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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Internet Marketing Applied

Hello Fellow MLM'ers and Affiliates,

Hi folks. First of all -- I wish you the very best, no matter what you're experiencing! Whether you're doing fine and you're having fun -- that's great. If you're like more of us who are feeling this financial meltdown a bit, try not to worry. The thing to do is to keep working with an upbeat attitude. Keep working but stay focused on results. If something isn't working very well, assess what's not working, look for what may work better...and then alter your plan of attack. The best business owners do this!

If you're an MLM'er, kindly don't tell me -- "Well affiliates work things another way. They don't do what we therefore, this marketing stuff won't work, Brinkmeyer".


Okay. Fair enough. Now let me have my say...and let me say it with care and respect...because I believe in my fellow marketers, no matter what they're moving. Ask a few 'major corporations' in your city if you can watch their corporate marketing departments in action. Yeah, they're proprietary and they probably won't let you walk in to see what they're doing. No problem. You can find the answer online.

Pick a company you like. I recommend it's not necessarily an MLM, right off the bat..., not because I'm biased against MLM's but because MLM sites aren't necessarily showing you the full marketing overview. They will show you what's on sale (so you can pay attention to how something is promoted). That's helpful.

Pick a company that showcases a very popular product or service -- one that many people know.
Enter that name in a search browser.

You will see a few things in common, across several best sites. Look for a site that offers reviews and helpful information. Don't just pick a site that lists a bunch of products and nothing else. That may not give you the information we're tackling right now.


1) a website that's interactive -- meaning you can see articles you can click on for research purposes, you'll see videos that educate you, you'll see who to contact for more help
2) you should see an area which includes a place to put your contact information
3) you should see a place where you will receive newsletter tips and updates -- the autoresponder carries these messages to you
4) this is standard stuff
5) you may see 'how to join a class or a seminar'
6) you may see something about how to directly purchase online

If you could see this work in progress..., where you could saunter into a marketing area, you'd see writers and researchers and analysts. You'd see them working on websites, copywriting ...,(writing effective ad copy targeting one audience or two, you'd see the stuff in it's appears online) as you inquire. If your MLM will let you take a tour of this work in progress, then you want to see what they'll allow behind the scenes. A product tour is great but you want the marketing information! You want to see how they put themselves online. You want to see the CALL CENTER, where people are making calls, handling the sales. This is the real information that's going to impact you.

Now, if you're new to all of this online stuff -- that's okay.

Click on either link below. You don't have to wait for retirement to learn this information many companies value.

Option 1 --

Option 2 --


If you can make money teaching other people to make money, you need to do a couple things.


You need a website, you need to solve problems, you must create value, you must then promote yourself or even advertise through free (self-publishing) or paid means (pay-per-click), put into place a solid sales system, move a quality product, incorporate a fairly decent converting sales letter, include a strong autoresponder series, and drive traffic to your site.


If you can do all of those things - why can't you do this in any market? Why can't you apply this stuff to the MLM model? It's because the traditional hats who don't know how to do this stuff, don't know how to do this stuff. So, they tell you what they know. Use 'warm market'. 'It's easier'.

If you're an affiliate and you can't do these things - you shouldn't be selling products - you should be learning how to do all these things.

If you want to take the slow route - go through the steps and learn from your own experience.

If you want to go the fast route - pay somebody a couple bucks for the hours and time they spent putting together the format for you.

Here's where people have trouble with online marketing. No one has to prove to you that money is being made on the Internet.


1) BILLIONS of advertising dollars are spent by major corporations to complete these very steps - that fact alone tells you that there is money being made online.

2) The reason earning disclaimers are created by superaffiliates is because NO ONE can guarantee you're going to go through the system step-by-step.


When people first enter an MLM or join an online Internet Marketing membership site, they expect everything for nothing. They want results without the personal work. But, if you are your own CEO, you're going to have to master your product content anyway (benefits/features/values), not comp plans, not up-lines, not bonus pools (that's applicable if you already have all of these marketing elements mentioned here).

You must be able to direct your outsourced workers you pay to get some of this stuff done, whether or not they're on track with what you demand.

And..., most of all, you must know your audience because whatever they demand is what must be fulfilled.


Franchising takes you through steps A - Z, no matter who you are, no matter what your eduation may be. It adheres to a step-by-step model in Internet Marketing. Did you know that?


Let's try marketing in reverse. Join a fast n' easy Make Money from Home Website (with no work on your part) or apply the traditional MLM recruitment model (with no experience needed) and you're bound to hit the wall. Again, this isn't your fault. You've been handed incomplete information!

Let's consider how McDonald's operates. If you can use this general business model then applied to online marketing, you can't expect to pay McDonald's a franchise fee, do nothing yourself, then get upset because customers aren't buying from you - all while your store is still being built.

It's the same with online marketing. Before you go live, you have to set up your store, organize it, test its contents before you open your doors, test all links and test the infrastructure to make certain that anyone coming on board will be able to find and track your words. So this thought brings us to forgetting a negative business mindset that everyone else out there will do the work for you.


1) Get a website that monetizes products/services.
2) Drive traffic to it.
3) Track your results.
4) Change things every single day to find what works.

So let me ask you if you're able to do those 4 things?

If not, here's a system that takes you step-by-step through the necessary steps.

Click on either link. Both will get you there:

Option 1 --

Option 2 --

Do you have a website? Is it monetized (you should have pay buttons and a shopping cart)? Of, if you're a new affiliate, head to for ideas. You can easily pick up affiliate products there. Are you driving consistent traffic? Are you tracking all of your metrics? Are you split testing the different pieces of the puzzle?

It baffles me what I read in these online forums - people have systems they're accessing, laid out step-by-step. These sources I'm talking about teaches all these things. Here's my CHALLENGE to ANYONE who thinks this business doesn't work.


And do it in front of us.

It requires a few to several months out of your life (depending on whether or not you're new or experienced).

Then share what you learn.

Don't hold anything back.

Let all of the experienced and inexperienced people check out your information.

Learn every single step.

Skip a step and your system won't work.

Kindly remember that your campaign must adhere to natural ways people research information, then play consumer to look at things from that perspective. Enter keywords when you're 'only looking'. Find something you really want now. Notice which keywords you enter when you're more ready to hit the pay button? (Hint: people will use specific, long-tail keywords when they're ready to buy. EXAMPLE: research vintage guitars. If you're not buying, you're entering "vintage guitars" in the search browser to see what's out there. Now let's say that you want a vintage guitar. You've seen many models. You've found a website that sells more than 40,000/year. There's a big one that does this. You then go to the site and in their search feature, you enter the make, model and year of that type of vintage guitar.)


They often start their threads, going about doing it in a step-by-step fashion. Then, not too far into the distant future (most will give it 2 months), they suddenly disappear. To all of those people who are negative about Internet Marketing --

It's not Internet Marketing that doesn't work.
It's not the tactics that don't work.
Perhaps it's you who gave up before you could figure out what and how the main marketing elements fit together.


Never give up. Hit as many brick walls as you need but don't give up during these adverse times. It's your freedom and your finances that could be at stake. If you keep working at it, you'll make sense of these steps. You'll form key relationships online (learning from those who already know).

Click below -- either choice will do:

Option 1 --

Option 2 --

Supporting Your Success Using Proven Means,

B. Brinkmeyer

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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