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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fortune Cookie Wisdom - How To Create A Successful, Sustainable Business

Passion without competence won't make it.

Excellence combined with enthusiasm is always a winning combination.

Find what you do extremely well and then offer that skill to others.

People will usually join you on the basis of how well you lead others. They want a system that works more of the time than not.

In truth, people will want YOU.

Your products won't necessarily make the business, but it never hurts to offer quality, the right quantity, or even bundle products they demand, coupled with personalized service and consistent (reliable) delivery.

Treat your customer as KING and QUEEN.

Always keep the other person's needs in mind.

Work to fill market gaps.

Always be ethical. Do what's right even when no one is looking and never make exceptions to this rule.

Treat others they way they want to be treated. Even though people sometimes act differently, inherently they are smart and powerful. They only have to look the other way to find someone else who will help.

Then, when you do these things, you'll create a successful business !

Wishing You Every Joy Imagineable,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA