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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Actively Investing In Yourself - Why's

Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs,

In this last quarter of 2012, I post logical findings to support your new business ideas:

1)  Being that you want to go online, but you're not sure who to trust.

*  Keep your credit cards on ice
*  Do NOT pay fast appearing Internet marketing gurus selling you the "latest thing"
*  Learn what's involved first

2) If you are absolutely convinced that an Internet web presence is what you want to create for your business, take it slow.

* Find companies online you regularly order with/from and have success with
* These companies are the best websites to watch
* Notice how they put together "what works" online
* Emulate

3) If you must hire someone to construct a website for you -- you do NOT have to pay $10,000 for a workable website.

4) A Website Contains

*** A place where consumers can get free content from you (to learn what you are about)
*** A place where they can click on articles about your company/products/services
*** Content people can read at leasure
*** Updated content reflecting online changing times
*** Open pricing

5) A Blog That Matches the Website

*** The content will supplement content appearing on the website
*** Look for a company you like...such as that you can see their

A)  Website
B)  Pinterest
C)  Facebook

You will see that the content is similar but moves people from one place to another..., to another.

6)  Spend time building your Internet marketing network online

*** You want to know who you're doing business with
*** Avoid Internet marketing coaches...or...if you hire one..., look only for the one who is actively making $$ online.

7)  Do NOT expect to build your online business overnight

A)  It takes years to build a full infrastructure, one that is entirely connected on the front end and back end of a workable campaign.

B)  If you are doing some of the work yourself,  it will involve:

*** A monthly newsletter
*** Use of You Tube Videos
*** A place where you can build your clientelle list safely.

In the coming article, I'll share resources you can trust.

The bottom line is --

In order to invest in yourself and in your business, you're keeping your $$ on ice..., you're finding out what you need (which I've listed here)..., and you're doing the work yourself (studying ad copy -- print consumers read)..., you're writing articles (or paying others to do this), and you're generating your own leads (of inquiring like minds..., or people who already have an interest in what you presently offer).

Supporting Your Internet Presence Honestly,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer/Med School Prep