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Friday, December 5, 2008

A to Z Steps to a Richer Life, Letter "C"

Good Day Fellow MLM'ers and Affiliate Marketers,

In my December 3, 2008 post, I shared Deepak Chopra's wisdom on creating affluence. In his book titled, "Deepak Chopra, M.D. -- The A-Z Steps to a Richer Life", we're reminded that affluence is a state of mind.

  • A person may possess great wealth in life but they may be poor in mind. Conversely, another person may be poor in their pocketbook but they may be spiritually rich.
  • The goal of this post (and future posts) is to help you align your spiritual self to your human self.
  • When both self and soul are aligned, your soul will bring forth 'inherent wisdom' or your inner-knowingness.
Today, I cover Chopra's letter "C" as I weave business information over time with uplifting concepts. Please feel free to check out earlier posts.

The essential quality of "C" "stands for Carefreeness and Charity". Because Chopra states these qualities succinctly, I will directly quote his book. In it he states, "A billion dollars in the bank, without the experience of carefreeness and charity, is a state of poverty. Wealth consciousness, by definition, is a state of mind. If you are constantly concerned about how much money you need, then irrespective of the actual dollar amount you have in your account, you are really poor".

"Carefreeness automatically leads to charity and sharing because the source from which it all comes is infinite, unbounded, and inexhaustible".

Think of the Universe as a mirror. It shows you the results of your inner-most thoughts and beliefs based on actions you take today. These thoughts will reflect your conscious and subconscious belief system. However, if you're not sure what your subconscious thoughts are, the conscious mind receives signals from the subconscious mind. What's neat about the natural law of mirroring -- these mirrorings appear in the form of people, messages, timed events and coincidences.

If you discover a belief is holding you back, you may reprogram the belief by using positive statements called affirmations. I talked about how this process works in the post covering letter "B". In short, if you rewrite an old belief in positive terms, you will begin to program the new belief.


I am poor.

Replace the new belief with:

I am abundant.

At first, you may not feel this new state of being.

You have to feel the new reality in your body before it appears.

Then by feeling that feeling consistently, you'll tell your subconscious mind the new thought.

The subconscious mind accepts the new affirmation without question.

The key is not to contradict yourself when you're reprogramming an old thought.

The affirmation can be stated out loud or it can be written on paper.

Here's a complete affirmation --

"Because I am inherently complete in the eyes of my creator, I am complete",

It takes 30 days to embed a new belief. You must accept it unconditionally for your subconscious mind to accept the new thought.

To make the first affirmation plausible to your mind, you can embed the first affirmation with the second one by telling yourself.

"I am abundant".

As you move in this direction consistently, you will produce a positive change.

If you use these affirmations but then talk to neighbors or family members about "not being abundant", your subconcsious mind will hold onto this belief. The goal is to be careful about what you say, paying close attention to how often you say it.

If you would like to understand more about how you may reprogram an old thought, feel free to post your comments. I will be happy to offer additional input.

Supporting Your Success Using Proven Means, Thoughts and Principles,

B. Brinkmeyer

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A to Z Steps to a Richer Life

Well Wishes Fellow MLM'ers and Affiliates,

During the holiday season, it's most common to reflect on past events of 2008.

If you feel 2009 must involve more change, then we turn to beliefs.

Did you know --

If you clear a belief, you can accelerate your learning?

You don't have to spend years mastering a life lesson.

Extend your thoughts further by considering --

Changes in belief alter your reality. You've heard that saying, "Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it"!

Then...think about what would happen if you could take this new belief further, replacing the old
one that didn't serve you very well. Now, carry this work over to your business and ask yourself..., how would those newly-acquired beliefs impact your business during 2009?

Whenever you change a belief, it has to become conscious. Sometimes this work involves 30 days of testing the waters, to see if you've really altered the thought.

Do you believe you are poor? You will obtain that result.

Do you believe you are worthy of the very best in life, regardless of what others tell you? Of course you are -- without any doubt!

So we address creating the abundance you desire (and deserve), separately from what you've been told.

If you think of yourself as someone who already possesses an internal guidance system, you can tap into this knowledge to bring forth ready solutions.

Let's cover more of Deepak Chopra's "A-To-Z Steps To A Richer Life", as I've done in prior posts.
Today, I talk about letter "B".

It's connected to the essential quality of your Soul reflecting the energy of words called BETTER and BEST. When people read or hear these words, there's confusion. If you're thinking about getting the best of everything but you're doing it at others' expense, this kind of best will yield limited results.

Kindly think in terms of a Universal Good, representing the Functioning Whole.

Think about better or best along the lines of an old but proven Japanese principle martial arts masters call Kaizen. The most spiritually-integrated masters will pair Kaizen with business (using lean processes, Six Sigma ideas, guiding self and others with care and love).

Above all, anything you do in life should include love. This may sound corny but there's no more powerful force than love in the Universe. It's active, it's light -- it's knowledge.

How might you apply this information in 2009?

a) In order to change what may not be working too well, you have to take an honest look at yourself. This process requires time. It means taking some time out for yourself each day.
b) Think about what you want to change the most.
c) Then take a baby step forward. Write the new thought on paper and refer back to your notes often. Then embed the new belief with a new action. Any new step will count.

You must implement the small change often to embed a new reality.

Over time, more change will emerge. Be patient with yourself. Then, once you've made smaller changes, you can tackle the larger changes. If it's business or personal, the changes are up to you but to obtain the wisdom of anything new, you must first walk through the change to obtain the new wisdom.

e) Connect to someone new or known but apply the new change.
f) The cobblestones of your success appear as a new bridge, taking you from old to new.
g) Implement these baby steps without restraint. Don't think too hard. If you have gaps in your knowledge, then search for better information.
h) Always pick positive information. Negative information pulls you down.


Chopra suggests, "People evolve readily when they apply "Better and Best" ideas to their lives".

Better and best principles are not to be confused with ego. We're looking to discover the greater self with ease; it's that part of you which is very wise. It's always slow to anger and it's always quickest to deliver key insight.

If you find that an area in your life is sliding backwards, chances are that your greater self is trying to show you what must change. This means healing a belief that's holding you back. Maybe the change means going to the doctor or increasing your exercise or altering your diet for the better...or maybe it means you might improve your lifestyle to some extent.

If you can accept that you are inherently perfect in the eyes of God, you are eternal and powerful. If we apply better and best to personal relationships, the finger always points back to you. It's up to you to make the necessary changes. This is true because when you change something about yourself, changes from others appear later.

As you offer others your best, you will see that "people with a wealth consciousness settle only for the best". I'm not saying that you're expecting perfection from others because we know that people can't offer this in return. I am saying that by using THE PRINCIPLE OF HIGHEST FIRST, you'll share solid information. Pull from the strongest resources available but always
use careful discernment because we are entering a special time ahead.

You could say that we're now facing leadership of self!

Proof -- take a look at recent events on the news. You'll see that the paradigm of following others is making many of us rethink what we should now do for the future.

People who are truly wealthy in mindset continually work on themselves. They never stop. They're always looking to others who mirror back to them pure power!


Recap of the Principle of Highest First --

In the mastered sense, if you accept only the best in life, you program yourself to receive only the highest, most loving best from the Universe.

Offer your ultimate best and the Universe will respond by giving you what you put forth.

Happy Holidays!

Supporting Your Success Using Proven Means, Thoughts and Principles,

B. Brinkmeyer