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Friday, September 27, 2013


Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs !

People are coming to me more and more...but I am asking you to be patient.   

Firstly, no matter what you're marketing, marketing is marketing.  It is about building rapport, building trust, establishing connections, offering quality content people can readily research, helping people making true connections in their marketing, helping them adhere to Google rules online, and helping them learn the following:

A)  ad copy -- messages you see in print online and offline

B)  building brand awareness -- whether it's the name of your company or yourself....whichever direction you take, it doesn't matter because it's about repeat exposure.


You see me branding my name.

You see my index page, probably..., and you will see some marketing elements kept online to show you "your seeming failures"...and "your successes".  Nothing is hidden.  The "ugly baby" is there...easily researched and still loved just like your business and marketing campaigns will be.

C)  helping you see how connections form online


Many businesses and people do not know how to 1) generate their own qualified leads....and 2) or..if they do..., they may not know how to target a specific niche until they zero in on a specific passion. That's the biggest, key hint I absolutely offer you.

D)  helping you make the connections you must make online in order to protect your business...and the MOST IMPORTANT ONE IS --


EX:  Google his name and opt-into his newsletter immediately because he will keep you safely up-to-date on all Internet marketing concerns as these business concerns follow all U.S. Digital Laws/U.S. copyrights.

E)  showing you how to set up your business using a legitimate budget...if you are willing to put in the time.

My free report has been developing.  I've cut and altered content in order to reflect an OPEN ECONOMY which is now emerging.  This economy is global, and it is based on very high but comprehensive interest.

Even people in China need not take U.S. content and re-purpose it (saying kindly).  Once you know what the marketing formula is, you are entirely free to make an honest profit on your own.

Stopping here for now..., please stay tuned for more content.  It's coming...but it has to represent the finest content you can learn from, build on, and absolutely implement.

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer


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