toolboxes. They're building their skills. Then.., they're building a system that's sustainable over the long run.  Don't believe me?  Check out Danny Johnson.

Breaking Down Marketing Into Basics

If you break marketing online or offline...,  the skillset you deliver will have to be more sophisticated than it has been. People don't want old information and they don't want junk. The proof is in the pudding. We have a ton of MLM'ers and affiliate marketers hopping online everyday looking for some magic fix. The truth is that their real fix will appear when they stay focused in their work.

This New Breed Is Using An Infrastructure, Breaking Marketing Down Into Discrete Components

Consider -- if you could break down your marketing into basic components...published and hosted online, you would have to find a way to assess a prospect's/client's true needs, listen to their changing needs/wants/desires, then look for effective ways to deliver on their demand. If you did that through systematic means, what would happen? For one -- you wouldn't have to work a 15-hour day. Eventually you could work a shorter day, but the marketers who use systematic means will have exponential results.
Using Social Circles To Test Content

Our New Breed MLM'ers test the social circles to check for 'fit' and 'alignment'. Many are seeing 'that the social circles form a testing ground' for information which must be evolving, but they're surmizing that some paid advertising will be a good way to proceed in business. To offer you a bonus hint -- check out, 'Facebook for Dummies', Barnes & Noble. It's outstanding! This book shows you how extensively you can use Facebook beyond what most typically know.

Now..., if you're someone who's starting out fresh with a very small to a very tight budget, then you're looking at quality networks delivering on an informational need, firsthand. That's how you get from step A to B...., from networking to generating qualified, quality leads.

Here's What's Really Impressive

So the hybrid marketer is very amazing. These folks in number are facing big challenges. That's because the Internet isn't operating the same way it did back in 2002. There were some folks who did pretty well back in 2004, but by 2005, we had a fair number of entrepreneurs quit the Google network.  They then went to smaller search engines for more affordable advertising.

The New Breed Marketer Has To Be More Sophisticated

You can't offer hot air on your calls when you're sponsoring your people. You've got to offer solid content, helping others build their skills. If you're a superaffiliate, the excellence with which you deliver that content determines how extensive the downline (or organized affiliate force) will be.

The new breed MLM'er (or affiliate) has a bigger wall to scale than marketers of early 2000 did. Marketers who put up their 'wares' during 2002 - 2006 didn't necessarily have to possess an extensive skillset. Some put up banners called ads, and then they began to drive that 'traffic' to a few smaller, specialized sites. Then...bam. They made sales. I'm kicking myself to this day because I saw it then, but I didn't yet realize how significant the Internet would become.

The Time of Easy Online Money Has Long Passed

So thinking about those happy Internet times where a few people made a lot of money..., or in the very least, did it with far less skill is over. Everyone is hopping online, and they're hitting the social networks hard (Facebook, MySpace, Linked-In, and more), but it's not enough. They're killing themselves in the midst of the 'noise'.

The trick is to head in directions where others are not. This is very important. Try to remember this point because it's going to help you solve your biggest marketing challenges.

Saavy Ones Pay For Advertising

If this news isn't happy for you right now, it's a reality. This is the fastest way to go from zero to multiple thousands in less than 3 years, but you can't do that on a zero budget. You have to start small and then build. Saavy ones pay for advertising, but they build the skillset BEFORE going live.  It's necessary to spare unnecessary losses online. So you've got some stiff competition ahead of you..., said with care.  This is not meant to discourage you but to give you genuine insights as to what you might additionally address.

It's A Big World In Cyberspace

It's big in cyberspace, and we need a ton of marketers who will move their wares. Companies are tripping over affiliates by setting aside annual advertising budgets.  They do so because they can't get enough help. They need saavy people who will find the niche market they haven't yet dominated. I've talked about these basic realities in prior posts so I apologize if this information is a bit redundant. It's meant to show you that there's room in the pond for more successful people!

Sharing A Story For Further Insight

Let's shift gears a bit by talking about my post, "Several heads are better than one, part 1".  If you think about going back to kids who 'knew how to advance' with much less effort by joining specialized circles designed to meet their highest needs, I'll take you back to a nephew who's in the Navy. My nephew was an underachiever during his earlier years, but apparently he's a a very smart cookie.

Think Back To Your Earliest School Days

Do you remember when you were in school? Think way back -- think about those times where you were first learning to read, write, and tally the math. Did you ever notice the little groups' called 'enrichment circles'? These were inner-circle kids who especially needed 'a bit more' challenge. My nephew is in one of those people.  When I heard that news, I thought to myself.. hey.. I'm in a group like that too!

You Don't Have To Be Special To Join -- You Have to Be Motivated

Here's what scared me when I first hopped online: I read, 'You've got to be very motivated'. It's not that I wasn't ever motivated. It's just that when I first read these words, they scared me to death. That's because I had no information in my hands yet tangible or structured. I didn't know how to get the current information I could trust simply because my network was so new.

So If You Don't Have A Network

What do you do if you don't yet have a network? Here's what I discovered. If you're willing to apply yourself, the inner circles already exist. That's the good news. The key is to find the one network that fits your needs. That means -- if you like the idea of becoming an elite person (should that be one goal), you're looking for an exclusive network that will give you completely accurate information. That way you can become the master of your life. If you want to start simple, you start with general information and you won't yet have to be the 'best of the best'. You just have to enjoy helping people.

It Takes A Dedicated, Willing Spirit

In short, working alongside others who are highly-motivated but who also strive for excellence is what's required. If some of these people like to use the word FAILURE..., that's their reference point.

Move Beyond The Word 'Failure' To Move Beyond All Limitations

This information is meant to empower you. Let's tackle the word 'failure' in an effort to remove a major stumbling block... for a lot of marketers. Personally speaking, it should be kicked out of the Webster dictionary and our English language, but it you view failure as one of two things -- consider that it could be an illusion. If you think about the school kids who joined the inner circle of greater challenge, it wasn't because they had anything over you. They worked and worked and worked. I talk about this inner circle in part 1 of this article.


Consider that because your steps forward (and backward) happen to every entrepreneur, one could view positive and negative results as real signs of progress. That is true online because the work that you do now works for you later on. Results online grow with time as you put yourself in different social space, in blogs, on websites and more. You don't have to be a techno geek to get this stuff down..., but your forward and backward movements might be better viewed as cobblestones building your success.

Setbacks are indications that your brain is processing new skills while you're growing. You're digesting and filling in more gaps. When you do that consistently, the magic begins to happen. People start contacting that you'll be sorting and sifting to get to your true audience. When that happens, it's a good indication that you're evolving. And..., as you grow, your business will grow. That's always been true for any entrepreneur...., online or offline.

Play With The 'Failure' Illusion Further To Test Your Progress

If you totally believe in failure, that's okay. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another, but if you like to think that failure is not an option, then that belief serves you.  Kindly keep in mind that when you're motivated, stay motivated. When you hit frustration, pull back, process...and give yourself time to figure out what's missing. If you have fear, that's only an indication that you require more information to fill a void. When you fill the void with solid information, the fear will dissipate (subside).

Find The Network Where There's Heavy Involvement

In order to hit your progressive (kick-rump) stride, consider a network where you can readily and easily compare findings with others. This business approach will accelerate your learning and save your life.  You've heard it before -- 'Don't reinvent the wheel'. Apply the Age of Information now.  Don't reinvent the Internet or the marketing which has repeatedly worked (and will continue to work) online. Too many people have lost their businesses that way.

Massive Involvement Means Massive Exposure For You

That brings us to the community involvement massive levels, once you find this network. So what would happen if you could access a community of multiple hundreds... or better...'thousands of individuals' who all have the same common goal, achieving a high level of success? Call this modern day think tank an 'island of light'. That's the kind of group you start with.

Over time, you're pushing towards the inner circle. When you do this over a period of months and years, this kind of an involvement brings joys you couldn't formerly anticipate. It happens when you're actively involved, working and creating...putting yourself out there ahead of time. Within the network, you're not necessarily spending a lot of money on a monthly basis..., but you are proactive about your learning.

When you hit your brick walls, people will be there to help. You'll have to reach out frequently. You'll hit your stride as you continue to keep your work going strong. Then that's when things will begin to happen because you'll be using the Law of Connectedness and Interaction, pulling in The Law of Cause And Effect. You're not just waiting for things to happen, but you will be reaching out to others to see how you can help them. In return, they'll help you.

What An Inner Marketing Circle Does

This Inner marketing circle is known by some as millionaire mind. There's also a billionaire mindset, but these mindsets are important for your success because if you could step into the mind of a genuine millionaire, that person thinks in very proactive ways. He/she is always looking for better ways to help themselves/others. These people constantly assess what works and what doesn't work, but they tend to dump methods that don't work most of the time in favor of those that do.
In more elite circles, very elite inner circles appear when there are a number of highly-successful affiliates available. In MLM circles, these people are highly-skilled, and they've evolved their marketing know-how beyond what most usually imagine. These guys/gals make some of their other MLM'ers sound a bit disorganized, but that's only because these people have been students for longer periods of time and they have paid their dues. That's the only difference. These powerhouses have mastered their speech while they guide large groups, but they will educate people beyond what most typically know.

We Are --

* focused on building successful businesses using the Internet
* constantly raising the bar
* working together to push the limits to hit new 'zeniths'
* each day..., new ideas are flowing through a network of individuals dedicated to high achievement.

These networks of striving individuals...again... aim for high levels of success while teaching new people the 'tricks of the trade'.

So going back to the grade school analogy, you most likely learned to share knowledge and to work in groups because you then readily figured out that 'two brains were definitely more powerful than one'. The real key is to get to the advanced knowledge. This information puts you in the top 2%..., or better.

When You Finally Grew Up

Then..., when you finally grew up, you discovered that you'd like to keep all of that knowledge to yourself. Sure.., you'd like to excel ahead of the others by achieving success faster than those people but is that approach really in your highest interest (let alone all others?)  Our economic reality is a direct reflection of that kind of thinking. Ask yourself -- what would happen if you spread your golden know-how? Wouldn't you then raise an army fit for a King? It has been long stated that the real master of life never made the journey alone. So naturally you can surmize that 'a thousand brains are better than one'?

So in my group, people succeed each and every day. "Success" is a daily thing. It's continually redefined by the community of people around me. If you think that success by trial-and-error is your best option, then remember back to those days when you attended grade school but tried to make the top grades by 'doing your work alone'. Think back to those seemingly 'lucky kids' who got to be in that 'special' group. They always seemed to have the upper hand, and their achievements always seemed to come easier. I don't know about you, but I certainly had to work just as hard to keep up with these kids. Furthermore, I knew that if I just had the chance to be in their group, I would succeed just as much.

The point of my story is that my nephew was being presented with an opportunity to be part of a small group of other people who could learn a lot more than 'just the basics'. They got to learn the tricks and techniques that others wouldn't or couldn't follow for whatever reason.

See What Our Group Is Doing

Supporting Your Success Using Proven Means,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer
MLM Mentor/Marketing Consultant
Affiliate Marketer

All Rights Reserved On Original Content, 2010.

Several Heads Are Always Better Than One, Part 1

Hello Fellow MLM'ers and Affiliate Marketers,

First off -- there's never been a better time in history to start your own business. That statement is true if we apply the Internet to that thought. So..., to bring you 'the real skinny', the truth is that Internet marketing involves a significant learning curve. In short, you've got to 1) create the targeted and qualified leads you need to really hit your golden business stride; and 2) you'll need a network of powerhouses who do more than 'talk the talk'; and 3) you want people who will do what they say when they say they will deliver; and 4)you want to access a network of sensible people who are TOPS in what they do. You want the highest paid mentors, but they must be willing to show you what they do, precisely. This last bit of advice is important.

Then What?

That brings us to the biggest part of your business. Leads. You need and want lots of them but you have to find people who will be drawn to you. Forget the arm twisting or feeding off your downline because those methods only work so long.


If you can't get the leads you need to create the success you want, you're facing a very common problem. Let me reassure you that you're not alone. The biggest challenge any business faces is...; 1) lead generation..., and 2) targeted lead acquisition. You don't want tire kickers. You do want people who are already motivated and dedicated.


It costs companies a lot of money to create loyal customers. This is the number two problem for most companies ( one -- being working capital and two -- customer acquisition). Companies spend millions addressing the second challenge.

If You're An Individual Business Owner, Then What?

So if you're an individual business owner, what do you have to do to get your name out there affordably and regularly? How do you solve this challenge without losing your wallet and your life? I will tell you that if you think in terms of the Internet, it's a powerful medium. And.., you must know what you're doing. Don't head into paid advertising if you haven't been certified in this skill.

Then..., use your creative saavy to find that hungry audience wanting to purchase what you have to offer.  In order to service those needs, you have to pick one thing and become very good at doing that one thing. For example, if you're great at talking on the phone with other people, that's a very good skillset. If you're great with computers, there are a ton of people online who need your help. Those are the two most common examples of what you can offer. Let's move forward.

How Do You Figure Out What You Must Absolutely Master?

It all begins by finding a group of people who are hard-working and dedicated to their marketing. If you're in MLM, you're looking for your most successful people out there. Don't wait for them to seek you out. Just start talking and finding. Then bug the person who will first listen and help. Ask a ton of questions and don't worry about being a pest. If you are a pest, they'll tell you so. If they're truly worth their weight in gold, they'll help. I've talked about these earliest steps in prior posts because you're after solid expertise you can readily access. This action leads to another person...and another ....and so on.

You must take the attract to yourself the information you most readily desire but it always starts with the singular action.

Then, Find A System That Works

Then.., you have to find a system you can implement..., and it has to be one that totally works most of the time -- not just part of the time. You're looking for a comprehensive system that will -- 1) help you find ways of generating targeted and qualified leads..., 2) with that system supporting you in the recruitment of those people efficiently..., and 3) then measuring your results for consistent improvements. A schedule works well. Numbers help, but the network and the system will be your golden finds!

How I Found My Network

I'll share these findings with you, without inserting baloney.  It took me about 1 month to find my network.  It took me several years of working with these people to know that they were genuine.  It takes time to align yourself with others who make sense to you -- then comparing those results within your network.  Results will differ from person-to-person. However.., the kind of trust you want is trust that lasts for years to come. Build quality relationships you'll carry with you for at least 5 to 10 year's time. That kind of trust only appears when you find someone you'll repeatedly work with.., in unison with others in the network. It takes a team to build your business. That team will involve a group of separate entrepreneurs that won't be acting separately. That way, your business is moving forward whenever you need a real break.

Trusting Others Requires a Process of Testing and Learning

To show you one network of what MLM'ers and affiliates are accessing, I'll tell you where I hang out. You have to test the network to see if you first fit in. If you don't, continue your search. It is that simple. That's the most caring advice I can offer.

My network is extensive. I do have about 5 specialists I consult with regularly, but I hang out with thousands of people who are actively sharing their knowledge by collaborating, networking, and constantly staying miles ahead of those who just don't know about us. I'll take you back to an old adage. Have you ever heard that several heads are better than one?

How This Group Keeps An Upper Hand

1) They access intensive information...
2) They access updated information...
3) They access information that is supported by research, numbers and current facts...
4) They supplement their marketing education with people who truly know what's involved...
5) They access a network who applies precisely what they do online...
6) Avoid those who say one thing and do another because they'll steer you blind unknowingly.

===> Here's What MLM'ers and Affiliates Do Online
You don't have to learn it all, but you can find the things you like to do most. Then, exchange your services and skills with others to get set up online.  Pay for some help and share findings with others. That's pretty much it. Head for the most active networks out there and find out what they're doing.
Supporting Your Success Using Proven Marketing Means,
B. Brinkmeyer, MBA